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    Not all cleaners do ironing. If ironing is compulsory, our team will try to match one who can iron for you. However, it may take longer and we may face more difficulty in matching you to a helper.
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    Note: if any cleaning is done before all contractor work completed, the cleaning efforts would likely be in vain. Refer to HERE. Also, for post-renovation property, do remember to book a subsequent "pre move in" cleaning too!

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    Our cleaning can occur ANYTIME, but usually EARLIEST 8AM (Start Time), and LATEST 10PM (End Time). For best chances to get availability, we recommend sticking to the shifts as here: (AM 8AM to 1PM), (Afternoon 1PM to 6PM), (Evening 6PM to 10PM). Again, these are just a guide for you. Flexible Timings/Dates increase your chances of getting the help you need!

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    Eg. 1 small dog, maltese terrier


    (E.g. only female, only Malay, preferred mandarin speaking, etc!)

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    Please note that if there are restrictions, it may be harder to find availability for you, especially during peak seasons or periods of high demand. Moreover, there are certain tasks, which male cleaners are more suited for. Refer to HERE.

    May we know the reasons for your restrictions?
    We try our best to accommodate and will give priority to clients with vital reasons! To reiterate, all our helpers are vetted to ensure quality regardless of age, gender, race or nationality. Hence, there would not be a bias towards such profile(s) for "quality of cleaning".

    We can work around that. Do indicate your desired budget, manpower and duration in the Job Details above. However, do note that our helper(s) will leave after X hours based on your booking/budget, even if the full requirements/works are not completed. No last minute extensions.
    Note: We will propose duration and manpower based on your details above.

    Note: Payment is not required here yet.
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