Do You Know The 4 Different Types of Cleaning?

Ever seen a slew of options of different types of cleaning when making a cleaning booking? Baffled by the similar sounding names that all end with the word “cleaning”?

We got it. There are quite a handful of different “types of cleaning” that may confuse you. When booking a cleaning session with companies like MEIDE.SG, you may be faced with the question, “What type of cleaning do you require?”. One too many times, we have to clarify and define the different types of cleaning. Therefore, this article lays out clearly the different forms of sessions you can book with cleaning agents!

4 Different Types of Cleaning

  1. General Maintenance Cleaning
    • Regular Cleaning
    • Weekly Cleaning
    • Recurring Cleaning
    • Ad Hoc Cleaning Session
    • One Off Cleaning Session
  2. Post Renovation Cleaning
  3. Post Tenancy Cleaning
    • Handover Cleaning
    • Move Out Cleaning
    • Move In Cleaning
  4. Others
    • Spring Cleaning
    • Post Party Cleaning
    • Festival Cleaning
    • Specialized Cleaning
    • Deep Cleaning

General Maintenance Cleaning

This is a very common type of cleaning. It basically means that only bare basic housekeeping is required. Households that require general maintenance cleaning have already been cleaned regularly. General Cleaning does not normally include any type of deep cleaning. However, perhaps there is a change in circumstances, necessitating a part time helper or maid to assist in the chores. 

For instance, your foreign domestic worker being on home leave, or being in between transfer maids. Or, having an especially busy period at work rendering you insufficient time to cope with housework. Perhaps your wife is delivering a newborn! Or the person in charge of doing the housework is ill. Usually, the place to be cleaned is already inhabited at the point of cleaning. There are countless examples, but MEIDE.SG is here for you, whenever you require some part time maid!

There are many synonyms for general maintenance cleaning, with slightly different meanings. We break it down for you here:

Regular Cleaning

A type of cleaning that is done on regular intervals – such as every month, every fortnight, every week, or even several times a week. We can also provide daily cleaning service! Many clients may request for a regular helper. At MEIDE.SG, you can book your part time maid regularly, and request to have the same helper assist you every session at no extra charges! Just one thing to keep in mind – our bookings are largely first come first served. Therefore, book as way in advance as possible to avoid disappointment and hiccups!

Plan and Book Your Weekly Cleaning with MEIDE
Plan and Book Your Weekly Cleaning with MEIDE

Weekly Cleaning

This means cleaning sessions are arranged every week for you. Not all cleaning companies exercise flexibility. However, MEIDE.SG fully understands our customers’ busy and changing schedules. Whether you require the same helper every Friday, every Monday, or alternating helpers on different days weekly, we can make such personalized bookings for you!

Your time can be better spent with your loved ones! Let us do the home cleaning. Free up your time by finding a part time maid with MEIDE today!

Recurring Cleaning

As mentioned, MEIDE cleaning sessions can be arranged in any pattern you desire. Recurring cleaning just means that you have multiple cleaning sessions planned, following a certain routine. For instance, one cleaning session a month, on every third Saturday of the month. Contact us to discuss and set up your recurring cleaning plan. For all you know, we may even offer you special cleaning rates (for booking a bulk of sessions at once)! 🙂

Ad Hoc Cleaning Session

At times, our regular customers may be on vacation or holding a large gathering. Hence, we receive ad-hoc cleaning bookings prior to such events. Occasionally, one may require an ad hoc cleaning session when their place has been left vacant for a long time. Dust and mold may have accumulated over time due to inoccupancy. Ad hoc cleaning means the cleaning is done for one special or particular occasion only. Ad-hoc cleaning sessions can be added on to your regular or recurring cleaning sessions!

Note: if you are planning or booking an ad hoc cleaning session, please do inform MEIDE regarding the purpose of the cleaning, so we can best cater for your needs! (Eg. Full Time FDW/Maid sick, on leave, or birthday celebration, etc)

One Off Cleaning Session

One off cleaning session is a type of cleaning that is done only once in a protracted period of time. It is similar to ad hoc cleaning sessions. However, there may be a predictable reason for one off cleaning. One off cleaning sessions can occur in waves.

For instance, home cleaning just before Chinese New Year may be considered a one off cleaning session. Some may call it “festival cleaning” or “spring cleaning” too. Such cleaning sessions require longer hours and higher manpower. Do book early, because demand for cleaners and helpers tend to be high for one off cleaning at certain seasons!

Note: if you are planning or booking an once off cleaning session, please do inform MEIDE regarding the purpose of the cleaning, so we can best cater for your needs! (Eg. Full Time FDW/Maid sick, on leave, or birthday celebration, etc)

General V Deep Cleaning

Need more information on general cleaning compared to deep cleaning? Check out this article here!

Post Renovation Cleaning

Post Renovation Cleaning, as the name says, is cleaning done after all renovation is completed. A common pitfall is when homeowners arrange the cleaning at the end of the renovation works, but are still left with small fixing or painting works. Do not do this! Even a one-man job of painting or cabinet fixing can result in blemishes after the cleaning. MEIDE strongly encourages post renovation cleaning to be done only, and only after the entire renovation works are completed.

Post Reno Cleaning Details

Furthermore, when arranging a post renovation cleaning, it is important to specify the extent of renovation – whether it is a complete whole house renovation, or only partial renovation. The former requires much more intensive cleaning work. However, even for partial renovation, there would be sawdust and dirt flying midair, and quite often an entire house cleaning (equivalent to whole house reno cleaning) is required too.

Importantly, renovation works include not just hacking and drilling. Works such as painting, floor polishing or varnishing, and touch up procedures are considered renovation works. Contractors and workers would be stepping in and out, and bringing their work tools to your house. All these post hygiene concerns. Hence, do arrange a post renovation cleaning only after all contractors, including their tools, have fully vacated your house.

Lastly, post renovation cleaning may require more than 1 session. Very often, a follow-up session to tidy up the sawdust and mess may be required. After all, the subsequent movement of furniture and fixtures like curtain fitting will introduce dirt to your house again. Thus, MEIDE always recommends at least 1 follow up session called Pre Move In Cleaning.

Post-HIP (Home Improvement Programme) Cleaning

The Home Improvement Programme (HIP) is a laudable initiative by the Singapore’s Housing and Development Board (HDB). The HIP involves upkeep and renovation works at selected portions of the flat. For example, the kitchen alone may be renovated and upgraded. As per post renovation cleaning, ensure that Post-HIP cleaning is done only after the entire upgrading is completed!

Post-HIP cleaning is a type of cleaning done after HDB HIP works. Whether it is post-HIP or post-renovation, these types of cleaning require more intensive labour and longer hours. Repeated cleaning or even multiple cleaning sessions may be required too.

Post Tenancy Cleaning

A post tenancy cleaning is a type of cleaning that involves intensive cleaning and more manpower. It is done immediately at the end of a tenancy. This is usually arranged by the tenant himself. A property agent may or may not be involved. If an agent is involved, we prefer to call it a handover cleaning (see below).

Get Your Post Tenancy Cleaning CHEAP and GOOD at MEIDE
Get Your Post Tenancy Cleaning CHEAP and GOOD at MEIDE

One common misconception is that these types of cleaning involve deep cleaning. In fact, the term “deep cleaning” is too loosely and wrongly used by many homeowners and cleaning agents. Although deep cleaning can possibly be done concurrently, the amount of hours and helpers required would be rather prodigious. It may be a better idea to separate the cleaning sessions instead.

Handover Cleaning

This is a type of cleaning that is done around the time when a tenant is moving out of a property, and required to hand over the place back to the landlord or property agent. 

Typically, a security deposit is involved. In Singapore’s practice, most tenants place a one or two month security deposit with the property agent or landlord prior to signing the lease agreement. At the end of the lease, a thorough cleaning is done. When the landlord and property agent(s) are satisfied and have no outstanding issues to settle, the security deposit would be returned to the tenant.

However, there are varying procedures from case to case. In some instances, the handover cleaning is settled by the tenant and paid for directly by the tenant. In other occasions, such as when the tenant has been repatriated overseas urgently, the landlord or agent may use part of, or the whole of the security deposit to settle bills, including the handover cleaning.

Handover Cleaning Involves More Administrative Work

Therefore, handover cleaning involves a couple of administrative considerations. MEIDE.SG is able to handle and communicate with all parties to help all parties achieve a balanced outcome, with vast handover cleaning experiences. We can also provide invoices and receipts as appropriate too.

Looking for Post Tenancy or Handover Cleaning? We have done it many times before. Leave it to our safe and trusted hands at MEIDE!

Do read on about move out and move in cleaning to best prepare for your handover cleaning!

Move Out Cleaning

This type of cleaning is similar to handover cleaning and post-tenancy cleaning. However, the parties of the property agent, landlord and tenant may not be involved. A move out clean is defined as a cleaning done for the entire house after you have moved out. For example, you may want to arrange a move out cleaning before moving out to your new home, and allowing your cousins to stay in your house. Even if the house were to be left vacant, cleaning it after moving out prevents rodents and insects from making it their new nest!

The best way to arrange move out cleaning is by booking it as early as possible (preferably a few weeks ahead). This can be done rather effortlessly since lease agreements always have a specified termination date. Fix your move out cleaning on a date, when you have already packed up everything and moved all your items, boxes and furniture out. If you have remaining appliances (eg. white goods) in the house, be sure to inform the cleaners or company beforehand. Appliance or furniture cleaning are often done (and charged) separately. Clearing out all house items and specifying your house size, complete with a floor plan, would greatly aid your move out cleaning process!

Move In Cleaning

A move in cleaning refers to cleaning done before you move into a property. At times, this is also referred to as “pre-move in cleaning”. This is different from move out clean, handover cleaning or post-tenancy cleaning. Frequently, a move in cleaning is done on top of a post-tenancy cleaning. It is done to boost hygiene standards and doubly improve the cleanliness of a house. During a move in cleaning, one can opt for deep cleaning for certain regions. For example, if you’d like your toilet to be especially sparkling and shiny, tell us and we will get it done!

Other Types of Cleaning

Here, we explain briefly many other types of cleaning that you can do or arrange with a cleaning company like MEIDE!

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a type of cleaning that involves some form of deep cleaning in addition to huge amounts of general housekeeping. Remember to decide on the areas to be deep cleaned. If you wish for all areas to be deep cleaned, cater for multiple cleaning sessions or plan for at least a full day’s work!

Spring cleaning is similar to deep cleaning, as it involves clearing up messiness followed by wiping down items and surfaces layer by layer. Spring cleaning often involves tidying and packing up items too. Many households tend to arrange spring cleaning once a year, especially during Chinese New Year. However, MEIDE recommends doing spring cleaning at least once a month, to keep your home free of dust and germs!

Post Party Cleaning

Yes, Christmas is over and you are eagerly awaiting the New Year Eve’s Countdown celebrations! But, is your house cleaned up yet, post partying? Are your living room and dining areas tidied and ready to welcome new guests? If not, fret not, because MEIDE.SG is here to solve your problems and clean your house!

No More Worries For Home Cleaning and Post Party Mess
No More Worries For Home Cleaning and Post Party Mess

Post party cleaning is cleaning and clearing up all the mess as a result of recent celebrations. Forget about the headache from the messy aftermath, and focus on sending out the new invitation cards for your next party instead! Post party cleaning can be done as part of home cleaning, office cleaning, or anywhere else you may have held your grand gatherings!

Festival Cleaning

Festival Cleaning is basically spring cleaning prior to a festival and may involve certain specific tasks! For instance, preparing the countertop, tables, alters or walls is pertinent for festivals like Deepavali (Diwali) or Vesak’s Day. Do list down the specific items you require help with so the home helper would know what to do for you!

Specialized Cleaning

Specialized cleaning is done upon special request. At MEIDE, we offer various types of specialized cleaning. These include steam and chemical sanitization, mold removal, curtain and blinds washing, appliance and furniture cleaning and polishing, grout cleaning, baseboard cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet and rug washing, rust removal, and many more! 

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For these types of cleaning, do specify your particular items and areas affected, and provide photos or videos. A reputable and trusted cleaning company would never give empty promises and unrealistic goals. For instance, not all items with mold and rust can be fully restored. Even after best efforts, money spent and deep cleaning, one may still need to end up entirely replacing certain items or furnitures. Hence, it would be prudent to inform us of your desired outcomes. This way, expectations can be managed, and we can work hand in hand with common understanding and objectives!

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning is a type of specialized cleaning that requires prolonged periods of repetitive and intensive cleaning. It is suitable for households that need the house to be 100% (or practically speaking, almost 100%) clean. If you have a family member that is ill, or young children, babies or elderly, do consider deep cleaning. By right, deep cleaning means your place would be as good as new. However, how deep the cleaning will get also depends on each homeowner’s constraints. These constraints revolve around financial budget, and time and date considerations.

MEIDE.SG does this by cleaning a particular house area layer after layer in the same region. For example, when deep cleaning the floor, visible dirt and debris is wiped away, followed by scrubbing with detergent to dissolve grime, followed by soaking over long durations or utilizing special disintegrative chemicals to remove stubborn stains, and finally rinsing off all soap and residues. One can also choose to add on steam sanitization and chemical disinfecting services to extra protection after the cleaning!

P.S. Want more information on general cleaning compared to deep cleaning? Check out this article here!

In Summary

In summary, there are countless types of cleaning available for you! Now that you understand the basics of the different types of cleaning, you are ready for the next step! If you are a potential client or homeowner, get in touch with us to book your desired type(s) of cleaning now!

Ready to book your cleaning? Find your cleaners and part time maids fast and economical with MEIDE today!

  1. General Maintenance Cleaning
  2. Post Renovation Cleaning
  3. Post Tenancy Cleaning
  4. Others

If you are a freelance cleaner, helper or part time maid, join us at MEIDE for a lucrative and rewarding career. Feel free to browse through many more of our educational and enlightening articles here!