How To Clean Bathroom Mirrors and Vanity Area

In this part of our series of articles on toilet cleaning, we focus on how to clean bathroom mirrors, and the vanity area.

Toilet Vanity Area Cleaning
Toilet Vanity Area Cleaning Is Tougher Than It Looks

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How To Clean:

  1. The Toilet Bowl
  2. The Shower Area
  3. Toilet Sink Area
  4. Toilet Windows, Ledges, Blinds
  5. Bathroom Floor Tiles
  6. Shower Glass
  7. Shower Curtains
  8. The Bathtub
  9. Shower Drain + Unclog It
  10. Bathroom Walls
  11. Bathroom Light Fixtures and Doors
  12. Bathroom Cabinets, Shelves and Fixtures
  13. Bathroom Mirror and Vanity Area
  14. Bathroom Faucets and Taps
  15. Sink Traps / Bottle Traps

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How to clean bathroom mirrors and vanity area!
How to clean bathroom mirrors and vanity area!

What is the Bathroom Vanity Area? (since we all know what is a bathroom mirror)

First up, what is the vanity area? Many house owners have the misconception that cleaning the washroom is a simple deal. Well, it certainly can be a momentous task. “Cleaning the toilet sink and mirror” often entails more than just that. This is because the toilet sink and mirror usually comes with a set of cabinets and shelves. The combination of these fittings altogether is called the toilet vanity area. This is the area where one can apply their make-up, brush their teeth, or shave their moustaches, and so on. Now, you get it!

Next, bathroom mirrors need no further introduction. However, bear in mind that mirrors are a mainstay necessity for the toilet! Unfortunately or not, they are the victims of many stains, smudges and fingerprints. Therefore, this article will target the culprits specifically. Learn how to clean bathroom mirrors and vanity area without further ado.

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Gather all your tools to clean the bathroom mirrors and vanity area. We list them here for your easy reference!

Cleaning Equipment

  1. Basket To Contain Vanity Area Items
  2. Pail to Contain Clean Water
  3. Microfibre Cloths (3-5 pieces)
  4. Duster / Cleaning Brushes
  5. Lint or Stick Rollers
  6. Toothbrush
  7. Vacuum Cleaner
  8. Standing stool or ladder (with rubber pads)
  9. Squeegee
  10. Crushed Newspaper

Cleaning Supplies

  1. Disinfectant (eg. Dettol) or Dish Soap
  2. Alcohol Wipes
  3. Glass Cleaning Liquid


Cleaning Bathroom Vanity and Mirrors Is Tiring
Cleaning Bathroom Vanity and Mirrors May Be Tiring


To start off, ensure that your vanity set is cleared up! It is extremely difficult to properly clean the vanity area, including shelves and cabinets, when it is crowded with toiletries and bottles. Prepare a clean cloth soaked in a small pail of clean water. Do a thorough wipe down of each accessory as you remove them from the vanity. Place all your accessories and bottles into a separate basket. Then, if you could, place the basket containing all the items under the sun to dry up any dampness and eliminate mold and odor.


Next, brush and clean away debris from your vanity area. Frequent encounters of these debris are hair strands, powder, and dust. MEIDE recommends these useful cleaning tools: feather duster, lint rollers / stick rollers, used toothbrushes, vacuum cleaner, and miscellaneous cleaning brushes. Use any of these that would be appropriate for the design of your vanity area.


Finally, begin your wipe down. If you’d like, add a few drops of disinfecting soap (eg. Dettol or Dishwashing Liquid) to the pail of water. Dip your cloth into the pail of water and wring it. Ensure the cloth is damp but not dripping wet. Then, proceed to use it to wipe down all surfaces of the vanity area.

Do not neglect the underneath surfaces, corners, and upper surfaces of cabinets and shelves. Ensure that your cloth is not too soaked or wet. This will prevent moisture from damaging porous materials and fine wood – if your vanity area is made of that. A good alternative is by using alcohol wipes instead. Read on for details on how to clean the cabinets and shelves!


Before cleaning the mirror, be sure to wipe down the edges and holders first. You may use either a clean damp cloth, or alcohol wipes. This may leave smudges on the side of the mirror. Hence, do this step first.

Once you are done with that, spray the entire mirror with special glass cleaning liquid. We recommend using just that, and only that. Any other alternatives may risk your mirror being less shiny and reflective at the end of the cleaning. Then, wipe the glass cleaning detergent off without any water. Use a glass wiper (Squeegee), microfibre cloth, or crushed newspaper. Wipe down in one direction only. Or, you could wipe in a circular fashion from the middle outwards. 

If your glass or mirror surfaces are huge, do prepare a standing stool. Split your surface into multiple areas and work on each area, one at a time. By the way, the method for bathroom mirror cleaning is similar to window cleaning!

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