Best Cleaning Qualities From Our Top HSS Helpers

An adage goes, “always and only learn from the best” – so let us understand today, the qualities from top HSS (Household Services Scheme) helpers that make them so highly wanted by homeowners!

There are 3 main objectives of this article:

First, we want to appreciate our outstanding workers! Let us all appreciate how they can exceed expectations and excel in their work, and rein in raving reviews from regular house owners.

Second, we hope this builds confidence in how you can trust MEIDE to find you the right helper and best cleaners for your cleaning needs.

Thirdly, we hope this article helps our stream of incoming and potential HSS applicants, to train and improve, so as to pass our stringent selection tests, and join us at MEIDE!

Let’s get to work right now:

(1) They Get To The Right Place At The Right Time

Good cleaners arrive at the right place punctually consistently
Good cleaners arrive at the right place punctually consistently

Yes, they are punctual, early and navigate well!

One key evaluation test we do at MEIDE Cleaning Team, is to ensure the cleaners are familiar with using GPS (eg. Google Maps) to plan and travel.

Indeed, it is no easy feat to be able to take buses, trains, and change around platforms multiple times across destinations daily.

Thus, we should never take it for granted when our household help arrives on time, and exactly where we agreed to conduct cleaning! There is definitely a possibility for cleaners to get delayed for cleaning sessions, especially when they are attending your residence for the first time.

Thankfully, with years of experience in the cleaning and housekeeping industry, we are veterans at this. All the cleaning scheduling goes through intricate detailed planning before we slot in cleaning booking for clients.

In fact, even for last minute and urgent cleaning bookings, we will factor in the time needed for cleaners to eat meals and rest, before slotting in the session.

And, did we mention?

HSS helpers at MEIDE are always trained to plan their travel at least 24 hours beforehand, with both online and offline records. We take into account possible cleaning app breakdowns, peak hour traffic, as well as possible delays due to bad weather. So, call it a shameless plug, but we are really proud of having these top HSS helpers who have consistently achieved being at the right place at the right time!

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(2) They Communicate Courteously In Common Local Languages

Next, they communicate well, are polite, and can speak English and Mandarin!

In Singapore, the majority of the population speaks English.

Another large proportion communicates in mandarin, or malay.

Hence, accordingly, top HSS cleaners are those who can communicate proficiently in English, and also handle basic Mandarin, and possibly Malay.

Although at MEIDE, we also have helpers who can speak dialects like Hokkien, Cantonese, Tamil, Tagalog, Bahasa, Burmese and other languages, the main mode of communication is English!

Before HSS helpers are picked to be full-time cleaners, and sent out for cleaning jobs, they must pass an English proficiency test! On top of that, our company makes sure that we give priority to those who have an extra command of secondary languages like Mandarin, Malay and dialects.

Needless to say, we also want the helpers to always be courteous and professional in their communications! Our top HSS helpers are definitely those who can not only communicate in the right language here, but also present themselves courteously and graciously.

(3) They Can And Will Handle Pets With Love And Care

Top HSS Cleaners are good with pets too
Top HSS Cleaners are good with pets too

Number three – they are pet lovers!

So, do you have pets at home? No worries! Although a small bunch of helpers may not be able to handle animals due to personal, medical or religious reasons, a large majority of HSS helpers can do so!

At MEIDE.SG, we have realized that the top HSS helpers can all handle pets professionally and lovingly.

Whether it be cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, turtles, guinea pigs and so on, always inform us (or the cleaning company) about the details of your domestic pets, so that we can plan around it properly!

Definitely, our top HSS helpers can do pet-sitting, walk your dog, play with your cat, clean up the fish tank and perhaps even do some combing and cleaning all around the cat litter and dog kennel!

Trust us, they are actually just as excited as you are to play and care for our little furry friends!

(4) They Clean Detailedly But Also Delicately To Avoid Damaging Property

Clients can request for special delicate cleaning by our premium top cleaners especially with babies around too
Clients can request for special delicate cleaning by our premium top cleaners especially with babies around too

Fourth, top HSS helpers know the right balance of cleaning and taking care of property.

Indeed, there is often a trade-off. When the wiping and rubbing is less intensive, the surfaces may still have stains. However, with stronger wipes and more powerful cleaning solutions, there runs a risk of property damages. For instance, the use of vinegar or bleach can cause discoloration. Often, those also exude strong smells and sometimes pungent fumes.

Therefore, with experience and training, top-performing cleaners know the perfect blend of how much solution, how much energy, and the time needed for each cleaning task.

Simple as it may sound, it definitely isn’t!

On top of these, cleaners also face a variety of house conditions, and different material surfaces to tackle. Combined with the limited tools present at each residence, it certainly takes excellent cleaning prowess to achieve the expectations of many homeowners and property dwellers!

(5) Top HSS Helpers Put Things Back Where They Were

Last but not least, a sterling quality many cleaning customers love, is when the cleaners can remember to return each tiny object to their original positions!

Or, they even organize it back even neater than before!

This minor detail may seem like a mediocre task, but it is not easily achieved, and takes conscious effort and training to perform consistently.

At MEIDE, we find that a sprinkle of “OCD trait” actually makes our HSS helpers flourish at this task. Truly, we could not emphasize enough on how homeowners love it when the cleaners are able to pick up individual objects across the shelf or countertop, wipe them sparkling clean, and reposition them like they have not been moved!

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Final Note for Aspiring HSS Helpers And Cleaning Customers

We hope this quick list from our experience has been helpful!

Bear in mind that it is by no means an exhaustive list of traits for a top HSS helper.

All in all, there is so much we can pick up beyond just cleaning skills and speed, from the HSS role models here at MEIDE.

From commendable communication skills, to awesome navigation and time management, to the warm affinity with pets, these are qualities to laud! And most of all, they also clean efficiently and effectively so you feel the squeaky floor and dust free surfaces.

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