Post ORD Jobs

Looking for a job after ORD (Operationally Ready Date), or graduation? Are you finding for ORD jobs to fill up your time? Or, perhaps you want some extra cash to fund your next shopping spree?

Look no further than MEIDE.SG/career because we are offering $15 to $18 per hour for part time work! If you feel up to it, join us full-time too at $2,000 per month.

What are the jobs available for me after Army / ORD?

We offer a range of available positions, namely:

Why should I take up these jobs after my National Service?

If you have a knack for cleaning, housekeeping or babysitting, fill up the registration form right now by clicking the link / button above. Forget about wasting all that time researching on the internet for conventional, and over-subscribed jobs. Yes, we are talking about Grab Delivery jobs, Safe Distancing Ambassador positions, and Admin or F&B Retail Assistant jobs.

Well, not that we have anything against them, but as mentioned, they are simply oversubscribed and with so many people clamoring for them, chances are that you would either find it hard to apply and get the job, and end up with a less than desirable pay rate!

Find post ORD jobs with meide careers today!
Find post ORD jobs with meide careers today!

Even though there are many options at your beckoning post-ORD, many of them have unsuitable aspects. For example, full-time jobs may end up taking up all your time and leave you with little left for yourself. On the other hand, other short-term jobs may not pay as well, or serve little to help your resume.

Benefits of taking up post ORD Jobs with MEIDE

Now, you can achieve a good work-life balance, whilst polishing up your resume, and obtaining a high pay rate with these jobs available at MEIDE! Hence, make the best use of your time post ORD and join us today!

For example, do you want an opportunity to:

  1. Earn money (at high rates)?
  2. Experience a growing company with lessons on entrepreneurship and hands-on journey?
  3. Receive free and progressive training throughout your career journey?
  4. Continue to maintain a flexible work-life schedule to achieve your other dreams?
  5. Get started on all these, and more, with minimal hassle and administrative hurdles?

If you answered “yes” to any of these 5 questions, click HERE now!

Before we end, we want to say thank you for your time. We cherish every team member as part of the MEIDE community. Cannot wait for you to join our MEIDE family!

Oh yes, did we mention that you can rope in your friends and cousins too? We have many already working as a closely knitted team!

Join us now at as a home helper! Also, we have much more cleaning job opportunities at other locations in Singapore too – here!

What Job Is Available?

Job Title: Post ORD Part Time Job

Who Am I Working Under As A House Cleaner?

Hiring Organization: MEIDE.SG

Where Is The Job Location?

Job Location: Changi Green, Singapore

Any Specific Address For the House Cleaner Employment?

Address: 712 Upper Changi Rd E, Singapore 486842

When Can I Start To Apply?

Date Posted: 26 June 2021

How Much Is The Pay for June Holiday Jobs?

Base Salary: $15 per hour (on average)

Currency: Singapore Dollars

Value: $15 per hour (on average)

Estimated Salary: $15 to $18 per hour

What Do I Have To Do During My Work?


Basically cleaning of houses, and some offices, but you can choose whichever job you want. You can start anytime you want!

Earn quick bucks, high pay. Flexible work schedule.

We pay you within 3 days upon job completion. Straight into your bank account! Read on to learn more:

All equipment provided unless otherwise stated. We communicate mainly via WhatsApp and email! If you are keen to learn, able to do household chores, join us today!

You can work near your home, and take unlimited leave. We offer bonus pay too for good work performance!

If you are punctual, polite, and efficient, we want you! All male and female, regardless of race, ethnicity and age (within legal limits) welcomed!

Our team at MEIDE SG is always ready to receive you with open arms. You will love your job here at 🙂

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What Type of Employment Is This?

Employment Type: Part Time Employment

Is There A Deadline For Application?

Valid Through: 31 December 2021

How Do I Apply?

Application Contact Email: