6 Benefits Of Working As A Home Helper

  1. Earn A Super High Rate Of Salary Per Hour
  2. Glean Independence and Life Skills
  3. Keep Fit And Healthy!
  4. Benefits For Your Own Home And Family
  5. Enjoy Flexible Working Hours
  6. Work Near Where You Live

Earn A Super High Rate Of Salary Per Hour

A home helper earns easily $15 per hour, on average. This is much higher than most other part time jobs that offer only up to $12 per hour, in Singapore. This pay can vary, of course, between different companies that employ home helpers. However, most good cleaning companies would definitely not shortchange their cleaners. If you are new to the part time cleaning industry, be sure to look for a company that pays $15 per hour on average! If you are an experienced home helper, then you may even look beyond the average pay of $15/hour.

Earn High Salary Rate Per Hour As MEIDE Home Cleaner
Earn High Salary Rate Per Hour As MEIDE Home Cleaner

As always, also remember to consider how long your company or boss takes to process your pay and credit your salary to your bank account. There have been multiple instances where a home helper in an unreliable agency has had to wait months before securing payment. Hence, look for a company with a good track record. With reputable and trusted employers, a home helper would not need to worry about the pay being delayed or missed.

At MEIDE.SG, we pay you on time and without fail. Secure a stable income, high pay and many other benefits when you join us as a home helper!

Comparing the pay of a home helper with another hugely popular job of recent times – food delivery workers – one may seriously consider the switch! This is because food delivery work requires you an upfront investment into your mode of transport (eg. electric bike, motorcycle, etc), equipment (eg. backpack, helmet, raincoats), and attire. Indeed, one cannot deliver food in slippers and shorts, but one can clean a house barefoot and in plain attire! Being a home helper requires absolutely no hefty upfront investment or payments. Just sign up with your particulars, go through the company’s orientation, and you are good to start cleaning homes!

Glean Independence and Life Skills

Being a home helper ensures one is independent in life. Other than earning your own keep (at a superb high rate), being a home helper polishes up your skills in life. From learning good communication skills, and time management, to navigation, working as a helper or cleaner for homes is a rewarding experience.

For instance, a housewife may only be used to travelling between childcare, the market and home. However, by working as a home helper, she would glean the ability to use navigation Apps (eg. Google Maps – recommended by MEIDE.SG!) to reach clients’ homes with ease, and punctually. At MEIDE.SG, we have had home helpers who first started as a greenhorn, but are now so experienced that they mentor other fresh candidates joining as home helpers!

Moreover, home helpers would have the opportunity to work with others in cleaning projects. For example, MEIDE.SG has had 2 or 3 helpers work together to clean a bungalow or cluster house, many a time! These experiences enriches individual’s communication skills and fosters the ability to work as a team. Therefore, being a home helper greatly improves your life skills and capabilities.

Flexible Work Schedule and Work Anywhere You Want with MEIDE SG
Flexible Work Schedule and Work Anywhere You Want with MEIDE SG

Keep Fit And Healthy!

A great advantage of working as a cleaner is that it is a hands-on job. Forget about waking up and dreading to go to the office every morning. If you are sick and tired of sitting in the office all day, being a home helper is an awesome choice. Earn an attractive income, whilst literally getting your hands dirty and sweating it out!

“Use it or lose it” – is an axiom espousing us to use our body and mind whenever we can! Too many deskbound jobs nowadays are causing us to suffer from obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. Joining a company as a home helper (such as MEIDE.SG) will allow you to break free from the boring corporate or office routine. In addition, staring too long at the computer screen increases eye fatigue and constipation problems. 

If you are still reading this and lazing in your chair or bed, you are guilty too. Move your bum and get cracking!!

So fellow comrades, work those muscles by doing home cleaning, and keep fit and healthy!

Stay Healthy and Fit Working As Home Helper at MEIDE
Stay Healthy and Fit Working As Home Helper at MEIDE

Benefits For Your Own Home And Family

Fourthly, this applies to the working class, students, and young adults. With an increasing trend of Singaporeans being brought up by foreign domestic workers (“maids”), many of us are lazy when it comes to housework. Indeed, it is commonplace to find university students with first class honours degree and sparkling credentials, but without an inkling so how to wipe a toilet mirror. Disappointingly, this generation of spoiled millennials has to call their moms or maids to clean up after every meal and dirt left behind!

Hence, joining us as a home helper means ensuring that one is able to get out of one’s comfort zone. Especially for those who have hardly done housework in their lives, joining a trustworthy and dedicated company (eg. MEIDE.SG) would help you hone your housekeeping skills! We have a whole slew of training materials and practical help to get you up to the standard. Once you are trained and ready to work as a home helper, not only would you earn extra pocket money, you would also surprise and please your family at home! Show off your housekeeping skills and offload the burden of household chores from your beloved mum!

Enjoy Flexible Working Hours As A Home Helper

House cleaners can choose any date or time they wish to work. With a large pool of home owners requesting for cleaning sessions, pick and choose which job you would like to take up! For example, if you are unable to wake up early for a regular 8 to 5 job, simply choose to take up cleaning jobs in the evening! At MEIDE (and other reputable cleaning companies), enjoy flexible working hours when you work as a home helper.

This is very beneficial for individuals such as part timers, housewives, students and odd job workers. It can even benefit young parents, who may have to dedicate most of their time for their children and babies. So, sign up as a home helper to experience it yourself. Indeed, the advantage of having a fully flexible work schedule is addictive. Truth be told, many home helpers who have tried it, can no longer tolerate returning to a mundane office job. Home helpers love their jobs because of the flexibility and convenience!

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Work Near Where You Live As A Home Helper

Lastly, work wherever you want! Being a home helper means being able to choose your location of work. Of course, you may choose to work only at places near your home, all the time. There are available cleaning jobs all over Singapore.

Moreover, you could also fit in an available job into any empty slot in your schedule. If you happen to be going to church, or visiting a friend, and have nothing to do after that, you could simply choose to take up an available cleaning job nearby. After your scheduled event, spend a handful of hours to work up a sweat and pocket additional income. Thereafter, why not treat yourself to a good meal?

At MEIDE.SG, we understand the importance of convenience and work schedule flexibility. Working as a home helper, cleaner or part time maid, has never been easier and more enjoyable. What are you waiting for? Experience it yourself and be a home helper!

At MEIDE.SG, we offer you flexible work schedule, incredible high pay for both part timers and full timers, and many other employment benefits!