Should I Tip My Regular Home Cleaner in Singapore?

Tipping is a common practice in many parts of the world, often seen as a way to show appreciation for good service. However, in Singapore, the culture surrounding tipping is not as clear-cut. If you have a regular home cleaner, you might be wondering if you should tip them and, if so, how much. Let’s delve into this topic and explore the norms and considerations when it comes to tipping your regular home cleaner in Singapore.

Understanding the Tipping Culture in Singapore

To start off, tipping in Singapore is generally not expected and is not a standard practice as it is in countries like the United States.

Moreover, service charges are often included in bills at restaurants and hotels, which reduces the need for additional tipping.

However, this doesn’t mean that tipping is unheard of, especially in private service arrangements like home cleaning services.

Why You Might Consider Tipping Your Home Cleaner

3 Reasons Why You Should Tip Your Regular Home Cleaner
3 Reasons Why You Should Tip Your Regular Home Cleaner

Here are 3 good reasons to tip your regular home cleaner:

1. Recognition of Good Service


Tipping can be a way to show appreciation for your home cleaner’s hard work and dedication. If they consistently go above and beyond in keeping your home spotless, a tip can be a nice gesture to acknowledge their efforts.


On top of appreciation, a tip can serve as a motivational tool, encouraging your home cleaner to maintain a high standard of service. This is really pertinent as many homeowners want the same cleaner to keep on cleaning and maintaining their house cleanliness weekly!

2. Building a Good Relationship

Trust and Reliability:

Next, this is believed by many clients. We know this first-hand because they told us. Basically, tipping increases trust between cleaners and homeowners.

Homeowners that tip feel that this is akin to building a good relationship with their regular home cleaner. Homeowners feel that this leads to more reliable and trustworthy service.

Whilst this can be true to a certain extent, MEIDE wants to reinforce that tipping is certainly just a bonus and not compulsory or necessary to having a reliable and trustworthy cleaning service!

But yes, perhaps, as per what our customers opine, tipping can be one aspect of fostering a positive working relationship.

Personal Connection:

In particular, regularly tipping can help create a more personal connection, making your home cleaner feel valued and respected. Developing this personal connection increases the warmth and comfort around all parties and leads to an overall greater cleaning experience!

3. Encouraging Consistency of Stellar Service

Regular Incentives:

For a weekly cleaner, regular tips or bonuses can encourage consistent, high-quality service. On top of the standard scope of cleaning followed by our weekly HSS cleaners, some of them do go beyond their call of duty.

Hence, homeowners recognize it and give tips to illustrate that the certain extra miles traveled by the cleaner is really appreciated. Hence, in future, the cleaner will be more willing to keep extending their helping hand.

But, let us now consider the flip side.

Reasons Against Tipping Your Home Cleaner

Consider not tipping your weekly home cleaner for these 3 reasons
Consider not tipping your weekly home cleaner for these 3 reasons

Here are 3 main reasons why you should hesitate to tip your house cleaner:

1. Financial Burden

Added Expense:

Regularly tipping your weekly cleaner can become an added financial burden, especially if you are already paying a premium for home cleaning services.

We always appreciate generosity, but we also want you to be mindful of your monthly budget allocated for tips and home cleaning!


Once you start tipping, there might be an expectation for continued or increased tips, which can create financial strain. It can also lead to lower cleaning performance in future, if somehow the cleaner expected a tip but did not receive one.

2. Professionalism

Service Standards:

Home cleaning services should provide high standards of cleaning as part of their professional obligation. Tipping should not be necessary for ensuring good service. Some cleaning companies that assume that customers would always tip for quality service, would end up with diminishing standards over time. We certainly don’t want that!

Dependence on Tips:

Tipping can sometimes lead to service providers depending on tips as a part of their income, rather than seeing it as a bonus for exceptional work. It would lead to undesirable work ethics and attitude, if the cleaner only focused their attention and energy towards customers who gave higher tips, and gave less of their worth to customers who did not tip. Overall, it can lead to a never-ending vicious cycle of the cleaner looking for higher and higher tips.

3. Cultural Norms

Local Customs:

In Singapore, the custom of tipping is not as ingrained as in other cultures. Maintaining the norm of not tipping can help keep expectations in line with local practices. 

Service Charges:

Many home cleaning services may already include service charges in their fees, which should cover the cleaner’s wages adequately. At MEIDE, our fee of $22 per hour is all inclusive for service and transport fees for the general home cleaner. Tipping is definitely not compulsory or highly encouraged. Instead, we want you to provide good feedback, and perhaps some photographs or videos of the excellent cleaning outcomes! These reviews and testimonials really lifts up the cleaners’ spirits – which is priceless!

Tax Treatment of Tips in Singapore

Tips in Singapore are Taxable Even for Home Cleaning Services
Tips in Singapore are Taxable Even for Home Cleaning Services

And, we are not yet done.

Next, we need to be mindful of how the Singapore Government manages tips and taxes.

Well, in Singapore, tips are generally considered as additional income for the recipient. Here’s what you need to know about the tax treatment of tips:

Income Tax:

Tips are considered taxable income. Home cleaners who receive tips should report them as part of their total income.


It’s advisable for both the giver and the receiver to document tips, ensuring transparency and proper reporting.

Employer Considerations:

If you’re hiring a home cleaner through a home cleaning service, check with the service provider on how tips are managed and reported.

At MEIDE, we can keep tips documentation and records for tax filing purposes. So, go through us to save yourself the hassle!

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When and How Much to Tip

All about Tipping Regular Home Cleaners in Singapore
All about Tipping Regular Home Cleaners in Singapore

Now, if you are new to the Singapore cleaning landscape and not sure how to engage and manage the home cleaners, much less provide tips, this information will be helpful:

1. Occasional Tips

  • Special Occasions: Consider tipping during special occasions like festive seasons (e.g., Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Christmas) as a token of appreciation. A bonus or an extra gift can be a thoughtful gesture. And hey! Don’t forget the BIRTHDAY special!
  • Exceptional Service: If your home cleaner has done an exceptional job or handled an unusually large task, a tip can be an appropriate way to say thank you.

2. Regular Tips

  • Monthly Bonus: Some homeowners opt to give a small bonus at the end of each month. This can be a fixed amount, such as $20-$50, depending on the level of service and your budget.
  • Annual Bonus: Providing a larger annual bonus, equivalent to one week’s pay or more, is another way to show your appreciation.

P.S. If you already have an on-going regular home cleaning schedule with MEIDE, and would like us to help you keep track of the performances and attendance, we are more than glad to help! Just let us know.

If you want to know your allocated cleaner’s birthday, let us know too!

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Additional Tips for Tipping During Home Cleaning Services

MEIDE Cleaning Blog Insights and Tips on Tips
MEIDE Cleaning Blog Insights and Tips on Tips

Last but not least, we want to share 4 very useful tips (pun intended) for you before you decide whether or not to give your regular home cleaner his or her tip!

1. Communicate Clearly

  • Set Expectations: When engaging a home cleaning service, communicate clearly with the service provider about their policies on tipping. Some companies may have guidelines or preferences regarding tips. At MEIDE, for instance, we allow tipping via any method, but highly encourage the tips to go through us. Thus, simply notify our support crew via WhatsApp, SMS, or Email and send the tips over. Our team will then transfer the tips, together with your words of praise to the home cleaner, as appropriately.
  • Discuss Performance: Have an open conversation with your home cleaner about their performance and express your appreciation for their hard work. This can help both parties understand each other’s expectations. In fact, MEIDE cleaning team is always mindful that good work does not mean error-free work. We are always looking forward to honest and constructive criticism to keep upskilling and improving our quality. Keep the feedback coming! 🙂

2. Understand the Cleaner’s Perspective

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of the cultural background and personal preferences of your home cleaner. Some may appreciate tips more than others, while some might feel uncomfortable accepting them. In particular, quite a proportion of local Chinese may feel abashed about receiving hard cold cash. Instead, consider gifts in-kind, Hongbaos / red packets, or simply going through the MEIDE team to facilitate the cleaner tipping!
  • Professional Boundaries: Maintain a professional boundary to ensure that your gesture of tipping is seen as appreciation rather than an obligation. Yes, bear in mind that over-tipping leads instead to complacency and sometimes lower performance.

3. Evaluate the Service Provider’s Policy

  • Company Policies: Some home cleaning services may have policies against tipping or might pool tips to distribute among all staff. Understanding these policies can help you navigate the best way to show your appreciation.
  • Feedback Channels: Utilize any feedback channels provided by the cleaning service to commend your cleaner’s hard work officially. Positive feedback can sometimes result in bonuses or rewards from the company itself. This is the case for us!

4. Consider the Cleaner’s Income

  • Fair Wages: Ensure that the base pay provided by the home cleaning service is fair and competitive. Tips should be seen as a bonus, not a necessity for making a living. Advocating for equity for low wage workers is something that MEIDE does too on a common basis.
  • Living Wage: For cleaning companies and employers, if you hire a cleaner directly, consider paying them a living wage that reflects the cost of living in Singapore. This can reduce the reliance on tips and ensure fair compensation for their work. Be sure to abide by MOM rules and regulations!


In Singapore, tipping your regular home cleaner is not a mandatory practice, but it can be a considerate way to show appreciation for their hard work.

Whether you choose to tip occasionally, regularly, or opt for alternative forms of appreciation, the key is to ensure that your weekly cleaner feels valued and respected. Building a positive relationship with your home cleaner can lead to better service and a happier working environment for both parties.

Remember, the amount and frequency of tipping should align with your personal comfort and budget. At the end of the day, a little appreciation can go a long way in maintaining a clean and happy home!

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