How to clean FAST and FURIOUS

How to clean FAST and furious – by MEIDE SG

Just as we are passionate about serving you, we are dedicated towards making your time efficient and effective. Many customers and cleaners have this question in their heads, but hesitate to ask. So here, we present to you not just the question, but the answer to: how to clean fast! Based on our experience, here are 4 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Cleaning FAST and FURIOUS!

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How to Clean Fast and Furious in 4 Steps

Step 1: Prepare your Cleaning Tools

Position your tools and equipment handy, in close proximity. For example, your broom should be at “grabbing-level” – not stuffed somewhere in the corner or behind a table or refrigerator! Mops, buckets, cloths and cleaning solutions should be all placed in an area where the dirt drops the most, such as the kitchen or toilet. Place “dry cleaning” tools such as the 3M Magiclean and dry wipes at the entrance of your bedroom, and hang vacuum at the entrance of your cupboard to suck away all hair, dust and food crumbs! Our favourite include using the 3M Hook where all your cleaning tools can simply be hung on the wall and easily reachable and replaceable.

Step 2: Make it a Habit to Clean!

No specific cleaning regimes are required! Shocking, but yes. The more regimental you get about cleaning, the more dreadful it seems (well, that spells good for us though), and the less likely that you would even want to clean up your place! Instead, do your cleaning ad-hoc. Just before leaving your house for work, or upon arriving home after work, spend the first few minutes just tidying up what appears to be a nuisance to your eyes! A little everyday goes a long way. And if you have a partner or more (oops) at home, everybody chipping in would make cleaning more effortless and less of a chore!

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Step 3: Diligence and Dedication Makes Cleaning Successful

Keep your home clean. At the end of the day, no one likes dirtiness. Minimize trash, and use recyclables. Be careful when eating at home – and try as much as possible to restrict all eating and drinking to just 1 location. Use mats, use easy-to-wash covers, rugs, curtains. Buy clothing that tend not to crumple easily (check out G2000 clothing!) – that reduces ironing time by a huge chunk! Avoid flicking your dirt (who knows from where), hair and nails everywhere – that is really a pain to clean.

Step 4: The Shortcut to Cleaning Effectively

We could go on all day about a 100 more ways to keep your house clean. But really, why do that when you can solve all your worries with just one click? *HINT*