6 Key Traits of a Good Cleaner in Singapore

Fancy a cleaning career, but daunted by the challenges and not sure how to be a good cleaner in Singapore ? Fear not, because we are here to help teach and promote important skills for you to excel in your housekeeping job!

This list of 6 key traits to be a good cleaner in Singapore has been carefully thought through to ensure you get that five star review from the house owner. We at MEIDE Singapore, have compiled advice from multiple feedback from our coordinators, numerous customer reviews, as well as the personal tips from successful cleaners working alongside our company.

In summary, they are:

  1. Be humble and open to feedback
  2. Be attentive to detail to be a good cleaner
  3. Be accountable and punctual
  4. Be particular about health and hygiene
  5. Maintain professionalism whilst being friendly
  6. Maintain your knowledge and skills in cleaning techniques

Nonetheless, let us not simply brush through them. Read on to appreciate what they actually mean.

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Be humble and open to feedback

Good cleaners in Singapore are always learning and improving!
Good cleaners in Singapore are always learning and improving!

Firstly, MEIDE.SG has to disclaim that we deeply value all our cleaners’ hard work and dedication. The numerous sweat, tears and blood put into each cleaning session is certainly no laughing matter. However, one key trait that would allow you to stand out as an excellent helper, is if you still humbled yourself to seek feedback and strive to improve again and again. After all, no one could be 100% perfect, right?

Good cleaners are those who can perform well, but yet do not brag about themselves. They let the actions and results speak for themselves. By the same token, we do see many cleaners who can clean well, but end up having a lackluster feedback after a cleaning session, only to find out that it was because they had “promoted” themselves too much during and after the job itself!

Hence, being humble and open to feedback is certainly number one on our list of 6 key traits to be a good cleaner in Singapore. Trust us, when we see this rare and invaluable trait, we get so touched that a tear comes to our eyes.

Be attentive to detail to be a good cleaner

This is a key trait that both house owners and cleaning companies look for in a housekeeping candidate. Hence, from the moment you choose to embark on your cleaning career, remember to be as detailed as you can.

In addition to cleaning with detail, you should also be detailed about keeping your own records. For instance, when faced with a bathroom cleaning that comprises a vanity top full of toiletries, an effort to organize and wipe down each item one by one is definitely laudable. Also, when you are taking up a cleaning job for the first time, be sure to read through the onboarding guide and follow the detailed instructions (for example, the scope of work) given to you (whether from the company, coordinator, supervisor or colleague). These actions showcase attentiveness, which is an indisputable quality of good cleaners in Singapore.

Attention to details and punctuality is a key trait of good cleaning service!
Attention to details and punctuality is a key trait of good cleaning service!

Be accountable and punctual

Thirdly, being accountable and punctual is key towards being a good cleaner in Singapore. Again, to be accountable and punctual, start by being detailed and keeping your own notes and timetable. For example, after you have requested for a job, do remember to keep track of:

  • the status of the job (eg. is it pending confirmation, or already confirmed?);
  • the date, start time, end time;
  • the exact address;
  • detailed instructions on how to get to the exact location (from wherever you may be);
  • other further details if relevant to you – such as pets present, gender preferences, or contact numbers;
  • payment matters (eg. when and how you will be paid, so as not to unnecessarily “hound” for payment);

Moreover, there would also be details such as attire required (eg. do you need to bring change of clothes, or masks, or gowns, or uniforms) and any specific requests from the house owner. The list here is non-exhaustive. A good cleaner would pro-actively chase for these details to be settled and confirmed. This is a hallmark of accountability and responsibility!

Punctuality is vital to be a good cleaner

Then, there is the responsibility for a good cleaner to ensure he or she reports to the exact place on time. Thus, taking good note of the items abovementioned helps to ensure you are not caught unprepared, in a rush, and end up not being punctual for cleaning work too. By being punctual and accountable, you are building trust in others about your work ethics. This is essential towards being a good and exemplary cleaner!

Indeed, although many of these traits may seem commonplace, they are not easy to practice in reality. It does take an effort on the part of the individual to exercise these key traits to be a good cleaner.

For example again, a good cleaner would always keep track of their timetable and ensure that there are no schedule clashes between jobs and appointments! In an event whereby a clash does occur, a good cleaner would take the initiative to highlight this clash to relevant parties, and work to resolve this clash. When this is done, it really shows that you are responsible and accountable. It labels you positively as a superb cleaner!

Build a successful cleaning career by having accountability and trustworthiness!
Build a successful cleaning career by having accountability and trustworthiness!

Be particular about health and hygiene

Fourthly, a good cleaner needs to be particular about health and hygiene. Yes, just like a healthcare professional. This is even more pertinent in today’s climate when the world is fighting a pandemic. By being “OCD” about hygiene, you have a hallmark to be a good cleaner! After all, a good cleaner is one that makes the place sparkling clean and spotless after their duty is completed.

Whilst this trait can be learned over time or trained, having an innate knack for prioritizing health and hygiene helps make you a good cleaner indeed.

One more thing – doing cleaning is hard and laborious work. Hence, a good cleaner is one who would also mind their own physical health and psychological state to upkeep the fabulous work they are capable of doing. In short, ensuring you are in good health will ensure you are able to be a fantastic helper too. By doing so, you are setting up a virtuous cycle of cleaning (and earning $$$ too)!

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Maintain professionalism whilst being friendly

Next, this is a key trait that can be relatively hard to teach to freelance cleaners. However, practice makes perfect. Although you may think that being a cleaner is just about cleaning, it certainly is much more than that. Well, there are many things going on before, during and after the cleaning session. Here are important things for helpers to take note of:

Before the cleaning session

Read up on the instructions and guidelines laid out to you. This will allow you to know the dos and don’ts well. When you are familiar with the workflow and protocols, you would then be able to confidently do your work. For example, if the house owner had not requested for a special vacuuming of her silk curtains, and you had not received any instructions to do that, then it could very well not be part of the designated job scope for you. Thus, you would be able to courteously, yet firmly reject any request to do this task.

During the cleaning session

Introduce yourself when you arrive. Better still, you could also text or call the house owner even before you arrive, or remind them 1 or 2 days before the session. Show enthusiasm and pro-actively ask when in doubt. Think of house owners as a range of customers who are either (A) very particular about each single task and time; or (B) simply hands-off and want you to do what you are supposed to do. Basically, (A) and (B) are two extreme ends. Exercise your discretion in asking about cleaning tasks, cleaning options, and usage of available tools, based on your assessment of what type of house owner you are dealing with.

After the cleaning session

Thank the owner and remember the guidelines again. For instance, if your company has allocated you for a fixed number of hours, you may leave even if not all cleaning is completed. However, you could make a note and remind the owner that these tasks are not yet completed based on time constraint. You may let the owner know to contact the company back for further arrangements.

On the other hand, if you have completed all tasks before the time is up, do not rush to leave right away. Instead, let the house owner know and have them check as required. If all the tasks are indeed completed to satisfaction and there are no more outstanding, then you may by all means get their permission to leave early!

Maintain your knowledge and skills in cleaning techniques

Lastly, a good cleaner not only know how to clean well, but also continuously improves themselves! Again, as per our first key trait, good cleaners are receptive to feedback. However, on top of that, good cleaners seek professional training and skills-upgrading courses too! An example would be the Singapore SkillsFuture Workforce Skills Qualification (SSG WSQ) Training Programmes as elaborated here. Our company MEIDE espouses our helpers to go for such courses to maintain a high standard of cleaning efficiency and effectiveness!

Of note, there are always new and newer cleaning tools available. Good cleaners will make use of modern cleaning tools and techniques to improve their cleaning standards and work productivity.

Furthermore, freelance helpers may also choose to take up online education and self-help guides at our blog (meide.sg/blog) and take up some cleaning gigs with us. We provide both training as well as learning and income opportunities for all freelance cleaners!

Remember, practice makes perfect!

Summary Of 6 Habits To Be A Successful Good Cleaner

All in all, these 6 key traits can be learned and trained. Harness these crucial traits to become your habits. Over time, before you know it, you would have carved out a successful and outstanding cleaning career of your own!


  1. Be humble and open to feedback
  2. Be attentive to detail to be a good cleaner
  3. Be accountable and punctual
  4. Be particular about health and hygiene
  5. Maintain professionalism whilst being friendly; and always
  6. Maintain your knowledge and skills in cleaning techniques

Keep reading and learning!

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