How to Book A Cleaning With MEIDE

Latest Update on HOW TO book a cleaning with MEIDE:

We have summarized this article further into just 5 SUCCINCT STEPS!

How to book a cleaning with MEIDE Singapore
How to book a cleaning with MEIDE Singapore

Still, if you’d like to know the details, let’s start!

In this blog article, we explain in detail regarding how to book a cleaning with MEIDE. To jump straight to the steps, click the outline below:

  1. Contact MEIDE
  2. Know Your Requirements Before You Book A Cleaning
  3. Allow MEIDE to Check Schedule Availability
  4. Confirm Your Appointment
  5. Make Payment
  6. Await the Confirmation From MEIDE
  7. Sit Back & Enjoy the Cleaning Done for You!

Brief Note on Booking A Cleaning

Although our company has been doing this for years, we have finally thought it prudent to publish a post on this for a simple reason. There are numerous customers and clients who are unsure of the exact steps to book a cleaning with MEIDE. In fact, it is super simple to book a cleaning with MEIDE. All it takes is 3 short steps:

3 Steps To Book Cleaning With MEIDE
3 Steps To Book Cleaning With MEIDE

(A) Know Your Cleaning Requirements > (B) Contact Us > (C) Finalise Booking!

Yes, it is as easy as ABC! Once finalised, you may sit back, relax, and enjoy your precious time with your family whilst MEIDE handles all the work!

Home cleaning can be fast and easy! Find your cleaners and part time maids without hassle with MEIDE today!

1. Contact Us at MEIDE.SG

You may contact us at MEIDE.SG to book a cleaning anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our website and communication channels are always open and available for you! Yes, you can simply drop us a WhatsApp message or Facebook message. At MEIDE, we strive to answer your enquiries (where appropriate) within 24 hours or even earlier, but we seek your kind understanding and patience if we are slower due to high volume of incoming enquiries at certain times (especially peak periods).

For ease of communication, we strongly recommend your first line of choice to be our website (online booking) for bookings and reservations of cleaning. In addition, for other general enquiries, we recommend your first line to be either email or WhatsApp. Here is a list of all MEIDE available communication channels!

  1. Website:
  2. WhatsApp +65 8595 8579 (also available on our website!)
  3. Google:
  4. Facebook:
  5. Twitter:
  6. Instagram:
  7. Youtube:

Wait no more, for this means part time maids and cleaning services at your fingertips!

contact meide through our social media channels
MEIDE Cleaning And Part Time Maids: Yes we are on FB, Insta, Twitter and more!

2. Know Your Requirements Before You Book A Cleaning

The reason why this is second now, is the same important reason why we are writing this blog article. There are many, and increasing numbers of, clients who are not entirely sure of their cleaning requirements.

This means that at first touch, our relationship managers and coordinators spend a huge chunk of time to sort cleaning requirements out first. This is a very crucial step because without knowing the exact requirements, it is extremely difficult to proceed with further steps. Moreover, without knowing your cleaning requirements, it is often inaccurate and unadvisable to give price estimates, quotes or promises regarding the cleaning. Thankfully, MEIDE.SG now offers many resources to help homeowners formulate their requirements!

To keep things sweet and simple, simply fill in this form. It combines both elements of “cleaning details/requirements” and “cleaning booking”. We highly recommend this mode of booking. 🙂

For customers and homeowners who still require help, do check out this page that helps you answer these 3 vital questions:

What can be done during cleaning? What should be done? Which tasks do you desire to be done?

If you have found this useful, do also read more detailed cleaning articles on our blog HERE!

3. Allow MEIDE to Check Schedule Availability

Some customers request to check whether a certain date or timing is available for them. For example, “Can I book a cleaning on DD/MM/YYYY?”, “Can I book a cleaning coming Wed?”. Additionally, there are questions like “Are you cleaners male or female? Race? Ethnicity?” and so on. Unfortunately, we cannot answer these questions confidently without first knowing your cleaning details (see Step 2 above).

This is because our bookings follow a schedule, and our helpers’ availability also depends on the cleaning duration, cleaning address, and other requirements. We always ask from the onset if you have any restrictions and pets at home. Also, we have a huge pool of helpers. We have both male and female, and all of different ages and races. If there are no restrictions, it means you are okay with either male or female helper. It means that you are okay with all ethnicities and nationalities.

One common question (“Are your cleaners local?”) that we can answer here is – we have a huge pool of cleaners and it consists of both locals and non-locals! Kindly let us know your preferences so we can find the right fit for you. Actually, we can cater for specifically Mandarin-speaking, Melayu-speaking, and Tamil-speaking cleaners. However, by default, all our cleaners and helpers communicate in English.

Rest assured that all our cleaners, regardless of gender, race, nationality, and other personal attributes, are all vetted and qualified to clean your house! Once we have obtained all your requirements and details on cleaning, kindly give us some time to check the schedule. After that, we would go to the fourth step to offer you a confirmation.

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4. Confirm Your Desired Appointment to Book A Cleaning

This step can be tricky. When MEIDE offers you a confirmation, it does not mean your cleaning session is confirmed. Let us explain. When MEIDE offers you a confirmation, it means that based on all your stated cleaning requirements and details, we have available helper(s) for you! However, this availability is constantly changing. The reason is because we handle multiple customers’ requests simultaneously. We can only double check and confirm the cleaning session, after payment is received on our end.

Although we understand the reasons some clients insist on not making payment beforehand, we are unable to accede to such requests. This is because our company has faced the problem many times whereby our client books cleaning session(s), promises to pay, but then postpone or changes, or even cancels after that. This results in our company making losses.It also results in our cleaners being booked for the cleaning session and sacrificing and letting go of other bookings. These other bookings are where they could have earned for their living. Hence, as much as we would like to satisfy clients’ requests, we also have to protect the interests of our helpers. To know more about our work on how we always maintain good relations with both cleaners and clients, read here!

5. Make Payment

As of date, we accept a few modes of payment when you book a cleaning with MEIDE. Firstly, via internet banking through FAST transfer. Secondly, via POSB or DBS PayLah!. [UPDATE 2022: Now we also accept payments via PayNow ] We do not accept cash, NETS, cheque, or any other modes. We are unable to send your any payment details if the above steps 1-4 are not yet completed. The good news is that our acceptable forms of payments are very easy to use! They are also instantaneous and secure.

book meide cleaning easily online
Book and Pay Securely Online for Your Part Time Maids

6. Await the Confirmation From MEIDE

We would send you confirmation on your booking in 3 aspects. First, confirmation that your payment is received. Second, confirmation that your cleaning session is confirmed. Third, if requested, we may send you further details for your cleaning sessions.

You can make payment anytime. However, kindly note that the cleaning session can only be confirmed after payment is received on our end, and we have double checked to confirm that the proposed cleaning slot is still available! To avoid any hiccups here, we recommend making the payment as soon as possible to lock in your appointments and available cleaning slots! For the same reason, we encourage clients to make payment for their regular weekly cleaning in one go, so that we can lock in their slots every week. It also save you the trouble of always having to login to your Payment Apps and websites!

Regarding the third aspect, these details may contain personal or contact information on your helper. Hence, if you require certain details on the cleaners (eg. age, gender, nationality, etc), we seek your understanding that this is only possible at this juncture. Additionally, due to PDPA and privacy policies, we may not be able to reveal all details (eg. we can only say age 30+ Chinese Female Cleaner).

7. Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Cleaning Done for You!

Thank you for reading all the way here! We sincerely appreciate your time and patience to understand the reasons for our booking process. To learn about our Frequently Asked Questions at MEIDE Services, click here. However, if you have really a short of time, it is as easy as ABC to book a cleaning with MEIDE:

(A) Know Your Cleaning Requirements > (B) Contact Us > (C) Finalise Booking!

In Step (A), read all about it here!

In Step (B), when you contact us, we would settle for you the nifty bits (Steps 2-5 above). At the final step, read about it here at Step 6. So, after that, all you really need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy!

Your time can be better spent with your loved ones! Let us do the home cleaning. Free up your time by finding a part time maid with MEIDE today!