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Motto, Vision, Mission of MEIDE
Best Cleaning Agency Service Statement

MEIDE.SG strives at all times to provide for the best for our customers. Be it cleaning, ironing, laundry, housekeeping, moving, or any other home or office solution services, we do our best to match the appropriate service provider to our clients. Our standards are always set as professional and targetted to be #1 in our country (and hopefully one day global) Singapore. At the same time, we maintain fair and just working conditions and compensation for all our providers, partners and employees, according to today’s industry standards. Should there be any event of dispute, dissatisfaction or doubt, we are always available for discussion and suitable recourse via various channels: our website, our blog, Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, just to name a few. Together as a team, we would always push to deliver the best and professional quality of service for you.


Our Mission: To master the efficient and effective provision of cleaning and other services for homes, offices and other facilities and amenities in Singapore with dedication to hard work and service quality.

Our Vision: To always be the number one solution for your cleaning and other service needs.

Our Motto: Mastering Everything Involves Dedication & Efficiency

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We are headquartered in Singapore, and comprise of a mixture administrative and non-administrative staff, with certain overlaps as we do our best to improve efficiency and effectiveness for clients. From our CEO to managers, executives, supervisors, cleaners and affiliated staff, we maintain a streamline process of operation to dedicate fast and professional cleaning standards and home solution services at very cheap prices for our customers.