11 Reasons To Clean Your Home This November

November is a month of hype – from Deepavali (also known as Diwali), to the start of School Holidays, to the 11.11 Online sales. By now, everybody should be psyched up, awaiting all these exciting events in November! However, before you forget, let us remind you of 11 reasons to clean your home this November!

Yes, before us at MEIDE.SG jump onto the discounts bandwagon too, let us reinforce why you should clean your home this November. Here are 11 reasons to clean your home this November:

1. Diwali Celebrations

First of 11 Reasons To Clean Your Home This November

November is the month where the great “Festival of Lights” lasting over five whole days is celebrated! In our multi-cultural Singapore, huge festivals such as Diwali most definitely involves home visiting by many households. Just like during Lunar Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, and Christmas Day, big occasions involve welcoming guests to your house, having them over for meals, catch-ups, games and activities. The last thing you would want, during such gatherings, would be for the fun and joy to be disrupted due to poor cleanliness in your home!

2. Religious Reasons Related to Diwali

Diwali is a celebration where the light prevails over darkness, good supersedes evil, and in the home cleaning context, where cleanliness overtakes dirt and contaminants. For all our treasured readers celebrating Deepavali, there is even a proven religious rationale for maintaining cleanliness in your home this November. The month of November, particularly during Diwali, is when deities would visit our houses, according to the teachings of Hinduism. The Goddess of Dhan and Sampati, which brings happiness to our lives, Maa Lakhsami, is believed to remain in one’s house if the house is to her liking. The Goddess of Wealth – Laxmi – would be attracted to an abode of tidiness always, whereas the Goddess of Poverty – Kulaxmi is lured towards an unkempt habitat. So whether you truly trust the teachings of Hinduism or not, remember that there are these immemorial beliefs that espouse keeping one’s home clean and tidy!

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3. Diwali Tradition Promotes Benefits Beyond Clean Homes

Cleaning your house in November may benefit not just your household physical conditions! One might think cleaning your house is straightforward and involves purely removing dirt. However, cleaning your house before, during, and even after your Diwali celebrations may promote even further advantages for yourself! According to traditional and spiritual beliefs, there are multiple benefits from packing up and cleaning your home.

It is believed in tradition that cleaning up also involves cleansing one’s soul, thoughts, body and overall livelihood! For instance, the simple act of changing your broomstick to a new one, symbolises a reversal of all the disorganisation from your life. The cleansing of your jewellery, especially gold, drains out negativity from your life. The clearing of clutter from your bag and replacement of it with incense sticks, cinnamon and bay leaves promotes positivity! By the looks of all these goodness, how can one still hesitate to clean your house this November?!

Stay healthy, happy and hygienic this Diwali Season! Let us clean your house whilst you celebrate the festivities with your loved ones and friends!

4. Bringing Out The Best In Your Decorations

Again, observing Diwali and its rituals is no easy feat. In order to invite the deities into homes, decorations and artwork are crucial. These are called “Rangoli” in Hindu terms. Not only can these help to invite the deities to bless your home and family, they serve as conversational topics and delightful visual attractions for your visitors and all to share! Cleaning up and polishing the place including these can be tough. Take a leaf out of this blog’s advice, or simply contact a professional cleaning company! However, remember that all these decorations and preparations would have been in vain, if the house conditions are not tidy to begin with. Hence, cleaning up your home before sprucing it up is vital in bringing out the best in your decorations!

5. The Inter-Monsoon Season

Believe it or not, the spring cleaning done for festivities originate not just from preparation for celebrations and visiting. In India and Singapore, people who stay here live in humid and wet conditions regularly. Singapore’s climate differs not too much from India’s. Nearing the end of the calendar year means experiencing more wet weather for Singaporeans. With the climate changing towards more frequent rain, it means more chances of creepy crawlies entering your house, and increased growth of rust and mould. Spring cleaning helps eliminate the insects and bugs from houses, especially during the Inter-Monsoon Season in November (and after the “rainy season” called as “Chaumasa” in India). In particular, this cleansing removes mold and mildew that would have accumulated in our toilets, kitchens and living areas! This cleaning protects the health and well-being of us and all around us.

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6. The Timeless Hygiene Reason

Along the same vein, cleaning in November is crucial because it is a month that one may easily overlook! In anticipation of December, where Christmas and New Year are impossible to forget, one may only realise too late that regular cleaning was overlooked for November. Hence, bookmark and share this article to REMIND your family and friends too, to clean their homes this November! In fact, MEIDE.SG recommends not just monthly, but at least regular weekly cleaning to upkeep the hygiene standards in your house. It is only through constant reminders (such as these 11 Reasons To Clean Your Home This November) that house owners can maintain the good hygiene standards at home all throughout the year!

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7. Reuse and Recycle

November is also the second last month of the year. As the year comes to a close, do not wait for the last minute before clearing your house. Be it pre-festival, post-celebration, post-tenancy, post-renovation, or simply a year-end spring cleaning, November is the best month to do it. Why wait till December when the de-cluttering can be settled in November? Complete the laborious tasks early, so that you can enjoy December – the month of Christmas and New Year Eve! In the process of separating desired versus undesired items, remember the option of recycling your goods.

For those new to recycling, learn more about it HERE! The act of recycling saves our earth, tidies your home, and benefits future generations of our fellow Homo sapiens to come. When you plan ahead to re-organise and remove unwanted belongings in this second last month of November, it makes the option of recycling much easier, compared to the last minute act of simply disposing unwanted items. For your convenience, a list of recycling agencies are found HERE.

8. Paying It Forward

For those who want to take an extra step, tidying your home can provide aid to the less fortunate in the community too. Organisations such as The Salvation Army, Dignity Mama, and many others, would be more than happy to accept your donations. These donations are especially relevant in the year-end period. For all you know, your “outdated” but still-functional camera may make the best Christmas gift ever for an orphan in Singapore! Hence, start packing up your belongings at home in November, and pay it forward by gifting as many items as you can to charitable bodies!

9. Prepare for the School Holidays!

Do not forget our younglings at school! The school holidays start from 21st of November. Household schedules normally tweak during this period due to the fact that kids are now either at home or attending enrichment lessons more. Often, parents end up having less time to do housework. Juggling between sending your child for activities, planning family outings and all the housework would most definitely prove overtaxing.

Do not fret, because professional cleaning companies such as MEIDE.SG can offload the heavy burden of household chores from your shoulders. De-stress, relax, and enjoy the November celebrations and festivities, and let the professionals do it for you!

10 .Cleaning and Preparing For All These Celebrations Takes Time

There is so much to do, and so many details to attend to! To quote an online author – “cleanliness is a state of purity, clarity, and precision.”. The truth is no further than that! Just reading up on the tips to clean your house before Diwali, and the thought of going through the physical motion can be overwhelming. In order to clean your house properly, timely preparation of equipment and ensuring you have sufficient time is important. Knowing what to clean, and where to start from, may not always be second-nature. If you require help, do not hesitate to look for it.

The best way to deal with tiring housework is, of course, to get professional assistance. Plan ahead and book in advance, because you may expect higher demand than usual, for such cleaning services, during this period! Therefore, do not wait until one day before Deepavali, or one day before your planned family gathering. Remember, the early bird always catches the worm.

11. The 11.11 Online Sales

Best of 11 Reasons To Clean Your Home This November

Finally, here is the elephant in the room and what everyone has been waiting for. What can be a better month than November, with 11 reasons to clean your home this November? Furthermore, why wait when the prices for home cleaning hit the cheapest and most affordable levels! MEIDE.SG is offering a once-off special discount for ALL ONLINE BOOKINGS at MEIDE.SG, if you book your home cleaning anytime during our limited promotion period 1st to 30th November! (edit: we have lengthened the promotion period to the ENTIRE MONTH OF NOVEMBER, in view of popular demand!)

Happy Deepavali to all our readers! If you are reading this, congratulations for reaching this far. Let us reward you with a FREE CLEANING QUOTE!


We hope you have found this article “11 Reasons To Clean Your Home This November” helpful. Indeed, there are so many different reasons to clean your house this November. Stop procrastinating and get cracking right away!