Tiong Bahru Cleaning Jobs

Looking for Tiong Bahru Cleaning Jobs? Search no further. You can find Tiong Bahru Cleaning Jobs easily with MEIDE.SG/CAREER. We are professionals at cleaning, babysitting, aircon servicing and more home and office errands!

Besides, did you know Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest towns in Singapore? Its name encompasses both Malay (Bahru means “new”) and Hokkien (Tiong means “cemetary”) – a dialect commonly known particularly amongst Chinese in Singapore.

Tiong Bahru is located within the Bukit Merah Planning Area in Central Singapore. With Buona Vista just to the North-West, Redhill to the West, West Coast to the South-West, and Tanjong Pagar to the East, Tiong Bahru is one of the most sought-after location for house-seekers! There are over 30 apartment blocks in the main estate of Tiong Bahru, but this is scarcely enough still. With so many house owners, tenants and occupants, there are plenty of house cleaning, post-tenancy and post renovation works available for cleaning jobs at Tiong Bahru.

Furthermore, the popularity of Tiong Bahru is highlighted by its accessibility and amenities. There are countless iconic cafes such as the Tiong Bahru Bakery, Plain Vanilla, PS.Cafe Petit Tiong Bahru, Merci Marcel, The Butcher’s Wife, Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry, Bakalaki, Flock Cafe, Prive, Forty Hands, Bincho, Creamier, Drips Bakery, and many more. In addition, the famous Tiong Bahru Market, iconic murals, traditional book stores (eg. Wood in the Books), and art studios (eg ArtBlue Studio, DEGIOSART Gallery) are extremely pleasing to us in Singapore, who may be sick of modern metallic and “standard” shopping malls. There are no lack of retail jobs, shophouse cleaning, and part time helper jobs with all these attractions around!

Ready to sip your coffee? Why not take up a job nearby Tiong Bahru, at Cafes or Homes?
Ready to sip your coffee? Why not take up a job nearby Tiong Bahru, at Cafes or Homes?

Last but not least, Tiong Bahru has definitely what all of us require for the basic neighborhood – schools such as Alexandra Primary School, Zhangde Primary School – , the Tiong Bahru MRT station, places of worship like the Qi Tian Gong Temple, Tiong Bahru Park, community cetre, and even established large-scale healthcare facilities – Outram Community Hospital, Singapore General Hospital and the National Heart Centre – all located a stone’s throw away. Oh, and did we mention to luxurious, convenient condominiums, such as Highline Residences, which would also require lots of cleaning and housekeeping work (ie. more jobs!)?

If you are finding for high pay and fast jobs at Tiong Bahru, get yours here with MEIDE.SG! We also offer a long term positions for Tiong Bahru Cleaning Jobs.

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What Job Is Available?

Job Title: Cleaning Job at Tiong Bahru

Who Am I Working Under As A House Cleaner?

Hiring Organization: MEIDE.SG

Where Is The Job Location?

Job Location: Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Any Specific Address For the House Cleaner Employment?

Address: Kim Tian Road, Singapore 169280

When Can I Start To Apply?

Date Posted: 4 APRIL 2021

How Much Is The Pay?

Base Salary: $15 per hour (on average)

Currency: Singapore Dollars

Value: $15 per hour (on average)

Estimated Salary: $15 to $18 per hour

What Do I Have To Do During My Work?


MEIDE.SG is hiring helpers for Simply Cleaning Homes and Offices!

GET a stable income, and pay within 3 days upon job completion.

You would be required to do cleaning in selected regions of Singapore.

Mostly cleaning of homes. Sometimes, office cleaning is available too.

Select your job as per your preference!

Working hours are Flexible! You can start any time!

Get Fast Income and a Stable Salary HERE.

WhatsAPP us now!

Just be punctual, polite, and efficient! PLUS good at house cleaning? We want you!!

Our team at MEIDE SG is ready to open our arms to welcome you anytime!

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What Type of Employment Is This?

Employment Type: Part Time Employment

Is There A Deadline For Application?

Valid Through: 31 December 2022

How Do I Apply?

Application Contact Email: meide@meide.sg