Bukit Panjang Cleaning Jobs

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Congratulations on finding this job listing for Bukit Panjang Cleaning Jobs – because we here at MEIDE.SG offer many cleaning jobs with high salary rate per hour, flexible work days and hours. Furthermore, we pay you within 3 days! It is possibly hard to find a better offer compared to MEIDE.SG cleaning jobs!

Before You Apply For Bukit Panjang Job

Bukit Panjang is an unique residential town blending both sub-urban and rural elements! With Woodlands / Mandai just to the north, Bukit Timah to the south, Choa Chu Kang to the West, and the central water catchment to the east, Bukit Panjang has no lack of residents, homes and offices requiring cleaning services (and babysitting too!)

Indeed, there is a whooping approximate of 140,000 people living in Bukit Panjang! With numerous schools such as Zhenghua Secondary School, food centres, markets and shopping malls such as Bukit Panjang Plaza, and Hillion Mall, plenty of cleaning jobs are available. Furthermore, the Bukit Panjang MRT station, and Bukit Panjang LRT Line connects each small district (eg. Senja, Segar, Fajar, Petir, etc) together conveniently and economically!

Suburban Cleaning at Bukit Panjang By MEIDE Services
Suburban Cleaning at Bukit Panjang By MEIDE Services

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You can obtain the full details at our main careers page at meide.sg/career, or simply scroll down for it! Also, feel free to check out all our locations available for cleaning work too here! We are certain that you would really enjoy your work with meide.sg. And at this point, why not share the joy of this awesome career opportunity with your friends too – on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

What Job Is Available?

Job Title: Cleaner Job At Bukit Panjang

Who Am I Working Under As A House Cleaner?

Hiring Organization: MEIDE.SG

Where Is The Job Location?

Job Location: Bukit Panjang, Singapore

Any Specific Address For the House Cleaner Employment?

Address: 623 Senja Road, Singapore 670623

When Can I Start To Apply?

Date Posted: 28 February 2021

How Much Is The Pay?

Base Salary: $15 per hour (on average)

Currency: Singapore Dollars

Value: $15 per hour (on average)

Estimated Salary: $15 to $18 per hour

What Do I Have To Do During My Work?


ABOUT MEIDE.SG – We help you get the work you need.

MEIDE.SG is a Singapore-based, friendly online platform that you can use free of charge, for cleaning jobs in Bukit Panjang. Sign up and we will send you jobs via Email and WhatsApp ASAP!

How do I sign up?

This is fast and easy. Just use our website at meide.sg/career! The sign up form takes 5 minutes to complete.

How much can I earn?

You can expect up to $18 per hour in SGD. We pay you directly to your bank account within 3 days! Average rate is $15 per hour.

Job Scope:

You are required to do housework, housekeeping and cleaning. However, if you are unable to complete certain tasks, do not be afraid to let MEIDE team know via WhatsApp ASAP. We try our best to always accommodate your requests! 🙂

The shortest jobs are only 2 hours. Some last 5 to 6 hours. We even have a full day job where there is lunch break and nice home owners may give you a treat. Working hours are Flexible! You can start any time!

What are you waiting for? If you are punctual, polite, and efficient… we want you! Good at house cleaning… and our team at MEIDE SG welcomes you with open arms!

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What Type of Employment Is This?

Employment Type: Part Time Employment

Is There A Deadline For Application?

Valid Through: 31 December 2022

How Do I Apply?

Application Contact Email: meide@meide.sg