5 Ways to Engage Home Cleaning Services in Singapore

For many reasons, residents and households in Singapore frequently need home cleaning services.

Are you a working professional with no time to handle daily chores?

Or, a family of five with kids messing up the house the whole time?

Maybe you have a migrant domestic worker who is ill or on home leave. Either way, you need help with home cleaning.

Other than doing it all by yourself, did you know you can engage home cleaning services easily via these 5 ways in Singapore?

Let us help you here:

1) Engage a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company with Full Time Staff

Professional Home Cleaning Services Are Available Via Commercial Cleaning Companies Too
Professional Home Cleaning Services Are Available Via Commercial Cleaning Companies Too

Yes, you can look up business directories, seek referrals from friends, or do a Google search to find companies that employ their staff full-time and render professional cleaning services for you.

This is particularly useful for clients looking for deep cleaning services, including post-renovation cleaning, post-tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, festival cleaning or moving in and out types of cleaning.


  • You get a peace of mind with professionally trained staff doing the cleaning as well as a proper backend office handling customer service, enquiries and finances.


  • It can be costly to book home cleaning services via a professional company due to their high overheads, license fees, and other bills to pay for.
  • With the array of many companies available, it can be confusing for consumers to know which are good ones and which are not-so-good ones.
  • There are a wide range of varying fees and different types of cleaning which adds to the confusion.

2) Look for Household Services Scheme Companies With HSS Workers

Hire HSS Workers Via MEIDE Singapore To Accomplish Home Cleaning Services
Hire HSS Workers Via MEIDE Singapore To Accomplish Home Cleaning Services

Next, with the advent of the HSS in Singapore, this is another great option for residents requiring home cleaning services.

If you are new to the concept of the HSS, check out our article here! This is a relatively new government initiative to help residents cope with housework amidst our fast pace of life in Singapore. It also confers many additional advantages for families without maids or want more privacy without having to do chores by themselves.

All said, HSS workers are also particularly helpful for households who have full time helpers but still need additional assistance like for spring cleaning, deep cleaning of certain house areas, babysitting and other occasions. We elucidate on this HERE.


  • Cleaning businesses who are under HSS and hire HSS workers can often charge you lower fees due to their affiliation with the MOM-supported Household Services Scheme
  • The HSS businesses are especially suited for you if you need recurring household cleaning – whether daily, weekly or fortnightly.
  • Besides house cleaning, HSS cleaners can usually also help with laundry, ironing, and at times grocery, child-minding and cooking.


  • The HSS has a specific set of guidelines for companies to follow and thus you may be restricted to your range of selection of cleaners and workers. For example, HSS workers can only be from a certain range of countries at the point of writing.
  • Not all HSS businesses have the right expertise and experience, and customers may face lapses in customer services, or payment-related processes.

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3) Find A Freelance or Part Time Cleaner

Get a duster to aid you in your cleaning of walls and ceilings

Now, let’s keep this hush, shall we?

Not for the faint-hearted – finding a freelance or part time cleaner can be daunting at first. There are many questions which you may wonder about:

Where to find independent cleaners providing home cleaning services? How to engage them? What are the payment terms? What about safety concerns? And so on.

The process of finding a freelancer or part-timer can indeed be filled with uncertainties and obstacles. Addressing these goes well beyond the scope of this article, unfortunately. But let us explain some pros and cons for you to bear in mind.


  • You have the absolute freedom to pick and choose who you want to engage.
  • You hold (almost) the full bargaining power – dictate your price as you wish!


  • You have to handle everything yourself – from searching, to communicating and arranging the scope of work, scheduling, payment terms and so on. Sometimes, one end up wondering if it is worth the effort and perhaps better to just clean up by yourself.
  • There are existing safety concerns and potentially higher risks of mishaps like no-shows or even loss or damage to properties with unregulated home cleaning services by freelancers.

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4) Seek Family and Friends’ Help

Household Chores Can be Completed With Teamwork Amongst Family Members Albeit Some Challenges
Household Chores Can be Completed With Teamwork Amongst Family Members Albeit Some Challenges

Technically, this is not really considered “home cleaning services”. Rather, it is an informal way to get cleaning done.

Yet, why not?

Roping in friends and family (if they are willing) to accomplish the housekeeping and tidying up of your abode can be a fun-filled and bonding experience. On top of making the process more efficient, people can also work out a sweat together and stay healthy.

But of course, try not to over do it lest you test the strength of your friendships and kinships!

Jokes aside, MEIDE Singapore advocates this possible method of getting home cleaning done. Moreover, we suggest that you always reciprocate the favor by offering help in return too! For example, you could offer to babysit or pet-sit – right?


  • This comes at zero cost to you. Who wouldn’t want free-of-charge cleaning?!
  • It can be fun, bonding and healthy for all.
  • For some, it really takes the stress out of cleaning and tidying up!


  • Some friends or family members may not actually take a liking to doing house chores.
  • Some may find difficulty finding help, as such, if there is no one available.
  • For multiple people working together, it is important to delegate tasks properly and ensure sufficient quantity of cleaning tools available for use!

5) Book Via an “All-in-1” Home Cleaning Services Platform

Get Home Cleaning Services Via 5 Methods in Singapore
Get Home Cleaning Services Via 5 Methods in Singapore

Last but not least, here comes our invention – the “all in one” platform that you can use to engage home cleaning services in Singapore!

MEIDE.SG is precisely just that.

Think of us as a platform, or matchmaking service, or “agency” if you’d like, that encompasses all the ways as elucidated above. From searching for part time maids, to arranging professional moving out cleaning, and booking weekly recurring house cleanings, we do it all for you.

In fact, as experienced coordinators, we take care of the whole way from addressing your customer enquiries, to the booking process, matching with service provider(s), financial transactions, on-site cleaning, and after-sales services.

On top of these, we also include free cleaning quotations, invoices and receipts for those who require such as landlords and property agents. Cleaning tools and equipment are also handled by us to take away all your stress.

Let us know today how you’d like us to assist you!


  • An all-in-one stop for you to engage home cleaning services via ANY method.
  • 24/7 customer service and support.
  • Transparent pricing tables, efficient booking processes and secure payment methods.


  • As a relatively new and homegrown solution – not many households are aware yet of this way to engage home cleaning services and get housekeeping accomplished. So, spread the word and love around!

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