Training To Be A Professional Cleaner

Here we are, dawn of a new year in 2021. Have you sorted out your new year resolutions? Otherwise, let us at MEIDE offer a slight help!

We present to you a wonderful 5 ways of training to be a professional cleaner. Pick up any of these tips to become an excellent cleaner and outstanding employee at work! 

For the greenhorn cleaners, grab these fantastic opportunities whilst they lasts! For the experienced cleaning veterans, never stop honing new skills. After all, lifelong learning is, and should always be, our goal at work!

5 Ways To Be A Professional Cleaner

  1. Attend Professional Cleaner Training Courses
  2. Learn Online with MEIDE.SG
  3. Learn Offline With Manuals And Books
  4. Train Under A Mentor
  5. Gain Practical Cleaning Experience

Attend Professional Cleaner Training Courses

In Singapore, the government has many enriching initiatives for everyone. From students, to interns, to graduates, to mid-career job seekers, you can find a skill-upgrading course readily. Many of such courses are taught by professionals and aimed at training up advanced skills!

One platform to join such courses is the EC WSQ. “EC WSQ” stands for Environmental Cleaning Workforce Skills Qualifications. This is a framework helmed by the SkillsFuture Singapore – Workforce Singapore (SSG-WSG) Organization. MEIDE.SG is an advocate and supporter for the EC WSQ in Singapore.

What is SSG WSG?

SSG WSG, or SSG-WSG, is an abbreviation for the joint name of an organization and website. Spelt in full as SkillsFuture Singapore and Workforce Singapore, these are two statutory boards in Singapore. The former is governed by the Ministry of Education (MOE), and the latter by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Do read more about them here.

Can I Join The EC WSQ?

Almost anyone is eligible for courses under the EC WSQ! However, there are a handful of available courses under the EC WSQ. To know which course is best suited for you, do learn about the EC WSQ here! Read about their guide (supported by the National Environmental Agency), competency map and standards, and qualification pathway to understand the framework fully. Confused already?

Do not worry, because MEIDE.SG has summarised it for you here. First, always start with striving towards the “WSQ Certificate” (this is deemed as the normal or basic level). If you have completed and attained this, you can then go on to aim for the “WSQ Higher Certificate”. Thereafter, you can go for the final “WSQ Advanced Certificate”. All these certificates will definitely boost your resume and command you a higher pay!

How To Be A Professional Cleaner Or Helper
How To Be A Professional Cleaner Or Helper

Which Certificates Should I Get To Be A Professional Cleaner?

Of course, you can aim to attend and achieve all of the certificates. However, there are easily approximately twenty courses in each level, and each course may take 1 or 2 full days of learning!

Hence, to save you time, MEIDE recommends these two most popular and beneficial SkillsFuture Courses (Under the EC WSQ Certificate):

  1. Demonstrate and Apply Understanding of Cleaning Methods and Processes
  2. Supervise Service Operations

Attainment of both of these certificates also enables you to help your employer / business to apply for the official NEA Cleaning License for Cleaning Companies!

At MEIDE.SG, we offer you flexible work schedule, incredible high pay for both part timers and full timers, and many other employment benefits for our cleaners!

How Do I Get The Professional Cleaning Certificates?

If you are an individual keen to enhance your cleaning knowledge through professional courses, you can sign up directly for any of the 2 courses here:

  1. Demonstrate and Apply Understanding of Cleaning Methods and Processes
    1. NTUC Learning Hub
    2. Avanta Global Pte Ltd
    3. Focus Training Pte Ltd
  2. Supervise Service Operations
    1. NTUC Learning Hub
    2. Coursemology

Choose 1 of 2 choices, or attend both to get even higher qualifications! Click the links above to learn about the course schedule, registration, and places available for each date and timing.

The benefits of signing up as an individual is that the courses are paid for by SkillsFuture Credits, if you are a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident.

If you are an employee, or working directly under a company (eg. employees of MEIDE.SG), contact your supervisor or administrative team to book a course for you! Moreover, an added advantage is that companies, such as ours at MEIDE.SG, continues to pay you salary whilst you are undergoing training and attending these courses to become a higher professional cleaner!

Where Do I Find More Professional Cleaner Training Courses?

This is exactly the right question to ask! Many more professional cleaning courses are just a click away. For your convenience, go to this site (SkillsFuture Website) to directly apply as an individual for professional training!

Learn Online with MEIDE.SG

Next, level up your cleaning skills with plenty of online resources! At MEIDE.SG, we create detailed and useful advisories regarding cleaning and equipment. All these can be found free-of-charge online, on our blog!

Under the categories of “Cleaning Career” and “How To Clean”, you can find extremely relevant articles for your self-enrichment! As the name suggests, all these information teaches you techniques and tricks on how to clean effectively and efficiently. By reading and digesting these educational materials, you would train to be a professional cleaner, but also glean life lessons as a home helper!

Learn Professional Cleaning Online with MEIDE
Learn Professional Cleaning Online with MEIDE

In fact, our team at MEIDE.SG is so enthusiastic at getting you up to speed, that we also publicize snippets and essential material on our social media platforms. Join our platforms completely free-of-charge and train to be a professional cleaner in the comfort of your own home!

Want more educational materials and great learning articles free of charge? MEIDE.SG delivers it to you fresh from the oven, specially for our subscribers only. Sign up now (it’s free)!

Learn Offline With Manuals And Books

In reality, there are many professional cleaners in Singapore who are not technologically or internet-savvy. Hence, another way to train to be a professional cleaner is via offline modes. Check out the many free and easily borrowable books from many Singapore National Libraries, such as this interesting cleaning manual! Although the process of going out and finding a physical book may take a longer time than learning online for most people, this traditional way of learning is time-tested and proven.

Additionally, learning to be a professional cleaner takes more than just reading. There are numerous videos, and “how-to” tutorials to illustrate cleaning techniques and procedures, which MEIDE.SG feels are a must-watch! These videos can be found again in the National Library. Alternatively, simply go to Youtube to watch and learn! On a side note, these how-to tutorials and diagrams can be found in several very useful websites (yes, online modes again!) like WikiHow and Mollymaid!

Train Under A Mentor

A professional cleaner does more than pure cleaning. As per our article here, a professional cleaner harnesses good personal values of punctuality, courtesy, and initiative (RRP3). In practical sense, this means maintaining good and reliable communication means with your colleagues, managers, bosses and home owner clients too! As a bonus, having initiative to plan your journey, timetable and proactively asking for feedback to improve are hallmarks of an excellent professional cleaner. By reading this article to learn and improve oneself, is by itself a good telltale sign of a professional cleaner-to-be!

MEIDE Mentorship Gives You Valuable Learning and Experience for Professional Cleaning
MEIDE Mentorship Gives You Valuable Learning and Experience for Professional Cleaning

MEIDE Cleaning Mentorship Programme

Having mentioned the above, MEIDE perfectly understands the relevance of mentorship. This is because many of the abovementioned values can only be inculcated through personal experience and training. A superb way of learning this is via role models. Training under a mentor would fulfill exactly that.

Being part of our exciting team at MEIDE, we offer a chance for you to be guided and handheld through your learning process. At any point of time, you may speak to our programme coordinators or manager to express your interest for the MEIDE Cleaning Mentorship programme! We do not impose any fees for this. In fact, it is complimentary for all MEIDE helpers, in support of personal growth and learning for our cleaners!

Gain Practical Cleaning Experience

Finally, nothing beats the real deal of learning via practical cleaning experience. So, get your hands dirty (literally) to glean invaluable lessons on cleaning. Work with us and be a home helper, part time maid or cleaner anytime you want. Why not now?

At MEIDE.SG, we offer you flexible work schedule, incredible high pay for both part timers and full timers, and many other employment benefits!

By doing so, you can put all your learnt theory to physical action. To be frank, no amount of paper learning can replace the tangible mode of doing an actual cleaning. Remember the wise words of scientist Thomas Edison: “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” There would not be a professional cleaner who did not first commit blunders and improve from there. It is only through overcoming real life obstacles that one can succeed and excel. The same applies for training towards becoming a professional cleaner.

Get Your Hands On (With Gloves Of Course) Doing Professional Cleaning
Get Your Hands Dirty (With Gloves Of Course) Doing Professional Cleaning

So, enough said. Pick up your pen, paper, broom and dustpan today, and head for your first cleaning session with MEIDE by your side!