How To Be A Good Part Time Maid / Helper

In this blog, we will teach you how to be a good part time maid / helper. To make things simple, follow these 5 habits below:

  1. Be Responsive
  2. Be Responsible
  3. Be Punctual
  4. Be Pro-active
  5. Be Polite

You can remember these 5 important habits to be a good part time helper as : R, R, P, P, P – or simply R R P 3 (MEIDE.SG) TM ! By knowing these 5 qualities, it would bring you very close towards becoming the perfect home helper!

Responsive Part Time Maid and Cleaning Services at MEIDE
Good Part Time Maids Respond To Messages Swiftly!

The reason we promote this R R P 3 (MEIDE.SG) TM is based from our years of experience of handling both helpers and customers. Rest assured that our recommendations come from hard evidence. Multiple customers have given 5-star cleaner reviews and lauding praises for our helpers who exhibit these qualities R R P 3 (MEIDE.SG) TM! In fact, these are also the part time maids who earn the most pay (read: $$$) and have stayed with our team MEIDE for the longest time period. Therefore, we are extremely earnest to teach all helper wannabes to learn and grow this attribute (R R P 3 (MEIDE.SG) TM). Read on to learn and practise this first-hand!

Are you up to the mark? Exhibiting the 5 important habits of RRP3 (MEIDE.SG) TM already? Then wait no more and join our team!

Be Responsive As A Helper

Firstly, ensure that you reply to messages from relevant parties fast! Whether it is the cleaning coordinator, supervisor, homeowner, customer, or perhaps you fellow team cleaner, prompt replies get things moving. It can be frustrating when one party is trying to firm up the details of cleaning, and the other lags the communication process.

That said, it is of course understandable that one is not 24/7 by the phone. As a rule of thumb, at MEIDE, we recommend replying to messages or calls within 24 hours. A special scenario is when a cleaning job is due urgently. It is crucial, that as a cleaner, you are aware of upcoming urgent jobs. By being aware, you would know that sometimes, a faster response within minutes is highly important to get the cleaning all organised and done! Everyone appreciates the value of responsiveness!

Be A Responsible Part Time Maid

Secondly, responsibility is crucial. Right from the very start, ensure that you stay accountable for things you do. This includes providing accurate (and not fake) personal information during your employment and registration process. This is important to ensure the right information is conveyed to clients and agencies. Rectification of wrong details later on is often bothersome and frowned upon. It reflects a lack of attention to detail too. (another important attribute not mentioned specifically here!)

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Thereafter, it is your responsibility to ensure your keep a good record of your cleaning jobs. This means that you should not take up a cleaning job, only to make changes to it later on. Do not postpone, shift the timing, or worse, cancel cleaning jobs after booking it! As a service provider, you should lock in an appointment within your schedule, once you have taken up or reserved any cleaning jobs. A frequent mistake is made when part time maids overbook their schedule. This results in a clash of multiple jobs, or inadequate transport time being catered for.

What Makes A Good Part Time Maid
Good Part Time Maids (at MEIDE) are Punctual

Another big no-no is forgetting or confusing the details of cleaning sessions booked. Such instances reflect bad attitude and irresponsibility. As cleaning supervisors, coordinators and homeowners take time to arrange and schedule cleaning sessions, a good part time maid should always stay responsible for attending to the cleaning scheduled. A good tip is to ensure you have the right details written down in your own records: cleaning date, start time, end time, exact address, logistics prepared, and instructions (given pre-cleaning) understood and noted down.

Punctuality Is Key

Along the same vein, punctuality is key. As mentioned, homeowners have specially and deliberately arrange cleaning sessions for a fixed timing. This means a specific start and end time. A good part time maid is punctual for appointments including cleaning sessions! Even though many clients would assume punctuality as a given, MEIDE.SG has specially mentioned it here because we do not take things for granted. In fact, at MEIDE.SG, we offer bonus payments for punctuality. Part time helpers who are on time for their cleaning jobs are paid a higher salary!

In order to be punctual consistently, here are two tips. One, use Google Maps to always plan your route beforehand. Know which bus or MRT to take, and familiarise yourself with the address (Google Street View is a enormous boon here), so you do not get lost! Two, if you are unsure still, ask for details before hand. At private condominiums, cleaners may need to register with the guardhouse first. This would take up time too. Where appropriate, MEIDE.SG may provide the contact numbers of each party, so that clients can contact the cleaner directly, and vice versa. This ensures a smooth communication process to facilitate the cleaning session and punctuality.

A Good Part Time Maid Is Pro-Active

Fourthly, as you might have realised, being a part time maid involves several processes. There is a huge emphasis on good communication too. This is because MEIDE believes in reaching the objectives of both clients and cleaners. (read more about what exactly does MEIDE do in our daily work!) During the booking process for cleaning jobs, there may be specific requests from both clients and cleaners. For instance, a client may request for ironing of clothing. Whereas a part time maid may request to avoid cleaning corners that are high and hard to reach. Some helpers may be of age and find it taxing on the knees and joints to climb onto platforms or ladders. To match the right helper with the right home owner, all these requests need to be taken into account.

Are you up to the mark? Exhibiting the 5 important habits of RRP3 (MEIDE.SG) TM already? Then wait no more and join our team!

Pro-activeness means taking the initiative to clarify details, whenever necessary. Although we lay out the basic workflow for part time helpers to follow as a guide, a good part time helper would still ask the owner if they require additional tasks to be done. Furthermore, an exemplary part time helper may ask (not in excess, of course) if a certain method of cleaning is preferred for each home owner. Some owners may wish for bedsheets to be changed first, whilst some may prefer floor to be swept first. Focus on the priorities of your customer, coupled with pro-activeness, and you are on your way to raving cleaning reviews!

Polite and Efficient Part Time Maids
Smile and Be Polite, just like Part Time Maids with MEIDE.SG

Politeness Goes A Long Way

Finally, part time maids often overlook the fine behaviour of courtesy. A good part time maid would always remember to add “please” and “thank you” to their sentences. Whilst some may find it bothersome or even irritating to say it, do not forget that the receiving end is always delighted to hear such courtesy. Furthermore, at the point of cleaning, some home owners may be already vexed. This is understandable because who would not be having a headache when faced with a messy house? Plus, moving out and handing over a unit, post-tenancy, can be a huge chore for many. The pure act of being polite and friendly goes a long way to making the whole cleaning process enjoyable and fulfilling!

Are You A Good Part Time Maid?

Great work on reaching the end of our teaching article! Are you ready to display the R R P 3 (MEIDE.SG) TM qualities? Join us at MEIDE.SG and show us and homeowners your amazing attributes!

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We are certain that these qualities of R R P 3 (MEIDE.SG) TM would go a long way in improving not just cleaning standards, but the overall personal growth of our part time helpers.

Are you up to the mark? Exhibiting the 5 important habits of RRP3 (MEIDE.SG) TM already? Then wait no more and join our team!