5 Ways: Cleaning Improves Your Health


Everybody loves a clean place to stay, to work, and to gather for food, fun and laughter. Needless to say, these are all the reasons one might have to engage our services. Or is it? Simply for the sake of pleasure? Does cleaning ACTUALLY have a direct correlation to your health, your physical and mental well being? MEIDE.SG explores these concepts via our friendly Google search and talking to friends and family!



Book Part Time Cleaning Services Singapore
Book Part Time Cleaning Services Singapore

Over the next few (FIVE, to be exact!) blog posts and articles, MEIDE.SG would be revealing our top 5 HEALTH reasons that ensuring a hygienic environment would cater to. More than just a feast to the eyes, a dust-free and spotless living condition would benefit our health status and quality of life!


To start the ball rolling, let us begin by promoting our services and giving you a hint of our articles to come – ever tried travelling to new places, new countries and feeling a sense of disappointment when your AirBNB or homestay turns out to be cobwebbed and insect-infested? Subsequently, guess what are the chances of you falling sick from staying there? Ever been in a hurry to move in to your newly, post-renovation house – trying to make FULL USE OF YOUR MONEY, and cut costs of temporary residences, but end up suffering stuffy nose and watery eyes for days until someone (or yourself) cleans up all that soil, sand and flying sawdust?


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In fact, to make things more exciting, we are opening our doors to our readers and customers (or any of your friends or cousins!) to give their guesses and top HEALTH reasons why cleaning = better health. Simply comment below or send us a Tweet at @findameide and we would provide a special cleaning DISCOUNT via Promo Code to 5 Lucky Winners by 30 September 2017!

Meanwhile, is your home cleaned yet? 😉