What Does A Home Helper Do?

Are you wondering what is the job scope like for a home helper? What are the basic tasks to be done?

MEIDE.SG, our #1 SG Home Services, is happy to present to you our basic workflow and list of housekeeping errands. Of note, this list is applicable only for regular types of cleaning. For example, this includes daily, weekly or monthly cleaning sessions. Also, this list is not relevant for other types of cleaning such as post-renovation or post tenancy cleaning!

We encourage all our home helpers to read this too, to familiarize themselves with what to do.

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Know The Basic Tasks of Home Helpers at MEIDE!
Know The Basic Tasks of Home Helpers at MEIDE!

Basic Workflow

Welcome to our basic workflow on what a home helper does. This is also applicable for all part time cleaners and helpers at MEIDE😃!

Firstly, this guide is useful for home helpers whenever they are cleaning homes. In particular this guide is useful where there are no extra requests or additional instructions given. Additionally for home owners, this is a quick and simple guide on how you can clean your home frequently too.

Without further ado, the list of the basic workflow for home cleaners/helpers is as below:

  1. Bedsheets changed, washed, and arranged as per homeowner requests. This task is prioritized first to maintain the clean hygiene of your sleeping area and bedroom!
    1. Please let helper know if you need the bed frame to be wiped or vacuumed (depending on owner preference and frame material)
  2. Wipe down of all surfaces – including tables, cupboard, cabinets and drawers.
    1. All exterior surfaces can be wiped down;
    2. Interior surfaces (eg. those in cupboards) need to be emptied before any wipe down.
  3. Sweep and mop all floor surfaces and corners. Deep scrubbing, grout and mold removal needs to be specifically requested.
  4. Vacuum will be done where required and where equipment is available.
  5. Scrub kitchen stove, hob and sink. Scrubbing of kitchen walls, backsplash, deep rust and mold removal, and cleansing for plumbing fixtures require specific requests before booking.
  6. General toilet washing of the shower area, toilet bowl, sink and floor area. These will be scrubbed and wiped down. Deep scrubbing of the walls, tiles, drains, as well as bathtub washing should be indicated before booking if required as these may need more intensive work and special tools.
  7. Mirrors and glass surfaces will be cleaned and polished, subject to equipment and time availability.
  8. Interior windows, window frames, grills and panes +/- blinds can be cleaned where time permits.
  9. Vacuum of curtains can be done where time permits.
  10. Dustbins are all cleared. (Kindly provide the cleaner/helper with your preferred trash bin liners as desired)

In case you need a photo or picture to save onto your phone, here it is:

Part 1 of 2 - Guide To Basic Home Cleaning by MEIDE
Part 1 of 2 – Guide To Basic Home Cleaning by MEIDE

Ultimately, one should note that task lists of housekeeping duties are just a guide. Part time maids and home helpers should still seek to follow the homeowner’s requests and instructions, if there are any.

Additional Workflow

Once again, a showcase of the cleaning duties and job scope remains just as a guide. Hence, all home helpers and cleaners should respect the home owner’s choice and requests. Thus, this guide is perhaps only useful whenever cleaning homes where there are no extra requests or additional instructions (before booking)!

Secondly, we have a list of items, which can be considered “extra items”. We highly encourage helpers to do this. However, if helpers have challenges with this, they should sound this out early before taking up a cleaning job.

  • ^ Furniture dusting or wiping.
  • ^ Exterior of appliances may be degreased, dusted or wiped. Interior of appliances are only cleaned as per owner request/cleaner discretion.
  • ^ For Kitchen Hood, Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher, Fridge cleaning – please request beforehand and prepare appropriate time/tools as there are various types/brands and we recommend following instruction manual (with owner) to ensure best results and to prevent any damages.
  • ^ Laundry can be done – washed (except handwashing), folded and arranged. All ironing needs to be specifically requested.
  • ^ Washing dishes – can be done as per owner request and cleaner discretion
  • ^ Windows, ledges and grills washing can be done if time permits.
  • ^ Ceiling fan, lighting fixtures and exterior of air-conditioner can be cleaned with appropriate tools/time available.
  • ^ Dusting or wiping of ceiling and walls (eg. cobweb removal) can be done with appropriate tools/time available.
  • Packing and moving^ can be done as per owner request and cleaner discretion
  • Any other extra things owner request also within manpower, resource and time capacity.

In case you need a photo or picture to save onto your phone, here it is:

Part 2 of 2 - Guide To Basic Home Cleaning by MEIDE
Part 2 of 2 – Guide To Basic Home Cleaning by MEIDE

Important Notes on Additional Cleaning Workflow

Lastly, it is also important to note that additional services such as laundry, ironing, moving heavy objects, curtain/blinds, carpet and upholstery cleaning, hand-washing of large amounts of dishes/clothes are not guaranteed. In fact, these are usually specially requested from the home owner. They may also be directly indicated by company head office (admin staff), if required.

Cleaning can be so wide-ranging! Our list is non-exhaustive and ever-expanding. Thus, services that are usually not included by default also include: cleaning exterior windows/ledges, hand washing, cleaning of personal items and expensive products (eg. Leather Seats/Sofa, TV, Computers, Fridge, Ovens, Washer/Dryer, etc), aircon, ceiling cleaning including ceiling fans. These may be done at own discretion between client and cleaner.

Stay safe and stay clean! 🙂

More On What A Home Helper Does

Fundamentally, part time maids, home helpers and cleaners should adhere to this workflow as closely as possible. However, it may not be possible all the time for all home helpers to do all the cleaning tasks written here. By the same logic, what a home helper does is certainly not limited to what is written here too.

At MEIDE, we believe that every cleaning session, whether residential or commercial, is special and unique in its own way. Thus, we have dedicated customer service lines. To get in touch, simply drop us a WhatsApp @ +65 8595 8579, or email meide@meide.sg!

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