7 Parts Of The Toilet Bowl You Should Know

The toilet bowl has 7 parts that home owners and cleaners should all know! Surprised? Well, cleaning the toilet has never been easy. Let us at MEIDE break down how to clean the toilet, in our series of articles at meide.sg/blog!

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To start off our current article, we list down and explain 7 parts of the toilet bowl you should know.

In the cleaning of a toilet, this is possibly the “least favourite” place. This is where the most unsightly junk may be present. Therefore, it is crucial to know it inside out, literally. Here are the 7 components:

Exterior Part of the Toilet Bowl

This is a shiny and smooth aspect of the bowl, which can be wiped clean with just a simple cloth or soft sponge. Be sure to look out for accidental urine stains (shout out to the poor aimers – work on it fellas!), and always wipe top to bottom. A pumice stone may be used to remove water rings and stains.

The Toilet Bowl Tank

This is an often forgotten part. Other than wiping its exterior in the same fashion, aforementioned, deep cleaning a toilet bowl involves cleansing the tank’s interior! Do so by opening up the lid, pouring in copious vinegar (white distilled vinegar) in it (we recommend about 200 to 350 ml), and leaving it to sit. Meanwhile, turn off the water supply to the tank. After approximately an hour, flush the toilet bowl/tank. Once the tank is empty, use a toilet scrub or sponge to clean the interior tank surfaces, with an appropriate cleaning detergent (read more to learn about these here). Leave it to work for about 30 minutes. Finally, turn on the water supply again, and flush the tank a handful of time to fully rinse out soap, detergent and dirt!

A Modern Toilet Bowl Without Visible Toilet Bowl Tank
A Modern Seat Design Without Visible Toilet Tank

Parts of the Tank

For older versions of a toilet bowl, one might see a confusing contraption of components inside. These include the flush lever, which is connected to the flush handle on the exterior. The lever is in turn connected to the flush valve via possibly a metal chain. There may also be a flapper, seal, overflow tube, refill tube and fill valve. The fill valve ultimately links up to the water supply point. Cleaning these components require gentle care so as not to unintentionally dislodge or damage them! For more modern bowls, getting access to the tank or interior may be more difficult. These newer designs hide the intricate mechanisms for praiseworthy aesthetic purposes. If you are unsure, contact a plumber or cleaning expert!

The Toilet Bowl Lid

Whilst you are waiting for an hour to pass (read above regarding the water tank cleaning), wipe away at the toilet bowl lid to clean off stains and dirt! Wipe the front, back, the circular borders and edges, and also the hinge of the lid! Once you are done, lift the lid up and proceed to the seat(s).

The Seat (or, simply, toilet seat)

Enough said, this is the part where humans have direct contact with when handling big business. Ensure you wipe it thoroughly! Keep an eye out for mold and stains on the underneath part of the toilet seat. This is because most seats have curved edges and cushioned supports underneath it, that require a smaller brush to reach the nooks and crannies. We recommend using an old toothbrush plus a rag. Certain models allow “quick disconnect”, which would make this cleaning step much easier.

By MEIDE - Cleaning Up The Toilet Bowl Made Easy
By MEIDE – Cleaning Up The Washroom Made Easy!

The Interior of the Toilet Bowl

The Rim

Before we dive deep into this, do a detailed wipe of the rim of the toilet bowl. This is the part where the exterior transitions to the interior of the bowl. It is also the part lying beneath the toilet seat. Perhaps, in most households, it is the favourite spot for unwanted bodily fluids to form stains and spots. Therefore, consider using an old rag, or disposable hand towel to clean this part intensely!

The Interior

To begin, many people make a common mistake of not flushing away the water first. This leaves the deeper and lower parts of the bowl uncleaned. So, for a deep cleaning, remember to turn off the water supply to the toilet bowl / flush / tank, and flush until all water is drained away. 

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Then, start the cleaning of the bowl interior by swishing a toilet bowl cleaning detergent over the interior surface. You could use vinegar or bleach according to personal preference. (To learn about the difference in function, read about it here). A brush specially designed for the bowl would help to properly distribute the detergent. Leave the detergent on the surface for 10 minutes. This duration could vary, depending on the detergent used, and how soiled your commode already is. In the meantime, turn the water supply back on to fill up the water tank. When the duration is up, scrub away the detergent and dirt with a brush, whilst simultaneously flushing the bowl. The flush with clean water would rinse away most dirt and germs! Repeat this step as many times as required for proper deep cleansing.

Accessories of the Bowl

This includes bidets, which are especially popular and commonplace in Japan, and increasingly so in South East Asia and even Western nations! Certain designs also have additional lids and seats to cater to people of different sizes (eg. children). There may be hoses and faucets attached to the toilet bowl, tank or bidet to supply water to it. Do not neglect these!

Does Your Toilet Bowl Require Cleaning
Does Your Toilet Bowl Require Cleaning?

Done With Cleaning The Toilet Bowl

Now that you are well-versed with the toilet bowl, let’s move on to the next area of the bathroom cleaning!

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