Here we address the FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions (MEIDE) for our cleaning services! For babysitting services FAQs please click here.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions here at MEIDE


How much does MEIDE.SG charge?

We charge SGD $22 per hour NETT (Regular Service). At the point of this writing, no GST, no miscellaneous fees!

For more experienced cleaners, upon your request, the fee would be  SGD $28 per hour NETT (Premium Service).

DISCOUNTS can be given for regular and more cleaning sessions booked together!

Check out our recent cleaning prices (full details) and specialized cleaning calculator for quick quotes HERE!


All General Maintenance Cleaning Bookings that are 3 Hours in duration and less than twice a week frequency, and start between 7am to 6pm on any day, will require $3 top-up from $66 to $69, (i.e. $23/h) to cope with the increased transport costs in Singapore.

All Bookings that meet the criteria* below, would incur add-on at least $5 for urgent / small order fee (to cope with the increased administrative costs).

  • All General Maintenance Clean of 2 Hours Duration and start anytime between 9am to 7pm on any days; OR/AND;
  • All Bookings <$80; OR/AND;
  • All Bookings requiring service <24 hours from the date and time of first contact/request with our staff. All other existing terms and conditions apply too.
Is there a minimum duration for each cleaning session?

To ensure our cost price and transport for the part time maids are covered, there is a minimum duration of 3 hours. However, if you require shorter durations, we can arrange too (at separate price to be quoted after discussion).

Here is our recommendation on the duration for cleaning session(s)!


Do you provide equipment?

Equipment need to be provided by the owner as cleaners on our platform arrange their own transport.

For post-tenancy, post-renovation and some spring cleaning, we may provide everything for you upon request. Please confirm beforehand by contacting us on WhatsApp.

Nonetheless, we hear you, and certainly strive to serve you in any way we can! Should you require equipment, do let us know specifically and we will do our best to cater to your needs! Extra charges may apply.

Booking Process

How do I go about booking my cleaning, or part time maid with MEIDE?

Fastest and Easiest way is via our online booking form! (meide.sg/contact)

Details on our booking process are found here: https://meide.sg/how-to-book-a-cleaning-with-meide/

What details should I tell you to book cleaning services? What if I have a pet?

All details required are found here in our online booking form! (meide.sg/contact)

Or for detailed explanations, refer to our article here: https://meide.sg/30-seconds-book-home-cleaner/

When is the latest I can confirm my booking? By when should I inform that I wish to book my cleaning session?

Strictly speaking, there is no deadline. You may inform us anytime when you want to make a booking or confirm a booking. We do not pressurise customers and homeowners unnecessarily!

However, do note that cleaning sessions are subject to availability. The earlier the better! Our booking process is detailed here: https://meide.sg/how-to-book-a-cleaning-with-meide/

Can I get the same part time helper / maid / cleaner every time?

Yes you can! However, this is subjected to first come first served availability. Do book as early as possible if you’d like to secure your part time maid for recurring, regular weekly cleaning sessions. 🙂

There are no extra charges for this.

Can I get a change of helper or cleaner for subsequent bookings and cleanings?

Yes, definitely. There will be no charges too. This is completely free of charge. Of course, we’d like to know your feedback and reasons so that we can continue to improving our services!

Where are your helpers from? Can I have biodata?

We have both local and non local helpers, and a wide range of them! Biodata release is subject to terms. Please read the details here:



How do I make payment? When do I pay? Can I pay via cash?

Payment should be made upon confirmation of the booking. This is done via QR code via PayNow or DBS Paylah!, or internet bank transfer via FAST. We cannot accept cash. Payment should NOT be made directly to cleaners. This will prevent problems of payment delays from customers and to cleaners. We pay cleaners punctually, and hope customers would do the same too. All transaction information are kept confidential to protect our customers privacy!

Please take a photo and keep record of your transaction in the event of any transaction hiccups. Invoice can be provided on request. More payment methods such as PayPal will be available soon!

Details on our booking process are found here: https://meide.sg/how-to-book-a-cleaning-with-meide/

During Your Cleaning Session

What exactly is done during your cleaning service?

Read our full guide and job scope explained here regarding what can be, and is exactly done during cleaning!

It depends on your type of cleaning, whether general or “deep cleaning”.

In general, almost anything you require to make your house and living conditions cleaner and tidier is included! Of course this means sweeping, dusting, packing up, mopping, scrubbing, cleaning toilet, washing dishes, folding clothes, and emptying the dustbins. Additional services such as laundry*, moving heavy objects, curtain/blinds cleaning and ironing need to be requested. Extra charges may apply.

*Services that are usually not included in regular cleaning or general maintenance clean are: cleaning exterior windows/ledges, aircon, high ceiling fans, hand washing, cleaning of personal items and expensive products (eg. Leather Seats/Sofa, TV, Computers, Fridge, Ovens, Washer/Dryer, Aircon, etc) – these are to protect the cleaners and prevent accidents.

For post-tenancy, post-renovation and some spring cleaning, we follow a checklist and the above may not apply. Please check our latest tasks list by contacting us!

Do I have to be at home?

Our helpers are all taught that, be default, there would be someone at home. However, we leave it to the discretion of owners and helpers, about who should be at home during the cleaning session. We do recommend for someone to be at home, especially for the initial session(s). Nonetheless, if you feel confident enough, or are already familiar with your helper, you may choose to get busy with your own stuff, of course!

Please note that our company is not liable or responsible for any loss, misplacement or damage to belongings, items, fittings and furnishings at any point of time (our full terms and conditions are found here).

Lastly, if there will not be anyone at home, please inform us 3 days before the cleaning session, and provide the necessary instructions on how to access your property. We would then convey this message, as appropriate, to the helper(s).

What are the differences between the Regular and Premium Services?

For most HDB and condominiums, the Regular Service will be able to meet most household demands. The more experienced cleaners in the Premium category have received raving reviews and are professionally trained to do not just ordinary cleaning, but to do it efficiently and effectively! If you have a large condo, bungalow, or simply have complicated tasks or in a rush for time, we strongly recommend the Premium Service.

Will my whole house be cleaned by default?

By default, our helpers and cleaners will strive their best to achieve as much cleaning as possible within the timeframe! Our scope of cleaning and checklists are detailed HERE and HERE.

If you require your whole house to be cleaned, or not, do indicate it in your cleaning booking request here. In addition, the manpower and duration required for each type of cleaning varies depending on your house conditions too. For example, cleaning 1 toilet in a well-maintained HDB flat may take only 10 to 15 minutes at times. However, cleaning 1 toilet in a not-so-well-maintained private property (or HDB) may take 4x that duration (i.e. 1 hour) too. Hence, proper pre-cleaning assessment is vital.

Not to worry as once you have filled in your details at our booking form, our service coordinators will contact you again. Thereafter, we will be able to better advise you on the required duration (and manpower) of cleaning.

Refer to our other FAQ “What if the duration booked for cleaning is too short, or too long?” too as this is an important factor too.

Can I get the cleaner to do only a few specific tasks (eg. clean part of my house)?

Yes, you can. Our helpers and cleaners will be able to adjust their work according to what you require, as long as the tasks are within the prescribed scope of duty detailed HERE and HERE. By doing so, you can reduce your cleaning costs. For example, if you only need 1 or 2 bedrooms cleaned within a multi-storey bungalow, you can opt for a 2 or 3 hours cleaning package. This will be significantly cheaper compared to booking a cleaning session catered towards cleaning the entire bungalow!

You can choose to prepare a list of tasks to be done and present it to either our coordinators or helpers when they arrive. Yes, preparing for your house clean (read here) is important too to ensure the best experience and results!

Refer to our other FAQ “What if the duration booked for cleaning is too short, or too long?” too as this is an important factor too.

What if the duration booked for cleaning is too short, or too long?

All durations booked are considered the maximum duration of work permissible. Do note that if a certain number of hours is booked, our helper(s) will do their best for the duration booked, and will need to leave thereafter. Generally, last minute extensions are not available as helper(s) need to go for next appointment. This applies even if not all tasks are completed / expectations met. Hence, we always recommend to book adequate session duration. 😊

For certain exceptional cases, if any extension of time occurs, this needs to be communicated promptly to administrative staff from MEIDE. This is only approved on special case-by-case basis.

If there is excess time or duration, the helper(s) or cleaner(s) will be permitted to leave based on 2 criteria: (1) All tasks supposed to be done within the recommended scope of duty are completed; and (2) The owner/occupant/in-charge (not necessarily the person who paid or booked the session) has allowed helper(s) or cleaner(s) to leave. As per our terms and conditions, by default, there will not be refunds, rescheduling, or transfer of credits (eg. excess time). If there is excess time or duration, the owner can assign more tasks within the recommended scope of duty for helper(s) or cleaner(s) if applicable.

What if I am dissatisfied with the service?

In the rare event of your dissatisfaction, MEIDE will do everything we can to make you happy again! We are in fact so concerned about your experience with MEIDE that we devoted an entire blog post for you here!

We hope that this page and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has been of good help! If your questions are still not answered here, please email us at meide@meide.sg, WhatsApp MEIDE at +65 8595 8579 or simply contact us here!

If not, we believe you are ready for your cleaning session / part time maid already!

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