General Clean V.S. Deep Cleaning

Not all cleaning types of equal or same so find out what is deep vs general clean today
Not all cleaning types of equal or same so find out what is deep vs general clean today!

Just need a general clean of your house?

Or, perhaps, need “deep cleaning” instead?

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These are one of the commonest enquiries MEIDE Cleaning Team get on a daily basis. Yet, the perennial question exists: what exactly is “general clean” and “deep clean”?

Hark back to our detailed article on ALL the different types of cleaning, and you will remember our specific definitions:

For example, “deep cleaning” is actually “a type of specialized cleaning that requires prolonged periods of repetitive and intensive cleaning.” However, in the layman context, and from our years of extensive experience, 95% or more of homeowners and customers do not really mean that when they request for “deep cleaning”.

First, What Exactly is Deep Cleaning?

Post renovation cleaning is a commonly booked type of clean when clients request deep cleaning
Post renovation cleaning is a commonly booked type of clean when clients request deep cleaning.

Instead, way too often, clients are actually referring to ANY, or a combination, of these types of cleaning, when they say “deep cleaning”:

As such, based on these, we strongly encourage all clients to specify their type of “deep cleaning”.

A sample checklist of tasks for “deep cleaning” can be found HERE.

For cleaning sessions that are booked with this checklist in mind, and communicated to with MEIDE.SG, there is no strict limit to the duration of the cleaning session. There is also no strict restriction to the number of helpers.

On top of that, most cleaning companies will provide all tools to ensure the tasks within the checklist can be completed without issues. (usually the exact list of tools is confidential and kept as a trade secret, unlike the list of tools recommended for general cleaning)

However, do note that certain clarifications need to be made with the administrative team handling cleaning booking to ensure the tasks can be completed safely and properly, including but not limited to:

  • Maximum ceiling heights;
  • Number of stories of the premise;
  • Presence of any staircases or lifts;
  • Presence of any mezzanines or loft designs;

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Next, General Clean Explained.

Get to know how daily regular or general cleaning works with MEIDE Singapore
Get to know how daily regular or general cleaning works with MEIDE Singapore!

In general (pun intended), general clean means the premise is already maintained to begin with. The scope of work for general clean is targeted towards daily living as elaborated in here.

A sample list of tasks for general clean is:

  • Laundry done;
  • Ironing (if required);
  • Bedsheets changed and washed;
  • Bedrooms dusted and cleaned;
  • Floor swept and mopped;
  • Dining area wiped down;
  • Toilet cleaned;
  • Kitchen cleaned;
  • Windows and Mirror Cleaning;
  • General tidying of living areas, shelves and cabinets;
  • Trash cleared;
  • etc

Note that this list is non-exhaustive and a full elaboration can be found HERE!

In fact, “general clean” is often carelessly referred to as “basic cleaning”, “simple cleaning”, “regular cleaning”. Sometimes, house owners also call it “standard clean” or “normal cleaning”. These are basically loose terms that we would rather term “general maintenance cleaning” (to avoid confusion and unhappiness when expectations are misaligned!).

For instance, a household with a migrant domestic worker present, but perhaps going on home leave, will need general cleaning help during that period.

Or, perhaps the housekeeper or homeowner needs some helping hand when ill or having recently injured a limb.

As such, general clean often equates to general maintenance cleaning which could be monthly, fortnightly, weekly, or even several times a week.

Scheduling general clean and deep cleaning sessions are pretty different
Scheduling general clean and deep cleaning sessions are pretty different…

How often should you get a general clean?

No hard and fast rule exists. However, it would depend on these factors:

  • How big is your house?
  • How many occupants are there?
  • Do you need your house absolutely spick and span, or okay with slight unkemptness?
  • Do you have any others doing housework (eg. a helper)?
  • Do you have kid(s) around the place?
  • Do you have frequent gatherings with friends, or parties?
  • Are you a tenant, or do you have tenants around?

Additionally, if you are wondering how intensive and how long cleaning would be required at your place, the list of factors above will help determine too!

If still in doubt, our team recommends that you take photos of the current condition (the messiest bits) and WhatsApp us for an individualized discussion. Worry not – our cleaning experts will attend to you free-of-charge!

How long does a general clean take? Do you provide tools?

In contrast to “deep clean”, “general clean” does not come with tools provided by default. Nonetheless, we understand that some new homeowners may not have had enough time to arrange cleaning logistics. Thus, at your request, we can provide the basic set of tools at a slight fee.

We also provide a list and elaboration of general cleaning tools here.

At MEIDE.SG, our cleaning consultants are also always available to advise you on the recommended duration and number of helpers based on your general clean requirements. Once we have arranged this, the number of cleaners that will attend the cleaning session will be fixed, just like the number of hours booked.

Basically, this means if X hours is booked, our helper(s) will do their best for X hours, and will need to leave thereafter. Generally, last minute extensions are not available as helper(s) need to go for the next appointment. Hence, we always recommend an adequate duration to be booked for the cleaning sessions.

Comparison Table of Deep V General Clean

CharacteristicDeep CleanGeneral Clean
Price RangeUsually Higher Than General CleanUsually Lower Than Deep Clean
QuotationsBased on Floor Area to CleanBased on Number of Helpers and Hours Booked
Scope of WorkFollows Standard Checklist (Example from MEIDE.SG here)More Variable and Flexible (Explained via our guide here)
Duration (How long does it take?)No strict limit, as the cleaning team will strive to complete all tasks as per above checklist.
Exact duration determined by residence conditions, available manpower and tools, etc.
Determined by customer – yes, you get to choose and let us know when you want to book.
Note that last minute extensions are usually not allowed.
Number of Helpers and CleanersDetermined at discretion by the cleaning team based on their manpower availability, experience, required floor area to cover and daily schedule changes.Determined by customer – yes, you get to choose and let us know when you want to book.
Are tools provided?Yes and recommended to have the cleaning crew bring all they need themselves.By default no, as each homeowners may have personal preferences, but MEIDE can arrange cleaning sets for you at small fee
Specific Types of Cleaning Within CategorySpring Cleaning, Post-Tenancy Cleaning, Move In or Move Out Cleaning, Post Renovation Cleaning, Post HIP Cleaning, Disinfection Services, Handover Cleaning, Specialized Cleaning, Even Other Types of Cleaning (eg. Mold Removal, Rust Removal, Paint Mark Removal, etc)Daily Cleaning, Weekend Cleaning, Weekday Cleaning, Weekly Cleaning, Biweekly Clean (2x per week), Regular Clean, Recurring Cleaning, Fortnightly Cleaning, Monthly Clean, Ad Hoc / One Time Cleaning, Any other specific intervals / schedules
Profile(s) of Cleaner(s)Usually mixed and not recommended to restrict to a certain gender.Usually not recommended to restrict to a certain gender – however MEIDE can accommodate certain requests (such as request for female cleaner when sole lady homeowner is around only and more comfortable with female at her house)
Can invoice / receipt be provided?Yes (from MEIDE)Yes (from MEIDE)

All in all, we hope this summary helps you understand the difference between booking a general clean versus booking a “deep clean” session(s).

Anyway, feel free to hit us up if you are still unsure. We would be more than glad to help clarify your doubts!

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