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  1. Sales, Marketing, Coordinator, Admin/Blog, ETC
  2. Babysitting / Nanny Positions
  3. Cleaner / Home Helper Positions

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Read all about the advantages of working as a cleaner and home helper here! We cannot wait for you to JOIN US!

Career Advantages

What Are The Employment Benefits?

  • Flexible Work Schedule – Work Anytime and Anywhere
  • High Pay Rate + Stable Flow of Income
  • Great Career Prospects and Progression
  • Wonderful Learning Opportunities (Online and Offline)
  • Superb Way to Boost Your Resume
  • Robust Support From Our Administrators and Managers

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Career Positions

Which Job Openings Are Available?

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Career Application Process

How To Apply?

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  • Web Developer / Programmer
  • Writer for Blogs or Articles
  • Digital Artist
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Operations Executive

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Fill in the form below for the following positions:

  • Home Helper – full time or part time
  • Part Time Maid – ad hoc cleaning or regular home cleaning
  • Cleaning Jobs (Homes, Offices, And More) – full time / freelance
    • House Cleaner

Application Form For HSS Workers, Cleaners, Part Time Maids, and Home Helpers

The form below is for you to apply for the position of being a home helper! Both full and part-time work are available:

    (To Join As A Helper / Cleaner) 欢迎加入美得服务公司,请在以下留下联络资料,谢谢 Join us for quick and easy earnings for full-time and part-time cleaning jobs - high pay! We also accept application for full-time work. Pls write the CORRECT details as we would need to compare and check your identity documents later on.

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