8X When You Need That Urgent Cleaning Help!

When does one need urgent cleaning help?

What exactly is an urgent cleaning?

Read up from MEIDE.SG Cleaning Crew’s extensive experience from dealing with numerous house owners, tenants, property agents, and residents moving house, to understand more.

Yes, it is indeed important for one to know the possible scenarios requiring urgent cleaning help. This way, you can inform your cleaning company correctly, and they can plan a proper thorough wipe-down for you!

Let’s start:

When Your Regular Cleaner Has Gone On Leave

Firstly, we know a full-time helper can be of tremendous help to households, but they do have downtimes definitely.

Frequently, they may require some extra help when ill, busy with other chores, or going on short leaves. For instance, your migrant domestic worker might be required to go back to her home country to sort out her own family matters. Or, she might be feeling unwell and need a break. Also, it may be her regular off day weekly.

In such scenarios, MEIDE.SG strongly encourages employers and homeowners to engage the help of HSS (Household Service Scheme) workers!

Here, our workers can relieve your cleaning burden on short notice, and any day and any time during the week! Whether you only need 1 helper for 3 hours, or for the entire day (eg. 9am to 6pm), simply let us know to arrange it for you.

Remember, two helping hands is always better than just one!

When You Have Taken Ill And Need Urgent Cleaning Help

Book urgent cleaning help here if you or your helper is unable to do house chores
Book urgent cleaning help here if you or your helper is unable to do house chores.

Again, one cannot predict when one or one’s household members might fall ill. Hence, urgent cleaning help is frequently required in such scenarios.

For instance, your regular cleaner might be your full time domestic worker, but she has recently suffered skin conditions that require her to stay away from prolonged exposure to moisture. In another case, a housewife sweeps her 2-storey HDB mansionette daily, but recently got an ankle sprain and is in crutches.

Fret less, and concentrate on recovery! Let MEIDE Cleaning take over your house chores, even at such last minute notice. Unabashedly, we are proud to provide this urgent cleaning help when house dwellers need it the most.

Honestly, even if you were to have simply caught a cold, it may be enough to put you out of capacity to clean for a few days. Hence, why not jump on this opportunity to rest properly and engage some external cleaning help just for a few days?

Then, when you are properly recuperated, you will be truly re-energized to catch up on your work and life matters!

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When You Travel Last Minute

Fancy a last minute pre-travelling cleaning for your house from us
Fancy a last minute pre-travelling cleaning for your house from us?

Urgent cleaning help is needed when you need to leave home, or return home from overseas, on urgent notice!

For sure, you would not want your fridge to be left with fresh produce for weeks on end. Even if the electricity is running, leaving food in the refrigerator runs the risks of mold and maggots growing!

Worse, MEIDE Cleaning has had clients who had a power trip during their extended absence from home, causing massive mold problems when the fridge stopped working.

Thus, it is imperative for home owners to conduct a pre-travel house cleaning to tidy up and pack up appropriately before traveling out at the last minute! Protect and keep your living environment clean and healthy for your family!

On top of last minute overseas trips, MEIDE Cleaning has also handled many cases where a homeowner has a sudden return trip home and requires urgent cleaning help.

For instance, you may be stationed overseas for work, but have a family emergency and need to return to Singapore for a period of time. Leave your cleaning chores to us, and focus on your more important needs!

When You’re Just Too Busy With Work To Clean

Another commonly encountered reason for urgent cleaning help, and one time cleaning for general maintenance – is work overload.

Truly, Singapore is a fast-paced and stressful society when it comes to delivering key performance indicators. With deadlines to meet and targets to hit, work can become overwhelming such that you really need some urgent cleaning help to free-up personal time!

So, engage our professionals here at MEIDE.SG and get out for some fresh air and exercise instead! Leave it to the trained cleaners that we will deploy to your house, to tidy up and freshen up the residence. Even with a short notice, as short as 1 or 2 hours, it is still possible to get cleaning help from MEIDE.

Our booking process is streamlined and straightforward. You can submit a request online easily, either via our quick quote form, or the proper booking form. Either way, our sales team will get in touch with you electronically at the earliest opportunity. From there, you can obtain all the information you need, and get all your enquiries answered.

All payments are done online and securely, with official receipts and invoices available for your safekeeping records. Upon cleaning session confirmation, our team will send you the detailed message of the assigned helper, and the confirmed cleaning date, start and end time and address.

Then, catch a breather from your work stress whilst our cleaning professionals sort out all your domestic chores!

When You’re Moving Out Of A Rented Place And Need To Get Your Deposit Back!

Say goodbye to post reno and post tenancy cleaning woes with MEIDE Singapore
Say goodbye to post reno and post tenancy cleaning woes with MEIDE Singapore!

Post-tenancy cleaning is a huge topic of discussion.

However, for many possible reasons, post-tenancy cleaning might end up to be an urgent cleaning request.

For example, your pre-arranged post-tenancy cleaning company or team could not make it! Or, due to personal schedule conflicts, you had to change the cleaning session.

In an oft-encountered case, the property agent only visited the premises 1 or 2 days later with the landlord, and then requested for additional types of cleaning, like deep fridge cleaning, sofa and upholstery cleaning, or kitchen hood filter degreasing.

Sometimes, the oven and microwave need a thorough re-clean too!

Unfortunately, many tenants moving out do not have the luxury of time to research and rearrange for these extra cleaning sessions. Coupled with the woes of relocating, and possibly re-migrating to another country, there is simply too much to handle. Thus, urgent cleaning help can be easily sought at the all-in-one cleaning platform (MEIDE)!

From the full post-tenancy cleaning, to specialized deep cleans and moving out cleaning subtypes, and touch up cleaning, we can handle all of them at last minute notice. You can submit your booking request anytime online, 24/7.

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Moreover, you can request our urgent post-tenancy cleaning team to take post-cleaning photographs as evidence for you. Get your cleaning settled fast, so that you can satisfy your agent and landlord requirements. Plus, you will definitely get an official invoice to prove that you had cleaning done!

Oh, and did we mention? We can cater to a wide variety of cleaning budgets too! *wink*

When You Are Moving House And Handling Renovation Completion

Again, post renovation cleaning is a humongous cleaning topic for discussion!

For plenty of reasons, post-renovation cleaning can become an urgent cleaning.

One, amidst all your renovation planning, interior design (ID) meetings, furniture and appliances research and purchases, you may have simply forgotten to schedule a proper post reno clean.

Two, during your communications with your ID and reno team, there was a wrong assumption about post-renovation cleaning being arranged by somebody, but never materialized. (Note: many renovation guys refer to “chemical wash” and simple dusting as “post renovation cleaning”, which may be misleading.)

Three, after your first round of cleaning, or second round, the renovation and moving team come in again to touch up, paint or move furniture. Dust flies all around again, and footprints are found in the kitchen and toilet.

The list goes on, but you get it. At MEIDE Cleaning, we fully understand the headaches and stresses of handling renovations, moving, HDB HIP works, and relocation in general. That is why, we fully understand too when clients come to us asking for URGENT post-renovation cleaning, or any other types of urgent cleaning help related to post renovation and moving!

At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to move into a newly-renovated premise, furnished with brand new furniture and appliances, all cleaned and shining, ready for use?

Urgent Cleaning Help for Last Minute Gatherings, Visits or Party

Get your urgent cleaning help for last minute gatherings here
Get your urgent cleaning help for last minute gatherings here

Well, this may not sound particularly ‘urgent’ to some, but for many families, being a welcoming and presentable host is of crucial importance.

For example, you may be a regular host of weekend gatherings, and happen to be preoccupied on a Friday Evening. Thus, you would really require some urgent cleaning help to get your house ready for the weekend parties!

Perhaps, your household has many family members, and in the midst of busy everyday life, you had forgotten to arrange for a pre- and post-birthday celebration clean-up.

In yet another real-life cleaning booking, the in-laws have sprung a surprise visit to a lady customer’s house, and a messy abode definitely does not bode well! So place your faith in the professional cleaning team’s hands (literally) and get yourself ready instead for the gathering!

In many of such last minute gatherings, a thorough tidying of the whole house is vital for both before and after the session. In fact, our helpers have even gone out of the way to liven up your atmosphere with:

  • Fanciful folding of linen, towels and tablecloths;
  • Displaying of some snacks and drinks for guests;
  • Focused cleaning of the entrance, living, dining areas, balcony and kitchen and bathrooms;
  • Addition of fresh flowers or plants to brighten up the living space;
  • Placement of candles and movable lightnings, to create a warm and inviting surrounding;.
  • Additional services like food preparation, and cooking for your guests;
  • Additional concierge services like welcoming guests and serving them drinks, cocktails and snacks;

Enough said. Take no chances with MEIDE Cleaning Crew!

Spilled, Broke or Had An Accident and Need Urgent Cleaning Help?

Last but not least, urgent cleaning help is definitely needed during accidents at home!

From minor to major accidents, we have faced it all. Yes, we are talking about spillages over the floor, mattresses, carpets and sofa. Also, we have seen accidental cement or paint stains over feature walls and appliances post-renovation.

On top of these, we have had kids or pets inadvertently splashing powder, liquids, and other messy substances all over the house.

In a more serious instance, we faced unfortunate requests of trauma cleaning after the emergency services attended to the residence.

During such urgent cleaning requests for spillage, stains and accidental mess, it may be imperative for appropriate cleaning tools, as well as personal protective equipment.

Hence, we do of course encourage owners and agents to engage the professional cleaning teams for help. Furthermore, the earlier these stains and spillage are managed, the higher the chance of restoration and damage control.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get right to the cleaning!

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