5 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Post Renovation Cleaning in Singapore

Following years of experience in the post renovation and cleaning industry, MEIDE Cleaning Team is happy to collaborate with our bloggers to write about this topic!

Do you want to get the best outcomes and have a really really clean home after the renovation?

Then, check this out before you arrange your post reno cleaning!

P.S. There are many frequently asked questions answered too below!

1) Understand the cleaning required for whole house v.s. partial renovation

In many cases, such as HIP (Home Improvement Programme) renovation in HDB units, the renovation does not involve the entire house. However, even if the renovation is only for part of the house, the entire house should be cleaned for best results.

Dust bunnies and specks are expected to fly everywhere when you have renovation on-going. In addition, all the drilling, hammering, and moving around inevitably spews cement and concrete flakes everywhere.

Usually, the renovation guys would need to have the residence’s windows opened for ventilation. Hence, with breeze and wind, one cannot expect dust and dirt to simply stay within the specific area having renovation done!

Thus, whenever MEIDE handles post-renovation cleaning requests, we do advise on these and recommend for the whole residence to be cleaned.

Yet, we understand your budget constraints. Hence, if you’d need to keep within your specific budget, we can offer you a limited arrangement too, to match the financial needs of your household. With this, we also hope you can understand that the expectations of cleaning results will need to be adjusted accordingly.

2) Prepare your post renovation cleaning checklist beforehand and have it on-hand

Use a checklist for the best post tenancy clean always
Use a checklist for the best post tenancy/renovation clean always

In essence, a checklist allows the post-renovation cleaning to be done systematically and efficiently. It ensures that the cleaning team does not miss out on certain tasks too.

Whenever you are searching for a cleaning service, especially for post-renovation ones, make sure to enquire whether the cleaning will follow a checklist or not!

We encourage homeowners and property agents to only opt for those with experience and routinely follow the cleaning checklist for peace of mind. On top of that, professional post renovation cleaning teams can also tweak the tasks on the checklist to best match the actual renovation site needs and homeowners’ requests. For example, if the kitchen cabinets are still wrapped in plastic or not emptied,the team will inform the client the need to do so. Whilst waiting for the cabinets to be emptied by the client,the cleaning team can do other tasks first. Thereafter, the team will return to the task of cleaning kitchen cabinets.

With the advent of modern kitchen designs too, the cabinets may have integrated foldable tables and chairs, as well as kitchen appliances or dish racks. As such, an experienced post-renovation team will clarify with the owner too about the need to open up these to clean, or not.

3) Arrange the post renovation cleaning schedule not too early

Schedule your post-reno clean after all renovation works are done
Schedule your post-reno clean after all renovation works are done

Often, homeowners, tenants and property agents make the mistake of conducting a post reno clean even before the full renovation works are all completed.

As a result, after the cleaning, specks of dust begin flying around again. Upon moving in your new furniture, one may then start to regret the suboptimal arrangement of cleaning schedule. Hence, for best results, post-renovation cleaning should be conducted after ALL renovation tasks are finished. Yes, that means even the minor works like tightening screws, drilling small holes, painting and the like.

You should only conduct post renovation cleaning after all renovation works have been completed!

But, what if I am in a rush and need to move in ASAP?

Indeed, the MEIDE cleaning team has encountered such scenarios frequently.

You have just arrived from overseas, and need a place to stay immediately. The house is simply too dusty to even step in. Thus, left with no choice, you need to arrange a post renovation cleaning, despite the fact that minor reno works are still pending.

In fact, not all your furniture may be moved in yet and you will need to make further furnishings. Yes, we completely understand! The only way to best handle this is to understand that multiple rounds of cleaning will be required.

Hence, you can arrange for the first round of post renovation cleaning before moving in. Then, after you have bought and received your furniture, as well as have the outstanding final renovation tasks done, book another round of spring cleaning!

4) Ensure your renovation team does the chemical wash before post renovation cleaning too

Solve your post renovation worries with MEIDE Cleaning Team
Solve your post renovation worries with MEIDE Cleaning Team

More often than not, “post renovation” clean is mixed up with the “post renovation” chemical washing conducted by the ID (Interior Design) or Renovation guys.

From our experience, almost all renovation teams will include the “chemical wash” to remove excess and unwanted cement and dried paint. This is especially so for areas where tiling works, painting and heavy renovation has been done. For example, areas like the kitchen and toilet are often affected. By default, cleaning companies do not partake in this “chemical wash” as it is handled by the renovation team. If by chance you still require this chemical wash before your proper post renovation clean, extra fees will be incurred.

5) Double check the required cleaning tools

Cleaners will usually bring their own equipment for post renovation sessions
Cleaners will usually bring their own equipment for post renovation sessions

Post renovation cleaning usually involves reaching to the edges and corners to clean. From the kitchen baseboards to the ceiling fans, balcony curtain tracks to staircase closets, homeowners would want their house deeply cleaned!

Be sure to know your exact floor area, as well as highest ceiling height. This information will allow the cleaning team to prepare the appropriate tools and adequate supply of equipment for the manpower too.

Just so you understand, post renovation cleaning almost always involves at least 2 helpers and cleaners. Each helper should have their set of cleaning tools to clean effectively and efficiently!

For ceiling heights that are too high, the cleaning team needs to prepare ladders of the correct size. Sometimes, the area to clean is even higher than the standard HDB height of 2.6m. This is particularly true for condominiums, private houses and landed properties.

Hence, the workaround solution is for cleaners to use extendable dusters and tools. Otherwise, based on MOM’s Workplace Safety and Health guidelines, harnesses need to be worn and this process requires properly licensed workers present, which increases costs and prices of course.

More FAQs on Post Renovation Cleaning

We compile even more frequently asked questions here and the answers to them!

Will your cleaning team remove the plastic covers?

Find out how post renovation cleaning is done with MEIDE Services
Find out how post renovation cleaning is done with MEIDE Services

Yes, of course, but only after the cleaning has started and partially completed. We will usually assess the place beforehand. We do so via photos and videos when arranging the cleaning booking. However, when the cleaning team arrives on-site, they will again do their own evaluation. Usually, the team will clean the extremely dirty areas first, before proceeding to carefully remove the plastic covers used to protect other areas from renovation dust.

Our team will do their best to avoid shaking off dust and transferring the cement powder elsewhere. They will attempt to wrap up the plastic into a ball so as to minimize the cleaning needed. This is certainly a win-win situation because it saves time and energy for our cleaners too! Nonetheless, we seek your understanding that it is not 100% possible to do that all the time, and sometimes due to the circumstances or by human error, dust and spillage can still occur. Not to worry though, as the cleaners will take care of any such issues because the removal of plastic covers is only part of the cleaning process.

In exceptional cases, whereby the owner or client wants the cleaning team to KEEP the plastic covers in place and not touch or remove them, we would require the client to inform our team before the cleaning booking is made or confirmed (i.e. before payment is made). This is to ensure timely communication to the cleaners.

When can I book the post-renovation cleaning?

It is never too early to REQUEST for the post renovation cleaning. In fact it is best to plan as early as possible!

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However, please ensure that you book the date and time when all your renovation works have been completed! As we elucidated above, the best post renovation outcomes are achieved when there are no other painters, aircon guys or renovation workers moving around anymore in the residence.

At MEIDE Cleaning, we can handle your post renovation cleaning request any time, any day. However, our booking process is on a first come first served basis generally. This means we have to receive payment before we can confirm and book in your renovation cleaning schedule.

We seek your kind understanding. Unfortunately, we are unable to “soft book” or “tentatively book” for the time being due to a tight schedule. Why? This allows us to keep the deep cleaning prices much lower than market prices, as we ensure the cleaning schedule is tightly packed. With more bookings in, we can ensure the cleaners get adequate income and maintain the affordable and best prices for homeowners and customers!

How many helpers or cleaners will come?

All professional post renovation cleaning is always conducted with a team of cleaners. Even for studio units, we recommend at least 2 helpers.

At MEIDE Cleaning, the cleaning team will travel together as a team, to conduct the post-renovation cleaning all around Singapore, based on their schedule day-to-day. Hence, we will always allocate more than 1 helper for you.

However, we cannot specify the exact number of cleaners, or provide the names and details, because everyday, the manpower allocation may vary. For instance, helpers can fall sick, or be re-allocated to another team or job. Also, there are frequently last minute booking requests and thus the manpower will be adjusted to cope with these requests and based on the cleaning locations around Singapore too.

Can I get just 1 or 2 helpers since my apartment is very small?

As per above, it is not the routine procedure for only 1 helper. The minimum recommended is 2. Nonetheless, on a case by case basis, we may arrange this. Do contact our team to discuss the details of your require post-renovation clean!

Please also take note that even for “small units” (eg. < 500 sqft floor area), the cleaning requirements may be tedious especially for studio apartments or condominium units due to these:

  • Loft Design (high ceilings, mezzanines, > 1 storey, etc)
  • High Ceilings in Private Flats
  • Presence of Lift or Staircase
  • Intricate Designs (many built-in storage, appliance, designs)
  • Intricate Materials (expensive/special materials like marble will need delicate cleaning)
  • Lack of maintenance (unit may be very worn down if no regular cleaning was done)

If any of these is applicable, make sure to let us (the cleaning company) know during your booking request!

How long will the cleaning take?

It will take anywhere between 2 to 5 hours. This is the industry standard currently. We strive to make the duration standardized. This will allow the team to go for more cleaning jobs and thus maintain the economics of scale.

For bigger residences we allocate more manpower, for smaller ones less. Hence we can maintain the proper cleaning duration. It allows our cleaners to have proper rest and meals too.

For GCBs, and huge properties, we can allocate more than 1 session. Also, it may take the whole day to clean, or be spread over multiple days too. This is done on a case by case basis and do contact our team via WhatsApp to plan this!

Do I need to provide any cleaning equipment?

No, you do not need. Our post renovation cleaning teams will almost always bring their own set of cleaning tools.

Mostly, the prices quoted are inclusive of that. However, with other cleaning agencies, you might want to double clarify. For post-renovation cleaning, having the right tools is essential. From ladders, to vacuum cleaners, jet sprays, extendable poles and glass wipers, as well as the standard set of cleaning tools, these will allow the team to clean efficiently and effectively. Each team may have a slight variation to their set of tools. However, not to worry as these tools are basically catered towards completing the tasks on the cleaning checklist.

Since these tools are usually already with the cleaning team, and lodged with their designated vehicle, and often can be reused, it saves costs. As a result, you can expect much more economical prices from cleaning teams that do these, like us!

Post renovation cleaning can be fast and easy! Find your cleaners and cleaning without hassle with MEIDE today!