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A Simple Rationale for Working Part Time

If you are staying in Singapore, you would know times are hard. This is especially so for odd job workers, blue collared labourers, and the unemployed. With a rising income gap, there are many low to middle income Singaporean households who suffer from insufficient income. They are unable to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and often lack enough savings to prepare for rainy days. Even with a regular job, many individuals still need to find supplemental income via part time jobs for financial stability. So with the festive season so close around the corner (School Holidays, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year), let us at MEIDE.SG give you a generous present right here right now:

how to find for best part time jobs
“Teach a man to fish, and he will not starve forever!” – Knowing Where To Find Part Time Jobs Is Very Important! Find out here at MEIDE.SG!

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2 Reasons for This Part Time Job Search Guide

It is difficult to find a part time job with high pay. At MEIDE.SG, we understand this situation first-hand. Our founders come from financially strapped backgrounds. This has spurred our company’s mission and vision to always work with sincerity, hard work and dedication. We understand that “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. This is why we always encourage part time maids and helpers to never give up upgrading their skills. Through learning and improving, part time workers can command a high rate of salary too!

Salary payments for part time jobs can be irregular and unreliable. We know many companies who do not pay their workers. Sadly, many of these are unreliable agencies in our cleaning and household needs industry. However, MEIDE.SG seeks to fill this problem. In the course of our work, our team always maintains close relationships with both cleaners and customers. We discuss and understand the economic constraints of both sides. It is our regular job to facilitate the negotiation and strike the deal for helpers and clients. In doing so, we can achieve both a satisfactory payment contract for our helpers, whilst providing very affordable and high quality cleaning for our clients!

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MEIDE.SG Understands the Difficulty of Finding Part Time Jobs

It is through our thorough understanding of Singapore’s job market, that motivates us to hope to provide further help to cleaners and part time workers here. In addition to improving skills, it is imperative for job seekers to know the best places to find for jobs too. Whether you are a student, fresh graduate, housewife or part timer, we are sure that this guide would greatly benefit you in the quest for finding for part time jobs in Singapore.

20 Best Places to Find Part Time Jobs in Singapore

Facebook Groups

With the advent and rapid rise of Facebook.com, it is no wonder that Facebook groups have become the number one go-to for many needs. Of course, many job seekers and employers depend heavily on Facebook Groups. Given that most of us already have a Facebook account, you can save the hassle of creating another account just for searching for a part time job. This means one less username and password to remember – woohoo!

If you are ready to dive deep and search painstakingly through all the posts and information available, there is no doubt one would find their suitable part time work on Facebook! However, beware of numerous fake postings and scams on the facebook groups at this point of writing.


This job search portal ranks very highly on our guide. It has a simplistic and easy-to-use layout for even the non-tech-savvy audience. Most importantly, it is free of charge (at the point of writing)! It would be linked to your email account to allow you to receive timely notifications. As such, you do not need to keep on logging in to manually check for updates on your job application statuses.

With its international presence and abundance of job listings availability, one can find part time work fast and simple. Compared to Facebook, it is more regulated and contains much lower percentage of scams and inappropriate content. One downside, but a relatively small one, is that you need to create an account before being able to access its full services. Despite it being less popular than Facebook Groups at this moment, our team at MEIDE.SG believes it would soon grow bigger to capture even more audiences.


Very similar to Indeed.com, JobsDB is an international online jobs portal with relatively uncomplicated design and functionality. It has quite a high profile in Singapore too. Businesses can post their job listings after signing up with an account. Similarly, job applicants can also apply for desired positions on the portal. An added benefit is that JobsDB design easily allows interested job applicants to apply for the job via multiple channels! This means that even if you only had 1 mode of communication (eg. email), you can apply for the job.

In comparison with other online portals, JobsDB does not restrict or censor out emails, handphone numbers, websites or external links. This is a boon for attracting even more listings and widening the job market and pool of job seekers in the website. There are also various filtering options available. MEIDE.SG highly recommends SG.JobsDB.COM!


Workclass.co is a relatively new, but really fast and valuable website that both companies and job seekers can utilize today to find jobs fast in Singapore. With fervent campaigning and advertising, more and more Singapore job seekers are flocking to use Workclass. As such, companies which are recruiting can benefit by listing jobs there, and job seekers can benefit by finding jobs fast there. In fact, the aim of Workclass is to match job(s) for you within 24 hours.

Nevertheless, Workclass is still a relatively smaller company compared to other big-time job platforms and has some way to go before “overtaking” the main players. Also, companies who want to list jobs may have to pay not-so-competitive fees, which may be a hindrance to increase the availability of jobs for job applicants. Hopefully, with continued marketing and campaigns, the mission to match jobs quickly within 24 hours via Workclass will be attained soon!

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This is one of the most reliable jobs portal in Singapore. The fact that it is supported by the official Singapore government and backed up as a .gov website, assures against fraud and fake listings. Job listings can only be posted by ACRA registered businesses. It also enables job applicants to be tagged to their skill sets, qualifications, experience, interests and preferences. With this computer-assisted search and job matching, finding your desired part time job (or even full time career) is made efficient and effective. It ranks highly on Google search, unsurprisingly. In our opinion, it should be the number one choice for part time jobs (and full time jobs) finding!

However, its limitations are that it is relatively new and not widely known amongst part time job seekers. It lacks a notification function to allow both job seekers and employers to receive emails, SMSes or push notifications. This means one has to remember to make it a habit to frequently manually check the online portal. Moreover, a flip side of its secure login system is that it requires the SingPass and 2FA login which can be cumbersome for some (eg. elder folks). Nonetheless, we are happy that the portal has an ongoing survey to seek feedback. We are certain it would continue to be enhanced and improved! With the on-going government support and push for improving employment and work for locals, it is certain that this website is the way to go for the future of official employment search in Singapore.

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Craiglist and Locanto

These two are very “no frills” and “no nonsense” websites to find your jobs, services and needs! Its almost inexistent focus on webpage aesthetics, makes it a wonderful website for part timers to find jobs. They are fast websites and do away with many distractions like videos/animations, in-your-face pop-ups, and bias towards paid advertisers. To find a job at Craiglist or Locanto, simply head to their website, click on “Jobs”, and scroll through their bountiful career opportunities!

Nonetheless, these websites still have a much bigger presence in other countries (eg. USA) compared to Singapore. The number of new and relevant listings is significantly less compared to other job search portals in Singapore. This is likely because of their wide-ranging interests and lack of emphasis on job-finding. However, as it is free of charge, to increase your chances of securing your part time work, why not give it a shot?

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Surpised? Well, yes you may not expect it, but head over to the Forums, and click “Employment Office” under “Lifestyle” in hardwarezone.com.sg. There, you may find a length string of posts including many job offers! Akin to treasure hunting, scroll and view the forum threads, until you find your perfect part time job fit. Due to the ease of posting employment vacancies, there are numerous part time work places available. If you are lucky, you may just snag your desired high paying and fitting job!

That said, this website is purely a forum, and not an official job seeking website. Therefore, authenticity of work opportunities should be double verified by yourself. Stay on the vigilance when using such platforms for your job search, and remember to ask for the company name, website, contact details, job scope and payment terms before commencing official work!

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This website is a global brand with tens of millions of visitor traffic online! From educational resources, to internships and part time jobs, the platform caters to a wide range of audience. It has thousands of job listings in just Singapore alone, with many part time job offers. As a bonus, Learn4Good.com boosts a text-rich and easy-to-use design, so you can easily find your match for part time work! It also allows filtering of jobs so you can find the specific characteristics of your preferred job scope.

On the flip side, several aspects of the website is centered around U.S. related jobs, schools and working positions. Hence, one would need to be careful when using the portal to find part time jobs. For your convenience, click the link above to head over to the portal will lead you straight to the section catered for Singapore only! Try it out today to find a suitable part time job!

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Alljobs.SG is essentially a search engine for your part time jobs! It contains tens of thousands of available part time jobs for you to apply for. It also has a practical filtering system, such as one via location. As such, you can find jobs that is convenient and near to your home! The website, unlike larger job search portals, prioritizes Singapore employment listings, so you can stay focused in your quest to obtain a local part time job.

Nonetheless, this website is not a portal enabling employers to post employment opportunities. Instead, it works by crawling many websites for ongoing work opportunities. It would then list it on the website for job seekers to find and request for. This means there is a chance that the vacancy listings may be outdated or already filled up, by the time you view it and apply. To increase your chances of finding a good part time job, do consider applying for several vacancies simultaneously!

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Grabjobs is a spin off from the famous Grab company that we all get our vehicle hire and rides, and food delivery! With the huge customer and fanbase, there are enormous amounts of part time jobs (including food delivery and rider jobs, of course) up for grabs! We like it that the website is integrated with the Grab platform and App. Especially since many of us are already using Grab, it saves us the chore of signing up for a new account. In fact, working as a grab food delivery rider is an awesome part time job, amongst others. (click here to learn about a similarly lucrative job!)

However, it is not as fanciful and does not integrate powerful features such as detailed job matching algorithms, compared to other portals. It is also rather profit-driven and slaps hefty fees for job postings. This impedes employers from submitting job postings, and reduces chances of part time job seekers from finding their perfect match.

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FindSGJobs.com is a website purely aimed at linking up job seekers and employers! Although this portal (FindSGJobs) ranks quite highly on Google, it might be due to purposeful or deliberate “SEO”. We were enthralled to see its user-friendly layout, and simple registration process. With these advantages, Singaporeans looking for part time jobs would definitely find it a useful add-on to their armoury of vehicles to find work! It is also boosted by a rather quick response from the administration for any problems or issues faced. Nonetheless, we found certain glitches within the website such as possible broken links, and feel that the pick-up rate for FindSGJobs is still smaller compared to other mainstay websites such as Indeed.COM and SG.JobsDB.COM.

Edit: This portal has gotten back to us – and the broken links were due to emoticons being unsupported in their website features. Their support and administrative staff are fast to respond. That is laudable and we certainly hope they will make the emoticons work soon! 😀

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Yes, you can use Google for your job search now! If you are finding for a part time job, simply type in what you are searching for in the Google Search Box and your employment opportunities await you! It is as easy as it gets. Upon viewing the list of jobs available, you may click to apply. You may also filter your job search via date, location, or work arrangements (eg. part time vs full time). MEIDE does think that Google is continuously improving this jobs search function and adding features (eg. more filters) over time. If you are keen to learn the details of Google’s features to aid your part time jobs hunt, click here!

where to get the best part time job
Do you know where to get the best part time jobs? Try us at MEIDE.SG!

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LinkedIn is growing and a fantastic platform for career seekers, builders and employers. It also connects any individuals, professionals and business affiliates. Finding your part time job with LinkedIn is desirable when you have very specific skillsets, such as digital marketing / SEO strengths. With the ability to fully decorate your profile with your qualifications, experiences, self-introduction, and more, the job matching process is razor focused for you. Thereafter, LinkedIn would even send you notifications and emails. These can provide you further recommended options for your job search.

However, LinkedIn can be complicated with its deliberate process of setting up an account and adding in all your personal details. Some job candidates may even end up spend hours on it. In addition, to utilise the full capabilities of the website, one may need to upgrade their account by paying fees. MEIDE recommends using this as a side tool to aid your part time job search. Judging from its current features, it is more suitable for applicants seeking full time jobs or long term careers.

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This is a marketplace for many people in Singapore to buy and sell products and services. Over the years, it has expanded into the territory of part time job finding, and employment opportunities. If you are finding for a part time job (such as a cleaning job), Carousell does offer available postings by a handful of employers regularly. Additionally, it is easy to use and had recently deployed measures to reduce fake accounts.

However, with the increased publicity and usage, Carousell has been implementing more fees and advertisements. This reduces the quality of use of it. Job seekers and employers can still find part time jobs and offer jobs respectively on this platform, if they do not mind the necessary charges. Also, it is good to bear in mind that the reach of Carousell has not extended as far as other larger job portals, yet!

We have high-paying cleaner and helper positions available! Find out all about MEIDE.SG career opportunities by emailing us at admin@meide.sg today!

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To start off, this is very useful website for both employers and job seekers. The website is simple to use and offers great functionality. These include connections to LinkedIn, and job matching algorithms. Moreover, just like many other part time job portals, it enables job alerts to be sent to you. These are great advantages for applicants finding part time jobs.

Nonetheless, the downside is that there is still less take-up rate compared to larger and more established websites. Furthermore, there are several misleading (but crowd-attracting) statements about “free job search and postings”. This is realised when in the details of their website, they actually do impose a fee for job postings. This would deter employers from posting their part time job opportunities for job seekers.

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Fastjobs.SG is a website purely made for job hunting and employers to find workers. Using the website is a breeze. Compared to other job portals, it is really foolproof and enjoyable for users. Moreover, it has attractive layouts and designs to enable job applicants to find their desired jobs without missing out any. If you have a headache or feel your vision getting fuzzy from all the part time job searching, visiting this particular job portal may solve your problems!

Nonetheless, it is still not as established as several other big job search platforms. Also, it has a similar design and boosts functions comparable to many other job websites. As such, users may confuse it with other websites. Although the job listings there are largely genuine, the website imposes a hefty charge for employers to post jobs. This in turn means that there may be less job opportunities for the job seekers.

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With over two decades of history and experience, JobStreet.com is a behemoth in the industry of employment and job searches. The website is continuously improving to cater to a more tech-savvy audience, and attract more visitors online. It allows for multiple functions such as filtering and shortlisting, in your part time job search. It is also the go-to website for large firms in Singapore such as Changi Airport Group, AIA, and Dyson. As such, one would not need to worry about not being able to find a job via this portal!

However, the challenge it faces would be the numerous up and coming competitor websites, as listed above. They offer very similar features and functions, but at a much cheaper cost! Indeed, the prices for employers to post their listings on Jobstreet are so hefty that many firms, especially SMEs, would prefer to keep away. This means job seekers finding for part time jobs may find difficulty in securing suitable work in JobStreet.com. Companies that have available work positions in this website tend to be larger companies offering full time jobs. Nonetheless, for a thorough job hunt, do not leave any stone unturned. One should still utilize this website as an adjunct tool to further your reach to more employers!

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JobCentral is a comprehensive portal for both employers and job seekers. In fact, it even caters for traineeships, internships, graduates and students. Furthermore, it boosts a partnership with CareerBuilder and BrightSparks. This bolsters its top position as one of the biggest online job search websites. The job listings are verified to prevent any fake listings, or postings by unorthodox businesses. It also has useful functions of filtering to narrow down your choices and search.

Similar to JobStreet, the downside of JobCentral is its hefty fees for employers to be able to post on the portal. This means less opportunities for job seekers to be able to find work in SMEs, due to cost reasons. With many other rising competitor websites to allow for easier and cost-efficient job matching, one should always look beyond just using one particular established job search website!

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Telegram groups

Telegram is an innovative way to find part time jobs. This is an exploding trend, judging from the number of subscribers and people joining the telegram groups! There are plenty of part time jobs available in the groups. By numbers, as of date, one can easily browse through hundreds to thousands of messages daily on available part time jobs!

On the flip side, scrolling through all that text can be energy-draining and time-consuming. First of all, one has to be relatively tech savvy and know how to download and use Telegram. Next, certain job postings may not be entirely legal or legitimate too. Most groups charge a fee for employers to post their jobs there. The higher the fee, the more often they can post! This could mean certain spamming of jobs by a business that is paying more for the portal. However, it is worth noting that the telegram group is entirely free for job seekers!

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To get started on finding your part time jobs there, try looking up these established groups on telegram: JobHitch (Part-time), Singapore Part Time Jobs – sgQuickJobs, SG Part-time Group, or SG Part Timers & Talents.

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Word-of-mouth / Flyers / Offline Advertisements

Part time jobs are aplenty online, as proven from all our recommendations abovementioned. Nevertheless, if you are still keen to look for an alternative method, try going offline. In Singapore, despite the government’s efforts to have businesses go digital, many SMEs still maintain a large presence offline. This include, but are not limited to, hardware stores, cleaning jobs, jobs at coffee shops, bookstores, and even babysitting or kitchen work. Be on the lookout for flyers and adverts when you go for your lunch or dinner!

If you have a circle of friends who are also job seekers, make full use of your contacts by texting them of your availability for work! By reaching out to others actively, or even cold calling family and relatives, you would also be able to find side jobs. Better still, you may unknowingly be lending a helping hand for some of them (eg. a young couple in need of someone to help babysit their newborn, but have simply no time to go online or offline to search for a maid or nanny)!

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Surviving with insufficient income for your regular day job is difficult. But do not whine or fret, because MEIDE.SG is here for you! With our comprehensive list of methods of finding part time jobs in Singapore, we believe you will make ends meet with these side income. We believe hard work and dedication will always pay off in the long run.

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Looking for Full Time Job Instead?

Lastly, if you are also looking for full time job, we have plenty of opportunities at MEIDE.SG! Join as a full time cleaner and earn easily $1400 to $1900 per month (in Singapore dollars) at MEIDE. If you are looking for more jobs besides cleaning, we also have other positions available too. This includes administrative / HR work, sales and marketing, and guest contributors for beneficial articles on our popular blog. What are you waiting for? Sign up as a HELPER / CLEANER or email us for even more career opportunities now!

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Final Recap of the 20 Best Places to Find Part Time Jobs