Choa Chu Kang Cleaning Jobs

Looking for Choa Chu Kang Cleaning Jobs? Be assured that there are no lack of cleaning job opportunities here! With a HDB resident population of 169,000 and almost 50,000 HDB flats, and not even counting the private properties and rental community, MEIDE.SG cannot finish serving the extremely high demand for choa chu kang cleaning jobs! (But we always strive to do so anyway!)

So, if you can clean well, do not mind doing housework, and would like some extra cash (paid within 3 days), why not pick up some cleaning work here at CCK?

CCK is basically a fond abbreviation for Chua Chu Kang or Choa Chu Kang – amongst Singapore residents! Besides a thriving population in this area, there are also countless career opportunities in the schools (such as ITE College West), sports facilities (such as CCK Park, CCK Stadium and CCK Swimming Complex), and CCK Polyclinic!

Clean Homes, Offices and Schools at CCK - SIGN UP now at!
Clean Homes, Offices and Schools at CCK – SIGN UP now at!

If you do not mind taking the bus or MRT for a short distance, Bukit Batok is just slightly southeast to CCK, and Jurong East is just south of it! Or, try Boon Lay, which is southwest of CCK. Check out all our career chances at our main careers page at! And do check out all our locations available for cleaning work too here!

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What Job Is Available?

Job Title: Cleaner Job At Choa Chu Kang

Who Am I Working Under As A House Cleaner?

Hiring Organization: MEIDE.SG

Where Is The Job Location?

Job Location: Choa Chu Kang, Singapore

Any Specific Address For the House Cleaner Employment?

Address: 234 Choa Chu Kang Central, Singapore 680234

When Can I Start To Apply?

Date Posted: 8 February 2021

How Much Is The Pay?

Base Salary: $15 per hour (on average)

Currency: Singapore Dollars

Value: $15 per hour (on average)

Estimated Salary: $15 to $18 per hour

What Do I Have To Do During My Work?


What is MEIDE.SG?

We are an online platform that you can use free of charge, to find home owners and clients!

We have a huge market of customers looking for cleaners and helpers, and babysitters! If you are an experienced cleaner, or simply able to do housework, or like taking care of babies, join us for extra income!

We engage all helpers either freelance, part time or full time – up to your choice!

How do I sign up?

It is extremely fast and easy. All online. You can just use our website at!

We communicate via WhatsApp 🙂

How much can I earn?

You stand to earn up to $18 per hour in SGD. We pay you directly to your bank account within 3 days! Average rate is $15 per hour.

Can I work ad hoc?

Yes, you can work as and when you like. Be your own boss! If you want to take a break for a month, just do so. If you want to earn more and take more jobs, just pick the jobs you like!

What do I need to do?

Mainly cleaning and housework. If you feel that you are unable to do certain tasks, please let us know. Eg. Back problem cannot change bedsheets, or afraid to do any clothes ironing. We try to accomodate all your requests! 🙂

Basically you only work when it matches your personal plas and you can accept and decline job offers. Be your own boss indeed!

How long is each job?

Again, up to you. You can pick some jobs that are only 2 hours. Some last 5 to 6 hours. We even have a full day job where there is lunch break and nice home owners may buy you lunch! You will love this job absolutely

Working hours are Flexible! You can start any time!

What are the benefits?

Get Fast Income and a Stable Salary doing housekeeping and cleaning in Singapore. Flexible days and hours. Equipment is usually all provided for you. We communicate via WhatsApp and Email! We can communicate in the languages of English, Mandarin and Melayu or Malay.

Final Note:

Just be punctual, polite, and efficient! Are you good at house cleaning? We want you! Our team at MEIDE SG is ready to welcome you anytime!

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What Type of Employment Is This?

Employment Type: Part Time Employment

Is There A Deadline For Application?

Valid Through: 31 December 2022

How Do I Apply?

Application Contact Email: