Multi-Storey Residence and Landed Property Cleaning Services in Singapore

Many types of cleaning services are essential for maintaining the pristine condition of your home, whether you reside in a multi-storey residence or a landed property in Singapore. 

However, to ensure optimal results, it’s crucial to inform the cleaning company about specific details of your property.

Here’s why sharing information about various aspects of your home, including the floor plan, can facilitate a more efficient and thorough cleaning process, especially during post-renovation, post-tenancy, and spring cleaning.

1. Sharing the Floor Plan of Your Landed Property

Always send over your built up area and preferably floor plan for cleaning planning
Always send over your built up area and preferably floor plan for cleaning planning

To begin, always share your floor plan with cleaning companies when organizing cleaning for a big property.

Providing the cleaning company with a floor plan of your landed property or multi-storey residence is highly beneficial.

For starters, a floor plan gives the cleaning team a comprehensive understanding of the layout, including the number of rooms, toilets, powder rooms, kitchens, and the shape and orientation of other key areas. This enables them to plan their cleaning process more effectively, allocate resources efficiently, and ensure that no area is overlooked.

Besides, the floor plan will help them identify potential challenges, such as narrow corridors or uniquely shaped areas, as well as outdoor areas like balconies and porches. This allows them to verify the exact size so as to plan sufficient manpower and time. Of course it also ensures the team brings the necessary equipment and tools.

2. Built-Up Area (BUA) v.s. Land Area

When discussing cleaning needs with a service provider, it’s important to understand the difference between the built-up area (BUA) and the land area. The BUA refers to the total area covered by the building itself, including all floors and enclosed spaces, measured in square feet (sqft) or square meters (sqm). In contrast, the land area refers to the total plot of land on which the property is situated, including open spaces like gardens and driveways.

It’s crucial to note that a small land area can actually translate into a large built-up area if the property has multiple stories, staircases, or mezzanines. Clarifying these measurements helps the cleaning company estimate the time and resources needed for the job. For instance, a large BUA might require more cleaners and equipment to handle the extensive indoor spaces, while a large land area might need specialized tools for outdoor cleaning tasks.

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3. All Staircases

Third thing in our list: Staircases, including their railings, platforms and glass panels if any!

Yes, staircases in a landed property can accumulate dust and dirt quickly, especially in high-traffic areas.

Thus, please inform the cleaning company about the number and type of staircases (e.g., spiral, carpeted, wooden). This allows for planning for an appropriate number of cleaners and sets of tools. Long areas of carpets may require a more heavy-duty vacuum too.

Photographs are paramount to assess if a deeper cleaning solution like steam extraction is required for carpeted staircases.

Longer durations and more manpower are required for complicated designs like spiral staircases and those with in-built storage, shelves, or closets underneath the stairs.

Moreover, if there are many loose items on the railings or shelves and closets, these need extra effort to be re-organized and cleaned individually too, especially for spring cleaning services!

4. Lifts and Lift Landings

Cleaning the lift is a special type of cleaning itself from MEIDE Singapore
Cleaning the lift is a special type of cleaning itself from MEIDE Singapore

For multi-storey residences, lifts and lift landings are areas that see frequent use and can harbor germs and grime.

Thus, providing details about the size and type of lifts ensures that the cleaning team can allocate adequate time and resources to clean these thoroughly.

Particularly, when cleaning lift interiors and control panels, it requires careful handling to prevent electrical issues from occurring. On top of these, MEIDE Cleaning can arrange disinfection and special antibacterial coatings for your lifts and lift landings!

5. Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas such as patios, balconies, and porches in a landed property are exposed to the elements and can become dirty quickly.

When you inform a cleaning company, like MEIDE.SG, about these areas, we make sure to include outdoor cleaning products and tools during cleaning preparation.

This ensures that outdoor spaces are cleaned thoroughly, maintaining their appearance and usability. Commonly, removing construction dust and debris from these areas is required, particularly after renovation or moving.

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6. Floor, Wall and Ceiling Fixtures

Send us latest photographs of ceiling and wall fixtures like chandeliers for the best cleaning results
Send us latest photographs of ceiling and wall fixtures like chandeliers for the best cleaning results

Floor, wall and ceiling fixtures like chandeliers and paintings in a landed property require delicate handling and specialized cleaning methods. Moreover, this includes statues, large display or art objects, and ornaments.

Providing detailed information about these fixtures allows the cleaning team to use appropriate cleaning agents and techniques. This prevents damage to valuable or delicate items and ensures they are cleaned safely and effectively. Indeed, we don’t want a spring cleaning to prepare your house for guests to turn into a disaster!

7. Feature Walls

Feature walls, often made of unique materials or adorned with special decorations, can be focal points in a landed property.

Ever heard of horror stories of uniquely decorated home features getting tarnished by cleaners? We certainly don’t want this!

Therefore, informing the cleaning company about the materials and specific cleaning requirements for these walls helps ensure they are treated correctly.

Take note! This attention to detail preserves the aesthetic and integrity of your feature walls. This is particularly important during post-renovation and spring cleaning when new finishes or decorations might need special care.

8. Water Features

Highlight and show photos of your water features like pools and fountains for landed property post tenancy clean
Highlight and show photos of your water features like pools and fountains for landed property post tenancy clean

Water features like pools, ponds, and fountains in a landed property require regular maintenance to remain clean and functional.

Unsurprisingly, providing details about these features, including their size and any specific maintenance needs, is crucial.

It enables the cleaning and maintenance company to plan accordingly. They can bring the necessary manpower, equipment and allocate sufficient time for thorough cleaning and maintenance.

Especially during post-tenancy cleaning, professional cleaning of these features ensures they are ready for new tenants or owners.

9. Max Ceiling Height of Landed Property

Knowing the maximum ceiling height in your landed property helps the cleaning company determine whether special equipment, such as ladders or extendable cleaning tools, is needed.

If cleaning workers are mandated to climb above 3 meters, such as via a ladder, if is in the government workplace safety regulation to ensure they have proper safety equipment such as certified harnesses and ropes, etc.

At MEIDE.SG we take workplace safety very seriously so as to ensure the welfare and well-being of workers!

For the client, this also helps give a peace of mind to avoid messy situations like having to make police reports, attend insurance and legal sessions, and unnecessary paperwork from accidents.

During cleaning, knowing the maximum ceiling height ensures that even hard-to-reach areas are cleaned effectively, maintaining the overall cleanliness and appearance of your home. Notably, overly high ceilings can be particularly challenging during spring, post-renovation and moving out / in cleaning.

Conclusion About Landed Property Cleaning

Always share comprehensive details about the various aspects of your multi-storey residence or landed property, including sharing the floor plan and the exact built-up area, when arranging a landed property clean!

By doing so, the cleaning company can tailor their services to meet your specific needs. 

Also, this ensures a thorough, efficient, and effective cleaning process, maintaining the beauty and functionality of your home.

Remember, when engaging a cleaning service in Singapore, such clear communication about your landed property or multi-storey residence is essential to maximize your cleaning results, especially during post-renovation, post-tenancy, and spring cleaning.

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