Celebrating National Day 2021 With 6 Unsung Heroes in Singapore

Come 9 August, 2021, MEIDE wants to celebrate and appreciate our National Day heroes!

Thus, this post is really a dedication of gratitude and admiration for the heroes of Singapore. Be it frontline healthcare workers, nurses, cleaners, teachers, bus drivers, front desk staff, or construction workers, you have our hats off to you.

MEIDE Wishes All A Safe And Healthy National Day 2021
MEIDE Wishes All A Safe And Healthy National Day 2021!

Why Celebrate These People on National Day?

Sometimes, our heroes emerge without us knowing at all. Too often, we take them for granted.

For instance, have you realized how Singapore has grabbed and maintained our coveted awards of Best Airport Award over past many years? These would not have been possible without the hard work of Changi Airport’s Staff toiling day and night, including the janitors, security staff, and maintenance personnel!

Yet, how often have we expressed our thanks to them whenever we encounter these essential workers?

Do you realize why our helix bridge shines so beautifully? Every single small LED light plays its role. No role is too small!
Do you realize why our helix bridge shines so beautifully? Every single small LED light plays its role. No role is too small!

All said and done, it is never too late to reflect and realize that there are more unsung heroes in our lives and nation, than we might have imagined.

Hence, what could be a better occasion, than the coming National Day season, to laud and celebrate the effort of these unsung heroes? From hence on, to express our respects to them, we will regard them as our “National Day heroes”!

Disclaimer: our article tries its best to show gratitude to all the “National Day heroes”, but our list and information is definitely non-exhaustive. If you do find something lacking, feel free to comment, tag us, or send us messages at our Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Instagram or Twitter!

1. Healthcare Workers

A massive, big thank you goes out to healthcare workers. Of course, this includes doctors, dentists, nurses, medical and clinic assistants, allied healthcare workers, ambulance drivers and personnel, pharmacists, research staff, administrative staff, and even the contact tracers and housekeepers!

With the ravage of COVID-19, it is even more essential that everyone shows support for the healthcare workers, as the healthcare system is currently the frontline support holding countries up. Yes, in these times, we could reckon ourselves to be at “war” with the unseen, hidden enemy of COVID-19. As such, we really need the strength and resilience of healthcare workers to lead us in this fight!

That said, even before/after a pandemic, healthcare workers have, and always will, play pivotal parts in our society. Whenever we get sick, or need comfort from our ailments, we always end up turning to them.

This August, MEIDE Singapore is genuinely thankful for all the sweat, blood and tears of our healthcare workers in Singapore. You are our “National Day Heroes”!

2. Cleaners

Next, a shout-out to all cleaning staff, janitors, housekeepers, and home and office helpers! Did you know? Singapore is only as clean and green as its people and cleaners are.

The cleaning industry is changing, and a greater emphasis on hygiene and sanitization is now present in the world, due to the pandemic.

Thus, the work done by cleaners has became more essential and important. Moreover, knowledge of cleanliness, and the proper use of sanitization tools and techniques is now highly sought after! (Plug by MEIDE: you can learn from us at our training program designed for helpers and cleaners – simply hit us up via EMAIL or WHATSAPP [button below]!)

Understandably so, being a cleaner in Singapore may not be a straightforward or simple job. The difficulties faced by cleaners are multi-fold. From dealing with negative vibes exuded from our “elitist culture” against cleaners, to the tedious labor needed for each task, our cleaners in Singapore are warriors fighting against these day in and day out.

Do not forget to say thank you to all our cleaners for hard work!
Do not forget to say thank you to all our cleaners for hard work!

In short, MEIDE feels (albeit from a biased position) that our cleaners truly deserve the number one spot of being our National Day heroes! Thank you!

3. Teachers

Moving on, how could we forget the crucial roles of our educators? From university lecturers, to secondary school teachers, and childcare and infant care educators, and even babysitters, we owe all of them a big bouquet of flowers to express our thanks!

Simply, the amount of thanks everyone could give to our teachers is infinite. Think for example, how could a family without relatives, grandparents, or a maid cope with their children, especially if both parents are working? It is even more commonplace nowadays with family members and relatives estranged from one another due to the pandemic limiting travelling. Therefore, this is where the importance of our infant, baby and child care educators comes in.

Furthermore, it has became increasingly vital for the young to glean knowledge and skills to help them adapt and survive in today’s world. This is not just due to the pandemic that is rapidly changing situations around us, but also amidst fierce technological advances and global climate changes. Our children would live in a world that is very much different than what we live in now. As such, teachers are mounted with pressure all the time to ensure our kids cope well – both academically, physically and mentally!

All in all, the teachers around us are aplenty, but never should we undermine their significance and crucial roles. All hail our teachers – for you are not just our National Day heroes, but also the guardian angels of the future of our nation!

4. Transport Staff

Are you reading this on the train? Or perhaps whilst commuting to school or work on the bus?

If so, grab this chance to thank you National Day Heroes of our daily lives – the transport staff who help us get to our destinations safely and reliably.

Indeed, whether we are in phase 1, 2 or 3, our transport staff in Singapore never stopped working.

So, other than bus drivers, and train operators, we have to also thank our taxi drivers, traffic police, and ride-hailing providers. They make the road and rails secure and operational for all of us. And alongside these people, how could we miss the Grab Delivery and Foodpanda riders? They too have somehow became part and parcel of our essentials in life, whilst we find means to live within our virus-stricken world.

These unsung heroes ought to have the spotlight on them this National Day for being so steadfast in supporting our country!

5. Renovation and Construction Workers

Additionally, we must not forget this group of really essential workers. Without them, us in Singapore would hardly have a comfortable and working place we call home.

Just think, when you turn on the tap, water flows. And when you flip the switch, the lights come on. For some fortunate ones, press a button and cooling breezes from your air-conditioner just feel so “shiok”! Yet, all these would not have been possible if not for our trusty electricians, plumber, and handy-mans! Furthermore, do you remember the guy who came to repair your broken stuffs, service your aircon, and change the light-bulb?

Also, perhaps many residents would not have realized, but even the tiles in our house’s floors and walls, as well as the colors of our surrounding structures were not created by themselves. We have the hours and hours of toiling by dear tilers, painters, and construction workers to thank for those!

This National Day, MEIDE.SG dedicates our post of gratitude towards all these under-appreciated individuals. We hope that this would start to raise awareness and promote a culture of gratefulness and kindness amongst all of us.

MEIDE Thanks Our Painters, Tilers, and Renovation Workers!
MEIDE Thanks Our Painters, Tilers, and Renovation Workers!

6. Security Personnel

Huge thank you to our security personnel in Singapore! Now, we know our army / military in Singapore has done so omuch for us! However, with much praise and recognition already present for them, MEIDE.SG is instead focusing on “non-military” security personnel here.

Yes, we are talking about Police Officers, Auxiliary Officers, Prison Officers, Fireman, Security Guards, and more. These beings are so important that we would not feel safe sleeping at night without them.

Indeed, these persons work shifts to cover our security needs around the clock, 24/7, and this is no easy feat. Often, we take these heroes for granted and may even have neglected their well-beings! Hence, this coming National Day, let us seize the chance to show gratitude and warmth to them!

Thank you Sirs and Madams! The next time we may pass by any of them, be sure to show a smile and act of appreciation for them!

And More National Day Heroes

As we hear from you, we will list down more and more of the heroes in our everyday lives, whom we have always under-appreciated, and whom we now want to recognize as unsung heroes:

  • Trash Collectors and Rubbish Disposal Personnel. Thank you for keeping Singapore clean, bringing all our trash to incinerators, recycling areas, and more. Your work is nothing short of honorable and deeply admired!
Immense Gratitude Is Owed To Our Trash Collectors in Singapore!
Immense Gratitude Is Owed To Our Trash Collectors in Singapore!

  • Post and Delivery Personnel. Thank you for helping getting our endearing handwritten notes, and gifts across the island and sea to our loved ones!
  • News / Media Reporters. If not for you, we would not be able to stay abreast of the constantly changing world and country situation and make more informed choices!
  • Staff of Registry of Marriages, Family Service Centers, Shelters, Homes and Other Community Services that help protect our society. You are the baton of light and hope for many around us, and definitely a hero in your own right!

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