Terms And Conditions


“MEIDE SERVICES” (including, but not limited to the website “MEIDE.SG”) provides matchmaking services that matches various home service providers – including but not exclusively limited to, cleaners, part time maids, plumbers, repairman, electricians, movers, babysitters and handyman services – to home dwellers, residents and owners – or otherwise known as customers or client. Any service that MEIDE SERVICES or its service providers provide is subjected to the Terms and Conditions in the remainder of this article. Usage of MEIDE SERVICES means automatic acceptance of the Terms and Conditions herein. The word or phrase “service provider” will refer to those offering their service, directly or indirectly, via MEIDE SERVICES. The word “customer” or “client” refers to those who engage in any form of dealings or communications with MEIDE SERVICES.

  1. Terms and Conditions For Customers
    1. Quality of Service
      1. MEIDE SERVICES does not guarantee that the services provided will match all the requirements and expectations of the customer all the time.
      2. In addition to the services provided by service providers and MEIDE SERVICES, the home dwellers, environmental factors, timing, and logistical availability are just as crucial in ensuring the quality of service provided matches demands and expectations of the customer. 
      3. Customers are liable to pay MEIDE SERVICES all fees according to the latest and final price or fees that was agreed upon, whether in verbal, text, invoice, or contract form.
      4. Payment is required to be made in full prior to the commencement of service, upon arrival of service provider at the location agreed upon, or receipt of official invoice or contract, whichever is the earliest.
      5. Cancellation or modifications of services may be allowed at the customer’s request, subject to additional fees set out by MEIDE SERVICES.
      6. Customers may contact MEIDE SERVICES for feedback regarding their experiences with the service providers. We will continually collate feedback to grade and review our service providers so as to improve our quality of service towards the customers and clients.
      7. MEIDE SERVICES is purely a matchmaking service platform, to facilitate the matching of service providers to customers or clients.
      8. MEIDE SERVICES shall not be held accountable or liable for any damages or disputes arising from the work carried out service providers or interactions between service provider(s) and customer(s).
  2. Payment and Commission
    1. MEIDE SERVICES is free-of-charge for clients as we generally obtain commissions from a small percentage of the service provider fees. However, clients are required to assist MEIDE SERVICES in ensuring that payment is always made to MEIDE SERVICES directly and not paid in other forms or methods not prescribed by MEIDE SERVICES.
    2. Payment should not be made the service providers directly as this may result in double payment, wrong amount paid, default of payment, and other problems not exclusive to the aforementioned.
    3. Official invoice or contract or agreements can be emailed to clients upon request. Additional fees may apply for such requests if applicable. Payment always be made immediately in full prior to the commencement of service, upon arrival of service provider at the location agreed upon, or receipt of official invoice or contract, whichever is the earliest.
    4. MEIDE SERVICES cannot guarantee the provision of any services prior to full payment. Instructions in detail for payment can be obtained from either the official invoice, contract of via communication with our personnel during our official working hours.
    5. All payment receipts, transaction records would need to be kept by the customer for safekeeping, in the rare events of dispute, transaction errors, or official investigations. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that payment is made without delay via the exact payment methods instructed by MEIDE SERVICES.
    6. Late payment fees may be imposed for recalcitrant clients or delays caused by the client, due to the consequences of payment issues with either service provider or MEIDE SERVICES.
    7. Additional administrative charges may also be imposed upon if the client suggests alternative payment methods that are not prescribed by MEIDE SERVICES.
  3. Service Provision Schedule, Cancellation and Postponement
    1. The exact date, timing and venue or address of the service will be laid out clearly by MEIDE SERVICES in any form of communications with the customer and the service provider, except in the cases whereby the service provider and the customer communicated directly with each other.
    2. In such exceptional cases, MEIDE SERVICES will not be liable and will neither impose any additional fees, charges, nor reduce or waive any amount or charges.
    3. Otherwise, should there be any change in the schedule, date, start time, end time, or location, as a result of factors involving the customer, whether partial or wholly, additional administrative charges may be imposed by MEIDE SERVICE on top of the price agreed upon. Such changes will only incur additional charges if they occur upon or after the arrival of service provider at the location agreed upon, after the receipt of official invoice or contract, or less than 72 hours before the commencement of service, whichever is the earliest.
    4. It is assumed that the entire duration of the service is comprised of work, the price agreed upon between MEIDE SERVICES, its customers and service providers, covers the entire duration of the service, agreement and contract. Any “break time” or “rest time” is entirely the discretion of any mutual consensus between service provider and customer during their interaction. MEIDE SERVICES will not be liable for such “breaks” or “rests” and the price agreed upon, even if the service provider was having “break” or “rest” time during the working duration, would remain unchanged.
    5. The administrative charges for cancellation, postponement or change in schedule may be commensurate to, or even exceed the original payment amount agreed upon or payment amount already paid. As a result, because the customer may end up paying the full amount without obtaining the services desired, we strongly discourage against change in schedule, cancellation or postponement of services as defined in this article.
    6. In the event that the change in schedule, postponement or cancellation originates directly from MEIDE SERVICES, and with absolutely no involvement or responsibility from the part of the customer, MEIDE SERVICES would refund 100% of the price agreed upon if the amount has already been paid. MEIDE SERVICES would not be liable to pay any additional fees beyond this refund.
  4. Change of Service Provider
    1. The customer may request for change of service provider at any point of time, subject to the terms and conditions laid out in this article.
    2. A change of service provider upon or after the arrival of service provider at the location agreed upon, after the receipt of official invoice or contract, or less than 72 hours before the commencement of service, whichever is the earliest, may incur additional charges.
    3. MEIDE SERVICES will have the final say as to what percentage of the service provider fees will be taken as commission.
  5. Delivery of Service and Unethical Clients
    1. While MEIDE SERVICES strive to provide the best services to all clients, we cannot guarantee that clients will have all their requirements and expectations met, due to varying work methodologies and processes by different service providers.
    2. Our services will be considered fully delivered once clients agree to engage our services, and clients are fully liable to pay MEIDE SERVICES according to the official invoice, contract or latest communications made by MEIDE SERVICES.
    3. Clients who fail to make payment as prescribed in our terms and conditions and official invoice or contract may be subjected to one or more, but not exclusively limited to, the following:
      1. Administrative fees to cover costs incurred in trying to recover payment due and debts;
      2. Sharing of personal information to all partnering agencies;
      3. Lawsuit & Tribunal of Small Claims;
      4. Filing Police Report;
      5. Passing the invoice to private debt collectors;
      6. Blacklisting including releasing your full particulars in any form of media online or offline.


MEIDE SERVICES will try to provide clients and customers with the best match possible, but due to varying factors, we cannot guarantee flawless matching, and meeting of all demands and expectations, all the time. While MEIDE SERVICES will try to resolve conflicts between customers and service providers, we hold no legal liability for problems and disputes that arise. MEIDE SERVICES reserves the right to terminate or deny services to any party at any time. MEIDE SERVICES reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice.