Replacement Cleaning is available now when your maid or yourself falls ill

HSS X MEIDE: More Than A Maid Alternative

Need help from cleaning, babysitting and other home chores? Other than full time maids, try part time maids as an alternative with MEIDE!

First we need to match the right date and time for cleaning

Our Matching Process for Regular Cleaning

As part of our transparent service standards and processes, MEIDE Cleaning is happy to walk you through our matching process!Here is how are our weekly cleaners matched to households, requiring regular and general maintenance cleaning services:

Know your legal responsibilities and practice due diligence

5 Differences Between Services Provided By A Cleaning Company vs A Maid Agency

Explore the key differences between hiring a cleaning company and a maid agency in Singapore. Understand the services, costs, and regulatory aspects to make an informed decision with MEIDE.

3 Reasons Why You Should Tip Your Regular Home Cleaner

Should I Tip My Regular Home Cleaner in Singapore?

Tipping is a common practice in many parts of the world, often seen as a way to show appreciation for good service. However, in Singapore, the culture surrounding tipping is not as clear-cut. If you have a regular home cleaner, you might be wondering if you should tip them and, if so, how much. Let's … Continue reading Should I Tip My Regular Home Cleaner in Singapore?

Put things back where they belong to maintain an organized house

5 Best Habits To Maintain A Clean Home

Keep your home clean with our 5 best habits for families and households. Trust MEIDE cleaning experts on our advice and experience!

Decorating your house is sometimes equally important as cleaning your house

Celebrate Hari Raya Haji and Enjoy Your June School Holidays Without Worrying About Home Cleaning With These 6 Practical Tips

Celebrate Hari Raya Haji and Enjoy Your June School Holidays Without Worrying About Home Cleaning With These 6 Practical Tips from MEIDE Cleaning Experts

Having the same cleaner allows her to keep improving the service each time

Should You Engage (Or Not) the Same Cleaner for Weekly Cleaning?

Is it better to engage the same cleaner for your weekly cleans, or should you switch things up?

Get faster cleaning tips with MEIDE Cleaning

Get Faster Cleaning Speeds with Our 6 Vital Hacks!

Cleaning up the house doesn't have to be a daunting, time-consuming task when you have MEIDE’s 6 vital hacks to ensure a faster cleaning process.

Welcome your maid warmly home after their hometown visit

Managing Downtime During Your Overseas Helper’s Home Leave in Singapore: 8 Essential Tips

Hence, here are eight essential tips to manage this downtime effectively, ensuring a smooth transition, and maintaining harmony within your household members even during your helper’s home leave.

Clients can request for special delicate cleaning by our premium top cleaners especially with babies around too

Best Cleaning Qualities From Our Top HSS Helpers

From commendable communication skills, to awesome navigation and time management, to the warm affinity with pets, these are qualities to laud! And most of all, they also clean efficiently and effectively so you feel the squeaky floor and dust free surfaces.

Be realistic about how long you require for cleaning to match your expectations

How Long Do Cleaning Sessions Take?

How long do cleaning sessions take? How many hours do I require for the cleaning sessions? Find out the exact duration you need here.

Keep your kids safe when cleaning with children at home with meide babysitting and cleaning help

Cleaning With Children At Home: 6 Important Safety Tips

When you are cleaning with children at home, it is like fighting two battles at once. Let MEIDE help you conquer the chaos of your home today!