Arranging for A Part Time Helper in Singapore: Know These First!

Is this your first time arranging for a part time helper?

New to this system of engaging part time helpers and unsure what to expect?

Wondering how to book, how much to pay, and what details to provide?

We got you.

On top of the regular cleaning, which may be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or any other customized schedule, part time helpers can do A LOT more.

Let’s take it step-by-step on what you need to know about part time helpers in Singapore, to have smooth and successful sessions with them!

Here are the 7 things you need to ask yourself before you arrange for a part time helper:

1) What do you absolutely require from your part time helper?

List down the optional versus compulsory tasks for your part time helper
List down the optional versus compulsory tasks for your part time helper

Ask yourself: what are the tasks that you want the part time helper to do?

Although they can do almost anything and everything related to household chores, MEIDE recommends narrowing it down.

Prioritize the task list.

This means deciding which is the one and most important task to do and finish first. For example, having that regular maintenance clean, to sweep and mop the floor is number one. Therefore, the part time cleaner will do that first thing upon arrival.

Then, you can choose laundry as the second, which means the helper can start the washing machine filled with dirty clothes. To save time, the helper can take down dried hanging clothes, and sort them whilst folding and ironing as desired by you.

Lastly, your part time helper can take out the washed laundry and hang dry them, followed by the changing of your bedsheets. On the way out, the helper can take out the trash and replace all bins with new linings!

There you have it – a simple, fast and efficient cleaning finished by a part time helper!

2) What is good to have but really optional?

Now, notice in our example above, that we deliberately did not overcrowd the to-do list!

Bear in mind that for part time helpers, it is best to let them focus on the important things first. We want to ensure that they have done the prioritized errands fully, before designating extra tasks.

We would thus call these the “optional” tasks. Hence, if you have booked 3 hours, and your part time helper has completed your required tasks, you can get him or her to continue with the “bonus tasks”! Again, these could be anything from cutting vegetables, going grocery shopping, cleaning the microwave, or even taking your dog for a walk!

Additionally, you might want to know that helpers will get more familiar and faster in subsequent sessions. Hence, these “bonus” tasks may not be completed all upon your first booking, but accomplished on subsequent sessions.

3) What is your budget?

Tabulate your budget for the month or week or day for the part time help
Tabulate your budget for the month or week or day for the part time help

Sometimes, time may still be insufficient, especially if your house is bigger than normal (eg. >1,300 sq ft) HDB units, or not regularly cleaned.

Or maybe you have quite a long list of tasks required, and maybe tidying your car, clearing the cats’ litters and changing the aquarium tank water already takes up almost an hour.

You can choose a longer duration of 5 hours, or even half or full day household service with MEIDE. We always recommend choosing an appropriate length of time, because the helper would always need to leave on time for other bookings, appointments and rest, based on work schedules. Likewise, we always emphasize punctuality amongst the cleaners and helpers allocated to your residence.

But, what if you want more tasks done, at a faster pace?

Then, you can try our Premium Helpers! They are all very experienced, and have acquired an array of raving reviews, which point towards them frequently exceeding clients’ expectations and going beyond their call of duty!

Of course, with premium quality comes a more premium pricing. It is definitely possible that premium cleaners can achieve the same amount of tasks, with greater outcomes, compared to regular cleaners, in the same amount of time. Hence, the former would command steeper prices.

At MEIDE, we believe that everyone deserves the help they require, regardless. Hence, it is our aim to match your budget and requirements. Whether you have a low or high budget, let us know. With that, we can provide the specific scope and quote for your household needs!

4) Do you want only one person or are you ok with multiple helpers?

Having a team of helpers is better than just having 1 specific helper
Having a team of helpers is better than just having 1 specific helper

At times, your cleaning request might be urgent.

Maybe you are moving house, and need help packing up stuff and discarding items away from the old house. Simultaneously, you require post-tenancy cleaning of the old house, and a simple dust-down of the new residence. Plus, you may want a babysitter to juggle your 2 kids whilst you complete the administrative tasks with property agents.

We got you!

Remember that with the need for multiple types of help, it is recommended for more than 1 helper to be around. Generally, this arrangement will provide more efficient and better results. Nonetheless, there are also certain cases where clients want only 1 person to do everything – babysitting, cleaning, cooking, shopping and more.

Some considerations are an emphasis on privacy, or living space constraints. As such, it is also possible for 1 part time helper to handle all tasks for you. However, such helpers are considered premium range, with better skill sets and the ability to multitask. Thus, expect to pay more with only 1 helper to handle all tasks, as compared to having multiple persons around, each with specialized skill sets.

5) Are you ok for alternate part time helpers?

Find your regular maid cleaning without a maid here
Get regular maid cleaning services with or without a full-time stay in FDW

Over the years, we have faced so many types of requests, and budgets, that we have discovered the solution for families requiring part time help!

Call it a blend between having multiple helpers, but also having the advantages of consistent cleaning and familiarity of helpers.

This means that we advocate for households who require regular part time help, to engage alternate part time helpers. For a family requiring twice a week help for instance, we could assign Mary for Weeks 1 and 3, and Jane for Weeks 2 and 4. Thus, over the course of the first month, both helpers would have gotten familiar with the household. Thereafter, the recurring cleaning would be really smooth and even if Mary fell sick and missed one session, Jane could quickly take over, or swap out a week with Mary!

Even better, if a household required part time help, 3X a week, for example, they could engage 3 different helpers who take turns to service the place. By the third week of bookings, the family, kids and pets would have gotten used to the 3 regular helpers!

6) Your required duty schedule

Be specific on the dates and timings that you are available or require part time help
Be specific on the dates and timings that you are available or require part time help

Next, consider your duty schedule.

Ideally, you should list down all your required and available dates and timings. This will provide the best indication for the most suitable part time helpers to be assigned to you.

Remember, your budget is still our concern. Hence, we can provide you a quote based on what you require. If the duty schedule is unable to be reached based on a budget constraint, we strongly consider adjusting your requirements. Basically, with looser requirements, it would be easier for a lower price for part time help.

For example, you can consider providing the part time helper a longer break time. Or, you can start later and end earlier, so that the part time helper can take up other jobs.

In fact, it is especially helpful if you are able to start on a popular early timing, between 7am to 9am, or 1pm to 2pm, or 6pm to 7pm. With such timings, it allows the part time helper to have more other free slots to take up additional jobs. Hence, they can sustain their livelihood whilst not compromising on the really affordable prices for you.

Lastly, if you have a strict schedule, or need for longer hours and for many days, it is recommended that you arrange for part time help way in advance. This is so that there can be more availability on the schedule for you.

Nonetheless, nothing is impossible. Urgent help for cleaning, babysitting, cooking, laundry and other household errands can all be handled by us! We only suggest you take this last minute option when you have no choice, because of potentially higher costs.

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7) Your restrictions vs preferences.

You can choose your part time helper but avoid being overly restrictive
You can choose your part time helper but avoid being overly restrictive

Last but not least, engaging a part time helper comes with potential questions that may not yet have come across your mind.

And, this is simply because of many underlying assumptions one may have about the cleaning industry or part time maids available in Singapore.

Restrictions and preferences for part time helpers are often overlooked when making the booking request.

First, never assume gender. Part time maids can be male or female. Although our data evidently shows a large majority of part time cleaners being female, there are also male counterparts. Hence, be clear if you strictly only want female cleaners, or if you are open to both genders, but merely prefer a certain one.

Next, understand the laws of Singapore. Based on MOM Employment rules, we do not discriminate against any ethnicity, religion, race or nationality. Intriguingly, there are many cases where property agents or homeowners seem to ONLY want a specific race, ethnicity or nationality for their cleaner.

Although we empathize with, and understand many points of views, we also advocate for the rights of our dedicated hardworking providers! Hence, please always substantiate your reasons for restrictions for the part time helper.

As a reasonable and established cleaning platform, our coordinators are trained not just to listen to your needs, but also provide sound advice on how best to go about engaging the cleaners and helpers. It is with sincerity that we hope our advice provides insights to you!

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Definitely, race, religion, gender, ethnicity and nationality do not directly determine the quality of the cleaning outcome. There are plenty of other more important factors for that. Nonetheless, here are some possible real-life cleaning scenarios where we can help out:

Language Barriers

Simple – all our part time helpers speak English as a basic language.

However, some clients, particularly from Korea, China, India, Malaysian, Indonesia, and so on, may be more fluent and comfortable with their native language.

Thankfully, at MEIDE we have cleaners who speak not just English, but also other languages. We are talking about Mandarin / Simple Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Bahasa, and other dialects like Hokkien and Cantonese.

If you have a certain language barrier and requirement, sound it out for us to designate you the right part time helper!

Good Rapport With Booked Cleaner

In many instances, our clients have tried out an ad hoc cleaning session, or perhaps a few. As a result, they find themselves having built a good rapport with some or one cleaner(s).

Because our cleaners are usually in teams, they may originate from the same country, such as Myanmar, India or other Asian countries. Hence, there may be clients who state their preference – such as for Burmese part time helpers. Or, perhaps via word of mouth, and referrals, home owners and real estate agents have a certain preference.

In such examples, we are happy to assist clients in finding their preferred helper, so as to maintain the good rapport between the cleaner and client. Although the cleaning quality may not be affected by different races and religions, there could be differences in the rapport built, simply due to cultural similarities. All in all, we just want you to be able to achieve a clean home, whilst enjoying the housekeeping process too!

Sense of Comfort

We have had many clients who engage part time cleaners to maintain their rented rooms on a regular basis. Some do it daily, and some several times a week. Some of these flats are a 100% tenancy consisting of many young female students, and thus request for only female helpers to attend their session.

We fully understand that in the personal living space of young females, having a male “stranger” come in to tidy up the place may not elicit appropriate comfort levels. We hear you. Simply let us know your situation, and we can arrange for the right gender to attend your cleaning sessions!

Bottomline Understanding to Engage a Part Time Helper

Ultimately, arranging a part time helper may seem daunting, but it really boils down to why you want to hire one.

Remember what we talked about in the first two sections? Those are the most important bits. If anything, your takeaway from today is to know your reason(s) for engaging a part time helper.

So, always let us know your reasons and circumstances, so that we can dive deeper for you. 

Obviously, with our experience shown via this guide, you can be assured that we handle your booking requests in great detail and attention (namely budgets, schedules, preferences and restrictions). It gives us great pleasure to fit you with exactly the type of help that you need.

Yes, we do all the heavy lifting (and cleaning) so you can have more time to relax and unwind!

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