Cleaning 6 Different Types of Staircases in Singapore Residences

Welcome to the ultimate staircase extravaganza where the MEIDE Cleaning team collaborates with MEIDE Bloggers to write about 6 uniquely different types of staircases used in Singapore residences!

We are writing about this based on our experiences cleaning houses in Singapore. From HDB executive mansionettes to luxurious bungalows and Good Class Bungalows (GCBs), we’ll delve into the staircases designs and why it affects the cleaning.

Most importantly, are you arranging a cleaning session and need to specify your type of staircase? If so, this, together with your photo(s) and/or video(s) will certainly help you to specify the stairs and arrange the proper type of cleaning for your staircase!

Here are the 6 common types of staircases:

1) Straight Staircases: The Versatile All-Rounder

Glass panels and straight staircase cleaning can be done easily by MEIDE Team
Glass panels and 2 flights of straight staircases cleaning can be done easily by MEIDE Team

Most commonly, we have the good ol’ straight staircase. This classic design is a versatile choice found in various housing types across Singapore. Straight staircases are commonly utilized in HDB executive mansionettes, condominiums, terrace houses, and semi-detached houses. With their clean lines and timeless appeal, they perfectly blend functionality and aesthetics, suiting a wide range of interior styles.

Straight staircases can be cleaned with a variety of methods. For example, our helpers can simply sweep and mop down in a linear fashion. For more deep cleaning, we can also use rags and scrubs to reach the nooks and crannies. This will entail the edges of the stairs, the side surfaces and even overhanging undersides. Trust MEIDE Cleaning team to handle staircase cleaning effectively and efficiently!

These staircases can be designed with built-in storage options underneath the steps, maximizing the use of space. However, it’s important to note that the presence of storage compartments can increase the complexity and time required for cleaning, as these areas may accumulate dust and require additional effort to maintain cleanliness.

2) Spiral Staircases: Compact Charms for All

When it comes to making the most of limited space, spiral staircases are the go-to option. These compact darlings are frequently seen in condominiums, cluster houses, and even terrace houses in Singapore. Their efficient design allows them to fit snugly in tight corners, maximizing floor space. Spiral staircases bring a touch of elegance and style to any abode, giving it a unique focal point that’s hard to miss.

Moreover, these space-saving wonders can also be designed with built-in bookshelves, combining functionality and style.

Don’t be fooled though! Though compact, spiral staircases are harder to clean. This is because the wiping and dusting require more elbow grease to cover the spiral shape. Also, cleaning in a spiral-shaped surrounding is definitely more tedious. Try it yourself if you don’t believe us! If your staircase has bookshelves integrated, do specify too as it will require additional time and manpower to dust and organize.

3) Floating Stairs: Contemporary Flair for Modern Abodes

A combination of spiral stairs and floating stairs makes this staircase absolutely unique but also hard to clean
A combination of spiral stairs and floating stairs makes this staircase absolutely unique but also hard to clean

Thirdly, we have the floating stairs!

If you’re looking to add a dash of contemporary flair to your home, floating stairs are the way to go. These sleek and minimalist wonders are often spotted in upscale condominiums, modern cluster houses, and high-end terrace houses. The illusion of floating steps creates a sense of openness and sophistication, making them a popular choice among homeowners who desire a chic and cutting-edge aesthetic.

As the name implies, these stairs often do not have railings or side panels. Usually, they are lined up in a straight style too. Thus, cleaning floating stairs can be straightforward, just like cleaning straight staircases. Please highlight to the cleaning team if this is otherwise the case. Additionally, if your floating stairs are against the wall and you require the wall area to be dusted, do let us know too.

Remember, floating stairs can be integrated with hidden storage spaces too. These would require extra time and effort to access and maintain cleanliness in these concealed spaces.

4) Ladder Staircases: Quirky Nostalgia with a Twist

Fancy a ladder staircase in your homely abode condo and need us to clean it
Fancy a ladder staircase in your homely abode condo and need us to clean it?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with ladder staircases! While not as common in modern times, ladder staircases can still be found in select terrace houses and cluster houses. These whimsical designs evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of childhood adventures and treehouse escapades.

Notably, ladder staircases are often customized with integrated display shelves on the side rails or steps, allowing homeowners to showcase their decorative items, photographs, or potted plants. Again, the presence of display shelves will increase the cleaning duration, as these areas may require additional attention to remove dust and maintain the display’s aesthetics. Luckily, most ladder stairs are straight and allow for efficient cleaning by experienced cleaners.

5) Curved Staircases: Majestic Elegance for Upscale Dwellings

Check out the grand curved stairs that is usually only available in landed Singapore homes
Check out the grand curved stairs that is usually only available in landed Singapore homes

When it comes to grandeur and elegance, curved staircases take center stage. These sweeping beauties are often featured in upscale properties such as bungalows and GCBs. With their graceful curves and intricate craftsmanship, curved staircases make a bold statement, becoming the centerpiece of the home.

Furthermore, curved staircases imperatively incorporate designer railings, planned to the details of balusters, handrails, guardrails and risers. Learn about these staircase components here.

As such, cleaning curved staircases will be challenging due to their intricate design and curved surfaces. Thus, special care should be taken to clean the curved railings, treads, and corners. Also, flexible cleaning tools and techniques may be required to reach all the nooks and crannies effectively.

6) U-Shaped Staircases: Spaciousness and Style Combined

U shaped staircases can be found in penthouses and landed houses in Singapore
U shaped staircases can be found in penthouses and landed houses in Singapore

Last but not least, we have the U-shaped staircases, offering a perfect blend of spaciousness and style. Commonly found in larger bungalows and GCBs, these staircases boast a U-shaped configuration, providing an open and grand feel to the home’s entryway. U-shaped staircases are known for their elegance and scale, embodying a sense of luxury and prestige.

With their sweeping design and multiple landings, cleaning U-shaped staircases are usually more time-consuming and require additional manpower due to their larger surface area. When we clean these, we pay special attention to the railings, treads, and corners to maintain their pristine appearance. Fancy that?

3 More Vital Features of Your Staircases

Before we wrap up our 6 different styles of staircases, we need to mention 3 more vital features.

When arranging the cleaning, be sure to mention these 3 important points to your cleaning agent!

Materials Used in Staircases

Obviously, cleaning different materials requires different cleaning techniques and tools!

Staircases in Singapore homes can be made of wood, metal, marble, concrete, or a combination of materials. Some may even be layered with vinyl or carpet surfaces. Please let us know about the materials involved so we bring the right tools and give the right cleaning instructions!

Staircases with Outdoor Exposure

Significantly, any outdoor exposure should be emphasized too to the cleaning team. For staircases located outdoors or in partially covered areas, cleaning will need more work. Yes, rain, sunlight, and humidity can cause accelerated wear and discoloration.

In fact, outdoor staircases require more frequent cleaning. Regular sweeping or vacuuming is recommended to remove loose dirt. Power washing or gentle scrubbing with appropriate solutions at least once a month will help prevent stubborn stains. Importantly, if available, we recommend homeowners to follow the staircase manufacturer’s guidelines for specific materials to prevent damage or discoloration.

Staircase Railings and Panels

Not all, but definitely most staircases will have railings and panels. These components should not be missed out during cleaning! Hence, highlight these to us when arranging cleaning.

Needless to say, we only use the most suitable methods and tools to prevent damage and keep your stairs looking their best.

As homeowners or tenants, you can also do your part by regularly checking for corrosion, rust, or signs of wear.

Summary For Staircase Cleaning Requests

For your ease and convenience, here is a summary on the details you should provide to the cleaners when making a request for staircase cleaning:

  • Number of flight(s) of staircases involved and for each staircase:
    • Dimensions including the length, width of each step, and overall height
    • Number of steps involved
    • Style of staircase (straight, spiral, ladder, U-shaped, etc)
    • Railings and Panels involved
    • Materials involved
  • Outdoor exposure (if any)
  • Photos and/or videos to support the details above

Home cleaning can be fast and easy! Get your staircase and landed house cleaned with us today!


And there you have it, an exhilarating exploration of six distinct types of staircases that grace Singapore’s diverse housing types.

Staircases in Singapore homes have evolved beyond their primary function, becoming design elements that reflect individual style and practical needs. When considering different staircase designs, it’s important to account for functional additions like storage and bookshelves, as well as the presence of railings and panels. These factors can impact cleaning methods, duration, and manpower requirements.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep staircases in pristine condition. By understanding these factors, homeowners can choose staircase designs that not only enhance the aesthetics of their homes but also suit their lifestyle and cleaning preferences.

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