BEST Home Cleaning Services – Or Not?

“We offer the BEST Home Cleaning Services!”

“Lowest Price in Singapore!”

“Full Refund if you are UNSATISFIED!”

The list goes on…

In an industry where the market operates majorly as a polyopoly, like Singapore’s Cleaning Services industry, it is no wonder that competitors offer a whole slew of goodies, including a non-exhaustive buffet of cut-throat prices, 50% discounts, one-for-one offers, money-back guarantees, and even free trials! All these, simply to get the coveted customer.

That is, until things turn sour. Expectations are not met. Companies turn defensive and customers turn fiery. All the marketing and advertising gimmicks fall apart and the customer turns to lashing out profanities whilst the company returns accusations of poor communication and refuses refunds. The relationship is lost. The company blames others. The customer promises never to return. A scam unveils itself. But alas, all is swept underneath the carpet in a quick turnaround time. The cycle repeats and a new victim appears soon enough.

Why post about such a topic?

Here at MEIDE, we believe in transparency, dedication and trust. We do not deny that bad encounters can occur, and that not all transactions and deals can go through as perfectly as we wish.

We have had multiple questions from our customers about TRUST. One favourite question is “What if the quality of the cleaning is not good enough?” or “What is the standard is subpar?” or even “What if I am not satisfied?” Not surprisingly, many have had previous bad experiences. Cleaners do not turn up. Agencies are rude. Promises are not kept. Companies have ran away with their customers’ money. All these happen daily and frequently in the market, and that is a fact that one faces when trying simply to find a part time maid or home cleaner!

However, just as we keep our promises to you our customer, we have to be fair to our helpers too and pay them for their work, effort and time. We cherish every customer, every helper, and every transaction that comes through us! We take feedback and any constructive comments very seriously. We operate primarily on a “carrot” scheme for helpers, and an incentive scheme for customers. This means minimising blacklist, penalties and demerit points, and focusing on the good of everyone!

In short, at MEIDE, we do not advocate refunds based on customers proclaiming that “standards are not met” or “the cleaning was not well done”. This does not by any means demean the feedback given. In fact, we take it with utmost respect and importance. We have, for the record, given demerit points, and dismissed cleaners for poor attitude and service already. 😦 We allow for a 100% refund for no-shows and unforeseen events, but the exact expectations of every customer are different and despite the best we try, we cannot guarantee that every expectation is materialised. Nonetheless, if there is any way we or the helpers can improve, we would certainly take heed and work on that. Every customer like you is precious to us and we look forward to your testimonials!

(Check out our testimonials by customers right here!)


At the end of the day, what promises can MEIDE provide? The truth is, none but one.

And that is us doing our best in accomplishing the goals of both sides! We believe in being dedicated towards not just our customer, but also accountable to our cleaners and helpers. Whilst our customers want a part time helper, our cleaners want to make a honest living. Our goal is to make this deal, efficiently and effectively. And we are dedicated towards making it happen.

In this upcoming series of topics about quality home cleaning services, MEIDE will explore not just the one-sided affair of how a good home cleaning service is, but more importantly, the 10 GOLDEN RULES that all customers, cleaners and agencies should know to make home cleaning services here in Singapore wonderful once again!

In a snapshot, we would like to REASSURE you that MEIDE does not proclaim to be the “Best Home Cleaning Agency” or “Best Part Time Maid Service” in Singapore. Rather, we uphold ourselves as the most trusted, dedicated and efficient agency that goes beyond just signing the deal, but seeing it through, overcoming obstacles, resolving differences, reconciling disputes, and ultimately making the magic happen!

Check out our testimonials by customers right here!

P.S. Our series of health articles on home cleaning will resume next week!

30 Seconds To Book A Home Cleaner


Yes we know it is supposed to be a spree of health-related articles on how home cleaning improves your health, and how eagerly you are waiting for the answers to be revealed! Just as how advertisements work, we’d like to hijack this opportune moment for something equally (if not more) important! 30 SECONDS. That is how long it would take, at most, (based on a scientific research of 1000 Ahma Cleaners trying out our website) to book a cleaner here at MEIDE!

Now, to the meat of the day: how long it takes to book a cleaner @ MEIDE.SG!

Certain agencies proclaim “3 Easy Steps”, and “Hassle-free Booking”, but a peek at the variety of categories and options is enough to overwhelm one’s desire to JUST GET A CLEANER! (Doesn’t that just remind you of how exams trick you in saying there is only 1 question but broken into 10 parts and another 5 subsections for each part? LOL) Here at MEIDE, we believe in dedication and efficacy in making life simpler for everyone and for you. When you are busy and need help, we are here. Just drop us a call, WhatsApp message (8595 8579), or tinkle us at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Youtube… the list goes on. Anywhere you are, we aim to be reached at a click!

Wait, if it is that easy, why 30 SECONDS? Perhaps if one is using an ancient computer or internet modem? Well, we did say, 30 SECONDS is the maximum it takes! If you can spare just 1 click, go ahead and CLICK. We will do the rest whilst you sit back and enjoy your TV/Movies! If you have slightly a few more moments and want to get a cleaning arrangement (read: How To Book Cleaning Session; How To Book Cleaning Service) efficiently and without even much communication (read: maybe you are flying overseas in 1 hour?), here are some tips to follow – details to provide us when booking!

  1. Date(s) + Day of the week – this prevents mistakes, you’ll be surprised! 😉
  2. Preferred Timings – exact timings restricts availability. try “anytime before 4pm” or “any time 2-10pm”
  3. Preferred Gender, Race and Nationality (if any) (if you don’t mention it, most people will assume NO preferences!) Note that these restrictions will affect availability. Do also let us know if you are STRICT about it, or flexible. Feel free to prioritise it for us in a numbered list.
  4. Along the same lines, English is presumed as the default communication device. You can let us know if you have any preferred languages – eg. “only my grandmother who speaks Hokkien at home will be around so please send someone with Hokkien capability!”
  5. Exact Address (needless to say, our cleaners need to use Google Maps!)
  6. Type of House (2-bedroom Condo with 1 toilet and 1 balcony)
  7. Details (eg. approach the Guardhouse, tell him you are going to unit number 01-05 at block 2, looking for Mr Lim, then turn left and walk past the garden to the second gate, finally press the intercom “C, 0, 1, 0, 5, Enter” and wait for Mr Lim to answer the phone; or better, “I will meet her at 12pm sharp at the Lobby”)
  8. Who will be (or predicted to be) at home – eg. my parents-in-law will be at home (this is because most customers and cleaners prefer avoiding having just 1 female and 1 male at home!)
  9. Pets at home (some cleaners are allergic or afraid of cats/dogs/rabbits/goldfishes/lions)
  10. Specific Cleaning Required (eg. clean toilet, tidy bedroom, iron 10 clothing, mop the balcony – check out our FAQ on what our basic services include!)

Now we got your back. Congratulations for making it this far reading our hijack article. If you feel there are some more things we have missed out – which is highly likely, do drop us a comment below and we would be more than glad to include it too!

That’s all folks!