How To Prepare for Your Cleaning Session? (For Your House)

That’s right – we are so enthusiastic about home cleaning here at MEIDE, that we have even a checklist for you to get ready for your cleaning session! (Bonus: read to the end to discover bonus steps to make the most of your cleaning session!)

After Booking

First up, this article is specifically for users who have already submitted your cleaning booking. If you have not, do so here! Also, if you’d like to know the exact process of how MEIDE.SG processes your booking – check out our detailed guide here! Now, if all that is said and done, and you have submitted your booking to us, here’s what is in store for you:

Double check your details

The best way to make your cleaning booking is via our online form (! This is because you can always refer back to the submission and ensure you did not key in wrong details. For example, you may not get a response if you HP number is wrong! Also, if you keyed in a wrong address or omitted the unit number, our home helper may not be able to reach your place on time as scheduled.

Await for availability (Payment not yet made)

Once you have submitted your booking details, your booking is NOT confirmed immediately. This is because we want to ensure we get all details right for both you and your service provider (eg. helpers/cleaners/babysitters). Hence, our team at MEIDE would contact you back (usually via WhatsApp, Call or Email) once we receive your information.

After we have verified and clarified all details, we would then check our schedule and availability. The duration for this is often unpredictable and may range from immediate confirmation to a prolonged waiting time (especially if you have high demands in your request form and during peak periods). For this, we extend our apologies in advance! Upon availability of any slots, we will update you ASAP. Thereafter, you can make payment.

Manage your expectations

Quite often, customers may say that their previous helper only takes X hours to achieve X goals. Or, they would compare helpers with themselves or previous maids or family members. However, they forget to consider that themselves, others, or their previous helper(s) would already have been familiar with the house and surroundings. A new helper would definitely take a longer time initially. After a few sessions, the speed and quality generally improves!

Also, the evaluation of how messy a house is is really subjective. Just like how not all burgers are made to taste the same, different home helpers have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, some cleaners are particularly good at scrubbing the toilet bowl, but less apt at changing your bedsheets. At MEIDE, we strongly encourage homeowners to manage expectations and remember to treat all with kindness, patience and respect.

Do not deliberately mess up your home

Oh yes, this may come as a surprise to some, but after years of being in the home services industry, MEIDE.SG has faced many different types of clients. Some homeowners take the liberty to stop being neat or kempt entirely after booking the cleaning session. (read: leave food wrappers on the floor when a dustbin is just next to you) Unfortunately, (even if we hope to believe so), our cleaners do not have superpower cleaning abilities! They are also human beings and have limited time and energy to do the cleaning. Hence, MEIDE does strongly encourage homeowners to keep your house from unnecessary mess all the time, and not deliberately cause mess in anticipation for the cleaning session.

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After Payment

What to prepare after you have paid for cleaning session at MEIDE?
What to prepare after you have paid for cleaning session at MEIDE?

Ensure the payment is received

Please allow us time to check and confirm receipt of payment. Delays can occur anywhere, from your phone/computer, to the network, to the bank, or to even our system glitches. Do allow us at least 24 hours to get back to you. Of course, if we could, we would respond ASAP too!

Ensure your booking details (eg. address, date(s), time(s), etc) are correct

Oh yes, please ensure your details are correctly keyed in, as every detail is important to us! For example, if you have dogs at home, but so happen to have the dogs out of the house during the cleaning session, please do remember to mention it to us too. This is because some helpers (eg. Muslim) may be sensitive to such issues. To ensure that you key in the right details and do not miss out important stuff, MEIDE recommends to book your cleaning session via our online form right HERE!

Be prepared for unforeseen circumstances

God forbid, but things happen. MEIDE.SG does not proclaim to be the best in everything, but we are a advocate for providing solutions to all worldly difficulties! Here are some of the possible setbacks one may face after a cleaning booking/payment:

Payment Not Received (in time)

(Same issue as abovementioned topic) Please allow us time to check and confirm receipt of payment. Delays can occur anywhere, from your phone/computer, to the network, to the bank, or to even our system glitches. Do allow us at least 24 hours to get back to you. Of course, if we could, we would respond ASAP too!

Response Not Immediate

Please allow us time to respond to you. As much as we try our best, our staff do need breathers (eg. toilet breaks, meal times, urgent leave to attend to family priorities, etc). At the point of writing, our KPI (key performance indicator) is to respond to any WhatsApp messages within 24 hours. We are also reachable by email –

Cleaner Not On Time / Lost / No Show

Yes, our company always emphasizes punctuality. In fact, to be extremely transparent, we can reveal that we do offer bonus pay for cleaners who reach on time! Additionally, our company offers tips and advice to all helpers on preparing in advance for the session(s), as well as how to find their way. Believe us when we say it, but we are even more upset than you when cleaners turn up late.

Also, when a cleaner does not appear, we will need to investigate exactly why. Was it a communication error? Or, cleaner fell sick? Our company does not do refunds unless we have gathered all the facts and it proves that the error was made on our part, or if the cleaner has been uncontactable for >24 hours, or if the cleaner has invalid reasons for the no-show.

Bottom-line is, we do not recommend to direct blame right away when unforeseen events occur. As always, our company takes word from all parties and investigate thoroughly before coming to conclusions and deciding on the right course(s) of action.

what to do if your cleaner is late?
what to do if your cleaner is late?

Cleaner Not Achieving Your Standards

Rest assured that our company would definitely listen to your requirements and expectations. Although we cannot promise to meet every single demand, we will always try our best. We have pledged our commitment to service in many ways and you check them out in details here:

Other Mishaps

Indeed, this list is non-exhaustive, and only serves as a guide. For more information, do refer to our many other resources at:

Get your logistics ready

P.S. Are you preparing for a post-tenancy clean? Check this guide out!

Next up, a cleaning session cannot be done properly without the appropriate tools! Please ensure that your logistics including cleaning supplies are ready. Otherwise, do contact us at MEIDE for further advice. We can provide the cleaning equipment – however these would usually incur a fee due to costs of logistics, transport and manpower to fix these up.

Do you know what are the tools required? Your answer is here!

Note: Different types of cleaning require different set of tools. If in doubt, do specify your type of cleaning (find out here!) to get accurate advice!

Prepare cleaning tools before your cleaning session!
Prepare cleaning tools before your cleaning session!

Have someone at home (or not)

Our helpers are all taught that, be default, there would be someone at home. However, we leave it to the discretion of owners and helpers, about who should be at home during the cleaning session. We do recommend for someone to be at home, especially for the initial session(s). Nonetheless, if you feel confident enough, or are already familiar with your helper, you may choose to get busy with your own stuff, of course!

Please note that our company is not liable or responsible for any loss, misplacement or damage to belongings, items, fittings and furnishings at any point of time (our full terms and conditions are found here).

Lastly, if there will not be anyone at home, please inform us 3 days before the cleaning session, and provide the necessary instructions on how to access your property. We would then convey this message, as appropriate, to the helper(s).

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After the Cleaning Session(s)

Even after the cleaning is completed, MEIDE does not stop there at serving you. We would usually follow up with messages – normally via WhatsApp or Email to gather your feedback and strive to keep fine-tuning our processes.

Provide feedback

Whether it is terrible, average or fabulous, let us know! Our team at MEIDE.SG welcomes all constructive feedback, criticisms and words of appreciations. Not to worry, we will most often pro-actively ask you for your feedback once your session is completed. However, if you’d like to submit feedback right away, WhatsApp us directly at +65 8595 8579 or simply email!

If your feedback is awesome, we may even offer special treats/rewards to you, and feature you in our testimonials page here!

Book your subsequent session(s)

Again, you may want to refresh your memory about our booking process here. As our services are quite highly sought after (shameless plug, sorry!), we would allocate bookings on first-come, first-served basis. For treasured or regular clients, we can give you priority. Hence, do not wait till the last minute to book your next few sessions! Last minute bookings are (still possible… but) harder to arrange and more prone to problems. Always book early to ensure the best chances to get your desired cleaning slot.

Thank you for reading and we cannot wait to serve you again! 🙂

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