Jobs For Confinement Nannies

Are you a confinement nanny, learning to be one, aspiring to be one, or looking for a nanny job? You are just at the right place.

MEIDE Babysitting Team is expanding in 2022 and beyond. This is because we have a growing customer base who are referring friends and families to benefit from our extraordinary and specially curated services! We are providing babysitting, nanny, part time caretakers, and confinement nanny (full time, overnight and part time too) services here in Singapore.

join as a nanny to take care of babies in singapore
Join as a nanny to take care of babies in Singapore

Yes – no more waiting and tearing your hair out to talk and convince people on Facebook or what not. MEIDE Babysitters is a company you can trust to match you to the right client and family, with the right pay, the right dates, time and location. Furthermore, we get down to even the details of the baby’s exact needs, break durations, leave provided, miscellaneous compensations and family profiles.


Today, babysitters can sit back, relax and wait for us at MEIDE to do all the hard work of finding and matching you to your prospective client(s). In fact, we do not simply put up your profile for the public to view. We greatly value your privacy and only reveal very limited data to sincere and genuine parents. Furthermore, these parents would have already have paid to engage a babysitter and are thus extremely keen on engaging you. Now, it just boils down to whether our team at MEIDE babysitting can match all details to both parties’ expectations and requirements. But trust us when we say this, no one does better job than us at this!

MEIDE is recruiting all babysitters and confinement nannies in singapore
MEIDE is recruiting all babysitters and confinement nannies in Singapore

Do you have further questions? Fret not. Once we have received your application via the button below, we will be following up closely. Be prepared to receive an invitation email and introductory brief from us. Yes, all these will be sent right to you and completely free of charge.

Did we mention? Our services for you are complimentary. Also, you can sign up as a nanny, request for jobs, take up assignments and you do NOT need to pay us! At MEIDE Babysitting, we work based on dedication for you and commitment to efficiency. In fact, even with such a wonderful working environment, we do not charge a single cent for candidates and nannies who join us.

Join us today!


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What Job Is Available?

Job Title: Confinement Nanny

Who Am I Working Under As A House Cleaner?

Hiring Organization: MEIDE.SG

Where Is The Job Location?

Job Location: Flexible Locations, All Around Singapore – You may Choose

Any Specific Address For the House Cleaner Employment?

Address: As above – you may choose any where in Singapore.

When Can I Start To Apply?

Date Posted: 5 MARCH 2022

How Much Is The Pay?

Base Salary: $300 per week (on average)

Currency: Singapore Dollars

Value: $300 per week (on average)

Estimated Salary: $200 to $300 per week

What Do I Have To Do During My Work?

WE WANT YOU! Especially if you can do babysitting, and are polite, punctual and efficient.

You stand to earn great salary, stable income. Furthermore, the working hours are flexible and you may start whenever you wish.

Location of work is flexible. You can choose any work you want. Work only when you want.

Yes MEIDE Singapore cannot wait to welcome you to our team!

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What Type of Employment Is This?

Employment Type: Part Time Employment

Is There A Deadline For Application?

Valid Through: 31 December 2023

How Do I Apply?

Application Contact Email: