Valentine Gift For Your Wife

Looking for ideas for a Valentine Gift for your wife this Valentine’s day? We got your back.

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2021

The season is back! Be prepared for displays of chocolates, bears and flower bouquets at the shopping malls.

Cliche as it may be, women and girls generally do love them. After all, what can be more romantic on a Valentine’s day date, than giving your beloved one 99 roses coupled with a box of Royce Chocolate and a squishy furry bear that says “I Love You”?

Most ladies would swoon over such ideas. Top it up with a cable car or Singapore Flyer ride with a mesmerizing sunset and a glass of wine. This is an almost foolproof recipe for a successful Valentine’s Day!

Can You Still Celebrate Valentine’s Day After Marriage?

Let’s face it. The ideas above do work. However, how many married couples continue to do such dates after marriage? What about their children and household tasks?

After most weddings, or a year or so of honeymoon, the reality of a never-ending list of household chores hits. Weekends are burnt sweeping the floor or cleaning the toilet. Weekday evenings are spent fetching your kids back from infant care or childcare.

How can you then celebrate this special occasion with an atmosphere best resembling that when you first went out dating?

6 Best Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Wife 

Let us at give you some suggestions for this Valentine’s Day 2021! We take into account your situation seriously. Whether you have been married for donkey years, lugging along 2 prams and 1 baby carrier bag, or face a messy kitchen splattered with oil, you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day! We provide your 6 ideas for Valentine Gift for your wife this Valentine’s, with a twist! Find out all about these here:

1. Cook Up A Meal For Your Wife

Firstly, if you have not realized, the best way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach!

Cook Your Way Into His or Her Heart For Valentine
Cook Your Way Into His or Her Heart For Valentine

Indeed, many husbands make the mistake of thinking that ladies only love chocolates, flowers and soft toys. More often than not, women love it when their man whips up a delicious meal!

If you are new to the kitchen, recommends getting started with simple recipes available right at your doorstep (available at your nearest NTUC Supermarket). Click here to find out about the easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow NTUC cookbook recipes!

Also, for the more adventurous hubbies (or even wives cooking for the other half), why not plan a meal dedicated for romanticism? There are numerous cooking guides available online. Just to list a few, check out these recipes to surprise your wife as a Valentine Gift this Valentine’s Day!

2. Plan a Shopping Spree

Instead of buying just a single present, pamper your wife by planning an entire shopping trip!

Of course, we know what you are thinking. Too much of a splurge? Indeed, this may be a risky idea. However, a shopping spree does not mean unlimited spending of money. Instead, plan a shopping spree with a set budget in mind. That will fulfill both your lady’s desires and protect your pockets.

You could make it even more fun by making a list of shops to patronize, pitstops for cafe breaks, and budget for each point. Contrary to belief, most of our spouse are understanding enough to appreciate the Valentine Gift even with budget limits! As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts!

3. Throw In Cash Vouchers

You can buy cash vouchers anywhere, including online at
You can buy cash vouchers anywhere, including online at

Nowadays, there are so many ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts. Thus, when you are stuck with choosing between too many options, just opt for cash vouchers. Cash vouchers are ideal because most of our ladies love “cash”!

They can do anything and buy whatever they want with these “cash vouchers”. For your convenience, you can purchase these gifts at most retail stores near you. Examples include: NTUC, Popular book store, Uniqlo, or perhaps many women’s favourite clothing store – Love, Bonito

Lastly, did you know you can purchase cash vouchers at for our cleaning and babysitting services too? Click here to learn more. Provide an exquisite Valentine Gift for your wife with these cash vouchers!

4. Make Babysitting Arrangements

To thank your wife for being an awesome partner and mother (for the married couples with kids), relieve her of parental duties for Valentine’s Day!

In order to do this, there are only two feasible solutions: one by troubling a family member or relative to help take care of your child, or two, hiring a babysitter to fulfill these duties!

Book your #1 home services today, or join our team! is here for you, always.

Many parents use the former solution. However, it is a growing trend for modern couples to hire babysitters to help take care of their children. Did you know you can even do so quick and simple online, with

A V Day idea is to get a babysitter so you can celebrate romantically together on valentine itself.
babysitting for valentines day

Furthermore, once you have secured the babysitting arrangements, you can then totally devote your time and attention to your spouse. Focus on making the special day memorable and meaningful. With this arrangement, we are certain that your wife would feel extremely appreciated this Valentine’s Day!

5. Book An Appointment For Full Body Massage

Thinking out of the box, a full body massage is an extraordinary idea for a Valentine’s Gift! Whilst young couples may be energetic enough to go clubbing, dancing and partying after a full day of dating and a long evening of strolling down the riverside, married couples are often too tired from work.

If you would recall your past two weeks of daily routine, how many days were there when you felt like a good full body massage would destress and re-energise yourself and your spouse?

Indeed, after struggling through eight to ten hours of work, followed by handling the housework, our muscles are often tensed and tired. A full body massage would do wonders and make your wife feel extremely appreciated!

For your convenience, check out these sites to book your massage for yourself and your wife this Valentine’s Day!

6. Relieve Her Of Housework

Book A Cleaner For V Day
Book A Cleaner For V Day

You may think that your spouse is a domestic goddess. However, everyone does need a break. What better day than Valentine’s Day?

Take Over The Chores Yourself

Of course, you can provide a Valentine Gift for your wife by taking over the toilet cleaning duties. If this is your first time doing house cleaning or toilet cleaning, you may find many learning materials useful here at our blog!

By doing so, you may let your wife sleep in in the morning. However, these chores are never ending. After one task comes another. if you are still stuck wiping the toilet bowl, who would be available to spend Valentine’s Evening with your other half?

Find a Part Time Maid or Cleaner

A better solution would be to find a part time maid. You can book a house cleaner or maid easily here.

In fact, boost your Valentine’s Day present by buying your wife an entire package of home cleaning sessions! Relieve her of housework, not just for the 14th of February, but for weeks and months at a stretch! You can easily find this with a recurring house cleaning package or booking with a reputable cleaning company like MEIDE.SG!

A Long Term Solution For House Cleaning

Furthermore, once you get the hang of it, your household may even like the idea so much that the house cleaning sessions can be fixed every week for you for an entire year (and continued indefinitely). Trust us, based on our experience, many households find it so much easier to function with a helping hand.

Drop the broom, mop and toilet bowl cleaner. Start holding hands with your spouse, children and family instead! Make best use of your precious time by arranging an external party to do the household chores. Start this Valentine’s Day 2021!

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